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  1. How long does Trev have? I think he will get at least 2 years + for whatever football coach he hires, and I think there's a strong likelihood he will be hiring a new MBB coach soon as well. He will need FB to hit and MBB to be better than what we have now. If at the end of 2025 MBB season and there is no improvement from either sport, he's gone.
  2. Why did he leave Southern Miss to be a coordinator again? Seems like a weird move.
  3. I agree, we should. He's not my number one, or even in my personal top 3, but he's on my list and if our top choices turn us down, I won't be upset we got him. I mean if we miss on the ribeye, I won't complain that we got a sirloin.
  4. TBH, I think any good coach should be at the Bo level as the floor here. I think Campbell is a good coach. Nebraska, even with our recent struggles, has consistently pulled in top 25/30 talent. We have absolutely dropped the ball on player development. I know you are not high on Campbell, and it'll really be on his staff, but I don't think we will drop with him in recruiting, I do think we will improve with player development and consistency. That alone should get us to 8-9 wins every year. I agree with your concern that I don't know if he puts us over the top with coaches like Ferentz or Fleck, but I think he puts us to that level at least. And that will be good enough for 8-9 wins yearly and will sprinkle in a loss in the championship game every now and then.
  5. I can see that concern with him, I personally don't have that fear, but I can see why it's there. I could see him maxing out at a Bo level, without being an a-hole. Not sure that's good enough. But I could also see him being 10+ wins a season guy here and the fans jumping on board. I waffle on where I see his ceiling, could he be a Bo, or could he be another TO? Bo where you have good success, but just can't get over the hump to great or TO where you consistently have good and sprinkle in great every few years. I could make the argument both ways, and why he's down to an A- hire for me. Also, i think any coach worth his salt will be able to have success here within the first two seasons and will excite the fan base. The talent, on paper is here, the development was not, and more importantly the attention to detail has been missing for some time. The coaches I have listed all have the skills to be successful in that timeframe.
  6. A+ hire for me, for football only Urban. I don't want Urban here because I think he's the a used car salesman in the worst imaginable ways. But he's the most proven coach that is available and I think he would win big here. I would feel like gross having him as the coach though. Best way I could describe it, as a basketball fan, I am not a fan of Lebron, don't like his style of play or his hype. Don't like him at all, I will begrudgingly cheer him on now that he's on my team and got us a ring, but as soon as he's gone, I'm going to start hating him again. That's how I feel about Urban. Don't like him, don't want him, and I'll hate him as soon as he leaves, but he's the best hire out there right now, and I'll want him to be successful here, but it won't feel right. A hires - Matt Rhule, multiple stops building a program. Mike Gundy, built OSU to where they are now and proven he can maintain success and develop talent. A- hires - Matt Campbell, great at maximizing talent, can build programs, think his ceiling is lower than those listed above. Chris Klieman--maintained the NDSU program, and is doing good things at KSU. Not sure on his ceiling, but he's a darn good coach. B+ hires - Aranda, Narduzzi, Chadwell All have a lot of positives, but as many question marks, IMO B hires - Phil Parker, is he ready? Potentially, do I want that risk? No. BoB - had moderate success at PSU, and was good at Houston until he tried to be GM too. Lance Liepold, doesn't move the needle, but with the right staff, he could do well. These guys just don't excite the fan base or potential recruits, but it'll be about the staff they could bring with them F hire - Chucky
  7. I think he's a good choice. Clearly there is some tension between Cowboys administration and Gundy. He went all in trying to get Tennessee a few years ago, if I'm remembering the right SEC school. I think if Nebraska came calling with a slight bump in pay, he would be on a plane here.
  8. Rest of your list aside, where are you getting the bold? From all accounts, Rhule built Baylor, Aranda, came in struggled during Covid, but is doing fine now. Not sure I see proven program builder based on where he's been. Could he work here? Probably. I'd give him good odds, but he's a risk. A risk I'm comfortable taking, but I don't see him as being the top choice for TA. Personally, I'd like to see a little more HC experience and show he can maintain a program that is on the upswing. And, IMO, he hasn't shown he can build a program. I'd put him in the B+ range on my list.
  9. I've heard a lot of talk of Duval manipulating numbers to make testing seem better than it is, and over working players and causing health and injury concerns. These are rumors/reports from multiple stops for Duval. The one thing I can say for certain, the athletes aren't passing the eye test when it comes to what I see on the field. Mobility is not great, I see our line get pushed around a lot, so strength seems to be in question, and frankly we just don't look fast enough out there compared to our opponents so far. All of these things are things I would put on his shoulders. I think this is one area where we have been lacking since Bo's days and can definitely improve in.
  10. Is fun the right word? It's inconceivable to think it's fun.
  11. 1--Find a coach with a proven defensive philosophy, recruit to that defense 2--Consistently have a top 25 defense. Good scheme and good athletes will get you there. Sprinkle in some great athletes, and you will be top 15 3--Have proven assistant coaches that have a track record of developing talent. Nebraska will always be able to get high 3* and 4* players. Find coaches that can maximize their potential 4--Coach being fundamentally sound in your offense. Ball security and no mental mistakes (ie false starts, illegal formations etc). A sound offense and a good to great defense will get you top 20 year in and year out. Mix in the better athletes that we will attract, top 10 and playoff appearance will come. No more as many reps as possible fix it later attitude. Correct immediately and practice correct reps right away. 5--Expand the support staff. With changes coming to expand amount of coaches allowed, and the resources available in Lincoln in terms of dollars to spend on staff. We should have top 20 support staff. Go the Saban route, get coaches who were let go to be support staff, coaches burned out on the grind of on the road recruiting, but enjoy watching film and can identify talent, get them in the recruiting staff. Even now, someone like Solich, who can't handle the grind of being a head coach, would be an amazing asset in support staff. Be it Offense Analyst to assist breaking down film for the RB coach, or watching recruiting film. Or someone like Keith Williams, being in an analyst role to help the WR coach in breaking down film and constructing drills for current players. Find former players looking to break in to coaching to fill some of these spots as well, to groom potential staff and develop continuity.
  12. I think it's in the rumorville thread. A screen grab of Sipp saying he's heard from multiple reliable sources that TA and Urb will be meeting about the opening this week/weekend.
  13. Which podcast? Where can we hear this?
  14. He's already promoted someone to WR coach. Either an intern or a Video Coordinator, I can't remember who off the top of my head.
  15. Bumping an old thread and looking for advise in my two leagues. Who would you start? League 1--Stafford or Wentz League 2--Stafford or Cousins I'm a little gun shy about Stafford after his well below showing in week 1. Not sure if that's a sign on how good Buffalo is or if there's bigger issues w/Stafford and/or the Rams.
  16. Except the only HC you referenced didn't do that. it's more about fit than anything else. You want a guy that can identify and develop talent. And the one commonality between Bob, Tom, Bo, Frank was the emphasis on defense. They were top 25 in defense something like 90% of the time. Callahan's two best teams, he was top 25 in defense, his first year was the transition year, so you can understand the drop that season, his last season was a rebuild year and the defense just didn't have it. Between Riley and Frost, the emphasis was on the wrong area. Frost on offense and getting the ball back for his playstation system and Riley on being Mr. Rogers to build morale. Campbell has a history of developing talent, has a history of identifying talent to compete and those are skills that translate regardless of school. Too often people look at W/L and get enamored with that and don't realize he's not a good coach and that's why you see some of these splash hires flail. Nebraska is no different, we don't need a home grown, developed in the system coach, you just need a coach that knows what he's doing and has a track record of being successful. That also shows how good Bob and TO where, able to identify and develop their successor, but that isn't necessary, to be successful here. Campbell, Liepold, Klieman, Fleck will all be successful here even if they aren't the splash hire that people want as they have proven at multiple stops they can recruit, develop and compete and those skills will translate to Nebraska. Urb would also be successful here too, but he's slimy in a slick used car salesman type of way. Nebraska can reach the same levels without having to dip into the cesspool known as Urban Meyer.
  17. Saban was 19-16-1 at Michigan St (16-18 the three years prior so he gave them very little bump) before going to LSU. Record isn't, and should never be 'the end all be all' for a coaches performance. Now look at Matt Campbell at Iowa St who is 44-34, 5 straight bowl games. First year was 3-9 and has gone bowling since, including a Fiesta Bowl win. The 3 years before he got there, Iowa State was 8 - 19 and no bowl games. Hadn't had a winning season since in 6 years before he got there. He's given them a bump and shown he can develop talent and recruit talent to compete in a P5 conference. MC is a great coach, and you would see Nebraska as an annual threat to make the Big Ten Championship game and in the mix for playoffs more often than not if he takes over the helm.
  18. Gundy for sure would listen. He's hinted at wanting out the last few years, for the right contract, he's available. Not sure what his buyout is, but I think he's attainable if that's a direction TA wants to go. As for the topic of this thread, I'm going to get a close up look at Flores in a few weeks when Gretna takes on BellWest, should be an exciting game.
  19. Here's my list...my wants, has head coaching experience, good/great defenses, doesn't care about playstation numbers on offense. 1--Matt Campbell 2--Dave Aranda 3--Pat Narduzzi 4--PJ Fleck 5--Chris Klieman Maybe not the splash hires that some vocal people want, but all 5 of these guys would consistently win, consistently have us as favorites in the West, competing for the BigTen Championship and in turn competing for the playoffs.
  20. I saw a tweet from Ajay that basically said something along the lines of focusing on what he can control.
  21. I mean, you are missing one obvious Nebraska connection, big time coach, currently a TV Analyst, known as a great recruiter, has ties to Nebraska and talent-rich south east. Maybe kick the tires on him. MARK RICHT!!! /S
  22. Now that we have an open coaching spot, can we fill out that with dedicated DL coach that's available and has connections to coach MJ? Plus he's known as a hell of a recruiter....bring on Coach O to help the DL.
  23. That's an insane stat.
  24. wish I could be there. It's going to be an electric atmosphere there. Bluejays have a solid squad, they aren't at Nebraska's level, but they could make this go 4 and all games should be close.
  25. I think you can find some guys having decent success in some dying conferences (BigXII, ACC, PacWhatever) that want to go to a secure big time conference for a big time payday. Chris Klieman Pat Narduzzi Dave Doeren Lance Leipold Matt Campbell I think all the above would take new jobs at $7M+, which for BigTen schools is affordable after this latest media contract Additionally could see someone like Gus Malzahn looking to move back to P5 if he has another decent year. And coaches could move inside the BigTen/SEC. I could see PJ Fleck moving on, Mark Stoops, Shiano to other schools within the BigTen/SEC. Plenty of guys with experience, who are good coaches, are available for the right dollar amount. Most of the ones mentioned, I would guess, would strongly consider NU with an offer north of 7M
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