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  1. Nebraska needs to run a faster tempo on offense. It has not been as fast as I would have thought by this time. Unpopular opinion: Chinander is going to be a good coach. He has to get with the B1G systems but he will adjust well with more depth and familiarity. The system is ran to score a lot and so we will see teams gain lots of yards. Scoring by opponents will also be down and the linebackers will improve a lot this year.
  2. That very well could be, I just don't see him starting over Kobe King. Stevenson maybe goes to the bench instead. Banton and Walker are for sure starters for the offense. I see it as the three sit out transfers are all staring along with King/Allen/Webster.
  3. How I see the starters this year. I couldn't find the thread for this as it was made a while ago. Starters Banton Webster King Stevenson Walker Bench Ivan Teddy Allen Lat Mayen Thor Andre Regardless of waivers I don't see Trevor Lakes playing and instead redshirting. McGowens will start if he is eligible to play and Webster would come off the bench. Arop does not make the rotation and would play clean up minutes. We could possibly redshirt Andre but I do not see that happening. Bench scoring is what will make this team so much better. Along with more depth and better play from the starters.
  4. Gotcha, so it is more of a we are not doing as well as others. Both him and Sallis are great players, but it is so crucial we get Sallis this cycle. Even if it means taking both imo.
  5. I see Salis more in the midwest from what I know. But if UNC is a dream school he could easily go there. KU is what worries me because Self can show him all the dudes hes coached. On top of that they are an elite school close by his family.
  6. He went there for academics and a chance to play. SDSU might be able to beat Rutgers, but only if SDSU had Noah Vedral. The problem is not Noah but the team around him won't be much help. Add in the fact he will play some great teams in the East and that will probably make for a rough first year. Year 2 could be interesting to see who they bring in.
  7. I don't think we have moved on just yet. What info do you have that points to that? Not doubting you at all but this guy wants to weigh all his options and he did a virtual visit with us. I would consider him our number one target after HS and if we don't get Hunter we need to get EE.
  8. Does he help with getting Salis if we offer? I mean that in itself wouldn't hurt for sure as Thomas has some upside.
  9. He hasn't shown any wow factor that shows we can't lose him. But Noah is a hard worker. In my opinion he is a Husker through and through that didn't finish out because he had a better opportunity. I am grateful he played here and wish him the best. I hope he proves you wrong and has a decent season. I respect your opinion, but I think he did the right thing to try and revamp a program that has been so bad for a while. And most importantly get to play a lot more minutes.
  10. But he got the opportunity to go to a P5 school and play. He fits the offense and has some sub par qbs to go against. Why would it benefit him to go to SDSU? Does he fit that system better or something? Even so, he has a chance to play right away at P5 and you take that every time with wide open competition. People knocked this kid during Spring 2018 and I was included in that boat. Since then, he has put in work and improved his game. He definitely has the talent to be a D1 QB and wants to make the most of it. We will see how well he does. He will be going against a lot of great teams and that has to be way more exciting than one good game, if he went to SDSU, against NDSU every year. Also, he may have brought some dual credits from high school to graduate early. That in itself is very impressive while playing a sport.
  11. I would say late September would not be a bad start time if they needed to extend it. No fans is probably what will happen for safety measures. Recruits may be allowed but would not be able to be on the sideline during the game. This is of course a way too early prediction but I just do not see them starting the season on time. I think they will play a 10 game season which leaves one OOC game.. They have a few weeks to play with in December and can move back CCG if needed. Won't affect much because there will be no fans anyway. Maybe ESPN crew will divide up and cheer.
  12. Yep, we both agree about this class for sure. Great minds think alike! He really needs to show he can get a solid player because he does not have to go after many guys with the 3-4 system. Also, not sure how well Rawlins fits our system as someone noted he was more of a 4-3 end. We won't get those types as easy who want to play in a 4-3 as a DE because it is not our system. Honestly, I would not be surprised to see Dawson get a dlineman from the Northeast and TT has to only get two players. Of course, he could be a secondary recruiter for some west coast guys that play other positions. There is a lot of time before we need to panic for dline recruiting. And that is not directed toward anyone just throwing that out there.
  13. Yea Herbert was an overlooked kid from Eugene with a similar skillset and look how he turned out. Not saying he will have a similar career but Frost and Verdu have an eye for QB talent. As for running QBs we do not need blazing guys to be effective. They just have to get the tough yards when we need them and they should distribute the ball well. To your second point, the qb run was too predictable this year and we overused it from what I saw. With a better stable of backs and Duck Rs I hope that changes. Taking Haarberg is definitely not a reach as he was getting interest from other teams across the country.
  14. I can see where you want it to be go time for sure. All those guys you mentioned had the UCF momentum that Coach T did not have when he came here. He still needs to get some better results, I am just not panicking/saying he is a liability because it is too early. The reason why 2022 is my year is the roster is loaded with guys and 2021 is a small d line class. To the top point, by 2022 his jucos and big junior class are gone. Those dudes need to be ready now and I believe he has them ready. This year is not a we need 4 lineman kind of year, it is get a solid Nose that can contribute down the line- we don't need immediate help at the moment. Next, get one four star DE and another solid player that can develop. Nothing too difficult for this class. The average player he has gotten is a high three star and that has plenty of time to improve. Nobody in the 2021 class will play right away as they will redshirt. I think he can get us in on some great Polynesian players. But that will also take some time to get those relationships in order. If we win this year and he still does bad I might be a little worried. I see your point though that he needs to do better and this is a B1G cycle for him- but it might be even more difficult with COVID.
  15. If we are being honest, if we lose this player because of Walters that is just fine. Keagan is a great player and I wish he was here. But Walters needed to go and Lubick is an improvement in my opinion. I was surprised he didn't come here in the first place when we hired Frost. I completely understand Keagan's decision to go to a winning program that is not too far from home. Nebraska will be fine at receiver in the years to come, I just hope KJ doesn't light us up like Fant did. Also no more recruiting receivers whose first name start with a K and last name is Johnson. They bring so much drama to the program. /s
  16. It takes time to build connections. Right now, his recruits don't want to travel to a Midwest sub .500 team from the west coast. Another factor is this cycle we won't take many D-lineman besides a nose and two ends. We only have one senior so he can focus on his bigger targets. Saying it is 'wasting time' is completely false. In a few years these relationships will pay off and they will come when we get the train rolling. He will get us some great players here in due time. As I said before, this cycle he can't strike out, but I will hold judgement until his 2022 class. If we are reaching to get JuCo's there I will start to be concerned. For 2021, we only lose Ben Stille on the line and one might transfer or leave the team. The numbers are sitting well. Dawson is also on staff and I trust he can pull in one lineman if need be to help us out. Not trying to make excuses for Coach T, but Dawson has those Northeast connections and can help in that regard. We are 7 months out from signing day so he has time to get his puppies in order so to speak. He is no Hank Hughes. His development of lineman are his strength and once we get going with football we will see that. I am simply holding judgement on Coach T until the 2022 cycle for recruiting and if that is too long than so be it.
  17. If Matt Masker is still here in 2021 that gives us two QBs on the team from the exact same high school-Kearney Catholic. Going off recent memory I am not sure when the last time that has happened here. When it is all said and done he should be a high three star or low four star recruit. This is in no way the staff reaching at all. We missed a few above him but Heinrich is a solid get that will add depth for years. I, for one, welcome our new Kearney Catholic QB overlords.
  18. Outside of Schaefer talking about it on the recruiting hour a while ago, I have not heard anything else. I would welcome a grad transfer WR at this point. Bussey was a 1000 yard receiver in 2018 with 12 touchdowns and was hurt all of 2019. He is way more explosive than K. Noa and that is if he can get to his old form. He did take place in an air raid system, but I think he would slot in nicely in this offense. In 2017, he had 677 yards receiving along with 7 TD's.
  19. Well, let's go over who he has got. The 2019 we will give to Dawson except for Keem Green. For Hutmacher, Coach T was the secondary recruiter for so we will put him on because he is coaching him. Keem Green .89 -JuCo Nash Hutmacher .87 Marquis Black .86 Jordan Riley .85 - JuCo Pheldarius Payne .85 -JuCo On the roster we have 13 scholarship D lineman. I like the distribution. We are a little heavy on the junior class, but this allows us to possibly redshirt a Juco player if we need to. We are not in dire need of d-lineman and will not take more than 3 this cycle. For only 3 players out there-with rotating-we should be fine. The numbers are right where we should be as we have a 4 deep at each spot with guys that can rotate positions. Seniors- Ben Stille- 1 Juniors- 6 Sophomores- 2 Freshman and Redshirt Freshman-4 So far after one full cycle he has brought in an average of .86 player rating. We are sort of heavy on the JuCo route and that is probably to even out the numbers with the younger guys brought in for 2019. We are not sitting bad numbers wise, and for this class the main thing for DLine is getting a true NT. We will probably take two defensive ends to take three D-lineman total this cycle. Right now, I do not think it is fair to be judge him off one cycle. After 2021 if he strikes out I would potentially be worried. If after 2022 he is still struggling than something might be up. He is no Hack Hughes here, Coach T is on the trail a lot and he is trying to get a Polynesian pipeline to Nebraska. Another factor is Dawson can definitely help recruit dline as well as his OLB position. He has connections in the Northeast and Tuioti is more West Coast. I am happy with D-line recruiting and will hold judgement until I have seen more. We also do not know how well he is at developing, so that is still something he may bring to the table.
  20. I mean Vedral did graduate early so that played a factor for sure. Henrich can give us a solid 3 or more years before he would go elsewhere. QB depth should be fine as long as we take one every year.
  21. Yep, it does not matter how they get here. As people say just win baby.
  22. More of a guy that can move without the ball and has a quick release.He can cause defenses to sick to him if he shoots it well and he could be a Gallegos type and stand i a spot. Kavas struggled because he had a slow release and had a tough stretch where he could not put the ball in the hoop. This guy gets rebounds, had 41 blocked shots, and snipes from three. You bet if he gets a year off he will adapt and be a player that if you leave open will knock it in. So a more versatile and athletic Kavas. I did not watch him but he should be able to defend as well as last year with how horrible our defense was.
  23. Here are some more highlights I found. My thoughts -Has excellent range and knows when to shoot -Quick release that is hard to defend- the pump fake for him works well -Nice size, tall and rangy player -Knows where he needs to be and moves well -Can shoot over people
  24. I think you missed the part where he said "abandoned" running game in the top 3. I think a good nickname for this guy is the Yagermeister. That would definitely be an intimidating name to go up against. Hopefully this guy brings some nasty so teams are intimidated by us again.
  25. Interesting that if he commits he will be the only player directly from high school. Yvan came from overseas so I count him toward that. This is Hoiball Nebrasketball fans.
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