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  1. He is the brother of Henry Ruggs III, who is a stud wide receiver for Bama. He went to Ole Miss and but ended up transferring before landing in EMCC's system. This is a system I trust he is coached up to his fullest potential. East Mississippi is struggling some this year to their usual standards, so I don't know what their problem is this year. But this is a top Juco in the country that churns out great players so I am definitely on board with taking this guy. They prepare their players well for D1 football and that is why they send so many to play D1.
  2. Wow, good stuff Mav! If you to factor in the recruiting rankings where the East far out recruits the West it is closer than it should be. The number one issue since the East West split is how the East has always won the CCG. If OSU is in the CCG again, they will roll whoever they play. But I think Minnesota can give them a run for their money. In my opinion, the East is more top heavy whereas the West is more balanced. So people claim the East is so much better because they have a few elite teams compared to the West that has a lot more balance among them.
  3. Yep, have to get top players from this state. He is a guy we need to get because we have to get more guys like this from Nebraska.
  4. You are correct that our defense has struggled the last three games. He has had some strange calls and we still don't have a clue how to rush the passer successfully. But as I have said time and again we can all want change and hope for change. What I am telling you is that won't happen just yet. Chins has until year 4 to fix this thing. If he doesn't he can be shown the door. If he does than he will be with Frost for a long time. Frost is loyal to his guys and knows where this is going. Chins best defense was actually in his first year at UCF where they improved from the year before. Since then, he has struggled. I am going to give it time and if he does not adjust or refuses to adjust to get this defense right he should be fired. It is too early to make changes because some of these players have seen 3 DC's in their time here. When we get the next guy, he will need two or three years to get his system in and the players to adjust to it as well. We are not elite or close to elite in any phase of the game. Improvement needs to be made in all phases and the ones that don't we can make changes to.
  5. Changes don't always fix the problem. We fired a sub par D coordinator in Banker for a very awful DC in Diaco. This in my mind is year 1 with last year being year 0. At least give them until the end of 2021 to show what they have. If some coaches do not rise up and are continually a problem I think they will be let go. Until then, we will not see any firings but potentially some coaches taking different gigs. We as fans always think firing can fix the problem and sometimes it can. However, if we can be patient and trust the coaches to adjust to the Offenses and defenses of the Big Ten we will be fine. Everyone's patience can run out in a few years if certain coaches don't hold their weight.
  6. I don't think he will fire any of his coaches. Walters had a tweet about how any of the coaches would do anything for coach Frost and that is why they work hard for him. If he goes and fires one of them he would be going against that. I think you won't see a coach get fired until around year 4. Frost knows he has time so he will go with people he trusts over making decisions to appease fans. Let's get some consistency with a staff instead of continuous musical chairs with coaches.
  7. If Arop would have finished that alley oop a few minutes earlier, that would have been nasty. It was set up so nicely too.
  8. A little insight on Doane Basketball. They lost their top 2 scorers, one to graduation and one to transfer from 2018. The starting center for them who is 6'10 is out for this game. Doane is undersized just like we are, so we should dominate them on the boards. They also struggle to shoot the ball from deep. Right now, they are sitting at 0-3 with a few close losses. We should beat them handily. Our back ups will be scoring late in the game and will play the entire second half. Nebraska 107 Doane 63
  9. I'm not too worried about a secret scrimmage. The main takeaway is just getting these guys to play against a team with a different jersey in front of them. We are such a new team that it will take time to gel and get used to playing with each other. We will improve as the season goes on. We will coast in this exhibition game Wednesday. Back ups will be playing the whole entire second half and scoring.
  10. I think the loss of Gaylord was much bigger than people would have thought at the beginning of the year. He could play the tackle position with Farniok allowed to move inside if needed. Hixon, for whatever reason, is just not getting it done so far this year. Also, don't forget we get Wilson back next year and no one has shown they will unseat him. Next year LT-RT Jaimes-Wilson-Jurgens-Farniok-Gaylord(if he comes back) Rotate- Sichterman, Bando, Benhart, Piper(might need another year)
  11. Really thought he would fit Hoiberg's style. He definitely has high upside and will continue to get better. Nebraska needs a big man I would say to fill the 2020 class. With 1 scholarship left we can be choosy and get the right player for the system. Best of luck to this young man as he will do great wherever he goes.
  12. Nebraska 20 Minnesota 17 Pass 201 Rush 205
  13. It will not be open to the public. Hence, why it is called a secret scrimmage.
  14. Sounds about right. We are taking only 2 more O-lineman for 2020 and if we can get him later we might as well see if we can get some guys higher on our board. This class needs to get some more D-lineman as we graduate a good amount at that position. So we can be more selective on the offensive line. Durham is a solid prospect that does things the right way. He may not have the stars but he looks to be well-coached and a solid player.
  15. Nebraska 31 Northwestern 13 Rush- 175 Pass 355
  16. So you say all these things but what is our solution? Put in a backup who throws the same picks or isn't better? Easy to armchair QB and say oh he missed this or that throw. Against OSU we were not getting separation on their DB's, and yes Amart missed some open guys. I am not making excuses so stop putting words in my mouth, please. I am saying our offense as a whole is not doing well. But you apparently think it is all the QBs fault. I put my faith in Frost 100 percent and will ride with this team. Amart can't do everything on his own and so the whole offense in my mind needs improvement period. And we are in 2019 and the most popular guy in Nebraska is still the backup QB. It still amazes me that everyone knows more than the staff. With Vedral we are at best a 6 win team, but with Adrian, we can be so much better.
  17. He has missed some guys getting open. However, it is hard to get people the ball when there is little to no separation. The receivers group needs to start stepping up and making plays. I would like to see a few more of them in the game to see what they can do. We have JD and Wandale and Stoll that has done everything it seems. Noa is amazing in practice but little to show in the game.
  18. Everything is the QB's fault? Interesting take. While Adrian did play poorly this is still a team sport. The coaches are also responsible for not preparing him well enough. The main thing I am seeing that is absolutely killing us offensively is the inability of our receivers to get open. Our running game is steadily improving but we do not have big boy receivers or great receivers that can get open. We have JD, Noa, Stoll, and Robinson. Where is this depth at WR that was talked about? If we can't get separation what is Amart supposed to do? Also, his o-line is not doing him many favors with high snaps and constant pressure in his face. We need to get this side of the ball figured out because we still have an opportunity to have a good season.
  19. Nebraska 45 Illinois 14 Rush 207 Pass 311
  20. I learned that in a blowout win we still left many points out there on the field. Field goal, potentially TD but the ball goes through a TE hands off the blocked punt, extra point blocked. However, with all these miscues we still found a way to stay composed, focused, and blow them out. This was refreshing. The O-line needs to get better but they had no penalties and gave up zero sacks. The D-line is as advertised. The entire defense has made some serious strides and is looking really good. The team has improved every week so far this season. As long as that keeps happening we will continue to get better and win games. Barrett Pickering needs to come back by OSU. We can't leave easy points off the board in the kicking game.
  21. Yea we need multiple guys getting carries. That way our RBs will be fresh in late October and November. I bet you will see one of those two(Jones, Johnson) get a couple carries today. Right now, we need production and sometimes throwing guys out and seeing what they can do could possibly allow a player to show he is ready to play. I am also interested to see what other receivers we get the ball to. Players need to start stepping up and going out there and making plays instead of worrying about playing time.
  22. We will probably see some Wandale at RB some today. I also want them to let Rahmir Johnson and Miles Jones give it a go. RJ is fast and can maybe give the O a spark. Rahmir and Miles Jones have the speed to at least give each of them a few carries and see if one of them can possibly break one. This game we need to spread the ball around and get in a rhythm. It is crucial to do this now because conference play is right around the corner.
  23. And that garbage tutelage has the best record of the last 5 years. He is also one of the best receivers in school history so I think he has a good read of the situation. He has no panic and we shouldn't panic either. All of our goals are still in front of us for the year. We still need to learn how to win better. It would help if we could just put teams away so we don't have a close game. Hopefully, this team will turn the corner after an OT lost like we did last year.
  24. Recall that Texas last year lost to a mediocre Maryland team and everyone was freaking out. That Texas team beat OU in week 5 I believe and look who we have in week 5, OSU. Frost is the coach that will get us back to relevancy. I believe we could have a similar bounce back. I don't know if Nebraska can get to a NY6 bowl win but I think you will see the team bounce back and get better. This game doesn't matter in us making it to Indy but I wanted to win it bad. The season is early and we have plenty of time to get better and better.
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