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  1. I just got a reply from my friend who works in compliance for a major university. He said, it's still a few years down the road, but the tentative plan from the NCAA is to say how many can be on a team. The numbers he mentioned were for D1 football they are looking at 125, basketball 20, he didn't mention any other sport. And then with that, each school can then decide how many scholarships they will give out. They can give full rides to all or half or none, and then mix in partial scholarships as well. It'll be the discretion of the school as to how to allocate scholarships, but there will be a roster maximum for all sports. And when giving out scholarships, the only numbers they will have to worry about are Title IX ratios. He says this is a lot closer to reality then unlimited coaching spots, but both are still years away. The reason coaching is farther away, is because of lawsuits and the NCAA wants to focus on getting money/awards to the athletes and not focus on getting more coaches paid.
  2. Good for him on that meaningless win. I do sincerely hope he can recover and have a long and successful career, but having a better QBR when he only threw 2 passes less than 3 yards in the air after getting injured shows it's not a great comparison stat.
  3. When you learn how to live with nothing, it's easy to afford to give everything away
  4. I know nothing about the game, friends talked me into watching as they knew I loved the first few seasons of Walking Dead and said this would be a show I would enjoy. Hands down better than Walking Dead, great story, great acting. And like you said episode three was flat out amazing. Nick Offerman deserves best supporting actor for his role. Amazing. Seeing the meal at the end of the episode and looking out the window.... Edit This show is also giving me some Breaking Bad vibes based on how they use music and subtle call backs and images in the back ground. The writing, set prep, acting have all been phenomenal
  5. Because that's the rule the players union and owners agreed to, college players didn't agree to a roster limit Edit, also keep in mind most schools are already actively running rosters of 100+ based on walk-ons. The fear of a lawsuit is large and the NCAA doesn't want this to go to court and is actively looking at changing this/removing this rule to prevent another legal L
  6. Once Brock got hurt, they went vanilla on both offense and defense. And still didn't allow Hurts to get touched by the best defense in the NFL. Bosa was pancaked more than he got pressure. It was vanilla and dominating in the trenches. With a banged up WR core, no real running game and limited QB mobility, I expect the Eagles to dominate the line and get a lot of pressure and hits on Mahommes. I mean they look beatable and are 14-1 with Hurts starting this year. Dollars to donuts, they will be 15-1 with him as a starter.
  7. Sort of, based on your level of donation, donors will get exclusive apparel and merchandise gifts back from the school, first access to tickets before going to the general public and access to coaches and staff. For instance, the sideline gear that coaches were typically isn't sold in stores right away but large donors will get that same gear the coaches wear as a thank you for donating. Men's basketball going to Puerto Rico for a tournament, donors will get first access to packages and will be able to stay at the same hotel as the team and staff, same with post season conference and NCAA tournaments and road games. Some of the road games, if players aren't using their full allotment will be comped to donors as well.
  8. I think the NCAA is already planning on allowing both additional scholarships and coaches. The driving force is fear of another lawsuit and limiting right to choose...if the school wants to give player X a scholarship and that player wants to go there, the NCAA shouldn't prevent that as it's limiting opportunities and opens up lawsuits that NCAA believes they would lose. There is a growing belief among compliance directors is that schools will soon be able to have 100+ kids on scholarship for football, if they'd like and 20+ kids on scholarship for basketball if they'd like. They would just have to balance the scholarship numbers to the Title IX federal guidelines, which means most likely more scholarships available for female athletes. The growing belief is scholarships will only be limited by budget constraints at schools and not based on arbitrary caps placed on them by the NCAA. Some fear this will lead to a power imbalance but the counter argument being made is kids will go where they will play and will transfer out so small schools will still get good/great athletes. I can see the day where there will be unlimited transfers, scholarships and coaches in the next 5-10 years or so
  9. sho

    NBA 2022-23

    Who is your 2-3? Based solely on numbers and importance, LeBron should be in the mix.
  10. sho

    NBA 2022-23

    Don't mess with Unc he inspired the comeback win against the Griz and the thought of Unc coming after Dame caused the collapse of the Blazers.
  11. Go Birds! Fly Eagles Fly
  12. What would this do to my Dad, a retired military man, who's now 100% disabled and basically home 24/7? Or my mom, who cannot drive and lives on a fixed income, so taking an Uber (or similar) would be out of the question. And it's not like my parents are the only two that have these issues. Absolutely insane that he is proposing this.
  13. Big red wave coming to Lincoln in 24
  14. I first read this as Michael Irving from Dallas TX and thought there's no way he's not going to Miami.
  15. Marcus Freeman (C+) got a higher grade than I would have given him. Brent (F) also got a higher grade as well. Dan Lanning's (A) is lower.
  16. I half watcdhed them last year, and more so when he was talked about for our open position and didn't want him at all. IMO he's not a great coach. I think he did will with Rhule's guys, but I don't think he'll have much success there and will be let go in the next year or two.
  17. With Nouili coming back and Teddy healthy, things are looking up for at least an average line next year. An average line will get us bowling.
  18. With Teddy healthy (hopefully) and Nouili coming back, the OLine is shaping out nicely.
  19. Alabama has 2 in the top 15, wonder if either of them would flip
  20. Reports are they were borrowed cars from a donor.
  21. That's going to be tricky since she's been dead for 6 years, but perhaps she did sell her soul to devil while she was down there and can resurrect a potent offense for us.
  22. That's my specialty dessert I make at home...I call it the fat elvis cristo. Make a grilled PB/Nutella/Banana using french toast, sprinkle on some confectioner sugar on top, dip it in maple syrup and wait for my heart attack as I'm enjoying it.
  23. Alton Brown just did that and was widely ridiculed by Nebraska folk, we all know you dip the cinnamon roll in the chili.
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