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  1. Yes, Nebraska has two spots left. They will need to fill them with one player that can help now and probably one developmental player. The team has 4 walk-ons, but I don't see any of them getting a scholarship except maybe Sam H. That would be a worst-case scenario as we just didn't find someone to fill the last spot. There is still some time to get players, but they need to get them sooner rather than later as we are already in June.
  2. He would fill the big PG role Nebraska has had in the past with Banton and Sammy G. He could also play off-ball with Uhlis running the point as well. He averaged 5.6 points and 2.6 assists in 23 minutes of action. I like the idea of him posting up smaller guards and he has great court awareness. He is not afraid to cut to the basket and is able to finish around the rime with his long frame.
  3. I agree that some front offices get impatient. Heck, Monty got fired after getting tons of depth depleted to get KD. I don't think any team is beating the Nuggets. It puts so much pressure on coaches when it is a make-the-finals-or-bust mentality. So many great coaches are getting fired because based on emotions and not on patience. It is fitting that two franchises with patience made it to the Finals. In the Nuggets case, the front office actually made great moves to help the coach and trust in him and the team. I also never get letting the superstar of the team approve of a coach. Pat Riley told the Big 3 that he will run his organization and that he will stick with Spoelstra and look where the Heat are now. The Nets bent over backward for KD and Kyrie and look here that got them. Sometimes the superstar does not always know what is best.
  4. I don't think the Celtics fire Joe M. If they did they would get their 4th coach in 4 years. 1 Stevens lost his enjoyment of coaching and took an executive role. 2 Ime Udoka lost in the finals with a 2-1 lead. Then did his shenanigans. 3 Joe M. took over just before training camp and had his top assistants leave. One for GT before the playoffs. I believe he gets another chance, especially so he can hire his own staff. I mean the other coaches did not win a championship either. I think Udoka probably gets them to the finals this year. The only argument is the Celtics Championship window will be closing. If they get an elite coach I would consider it. Not sure what elite coach would want it besides Monty Williams. However, they could hire him as the lead assistant to help Joe M. manage the locker room and make adjustments.
  5. That is an insane stat. He is seeking his 10th finals win. This means he is 9-9 in the finals as an executive, coach, or player. Only K.C Jones, Tommy Heinsohn, Bill Russell, Phil Jackson, and Red Auerbach have won more combined. If the Heat win, he will tie KC Jones and Tommy Heinsohn. I believe the Nuggets take the series, but the Heat might surprise some people and force it to 6 or 7.
  6. Good for Logan! I wish him nothing but the best. He gave it his all every time he was on the field. He will ball out at Jax State!
  7. I think it is fine if we get him coming off injury. Nebraska has two open spots, so we need depth and any additional scoring or playmaking we can get. It's a win-win for both sides as he may have to be eased back in, which is something Nebraska can do.
  8. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4701222/jeremiah-williams He missed the 22-23 season with an Achilles tear. He would be a good depth piece and we could ease him back into the game. I think Nebraskas takes a depth piece like this and use the last scholarship for a can't-miss player or development guy.
  9. California-->Nebraska = Calibraska Florida--> Nebraska= Floribraska Georgia --> Nebraska= Geobraska He has 4 years to play still. Does anyone know if he saw any meaningful action?
  10. I believe you posted this a few pages back. However, the Ole Miss guy in the picture is Johnson. Also, his 247 profile is below. https://247sports.com/player/tysheem-johnson-46050374/
  11. Thought Siravo might be the LB coach but don't mind Rob Dvoracek. He has been around and looks like a promising hire. However, this is just a really surprising hire. Rhule has worked with some great WR coaches in the past. Obviously Mickey was option 1 but this kid had to be option 10. Let him learn as an assistant or GA under someone with more experience. I also feel bad because if the WR group does bad people will crucify this guy right away without giving him a chance. After bringing in an elite DB coach I thought he would also bring in an elite WR coach and add PGC to the title with someone like Frisman Jackson. I am willing to give Mcguire a chance to prove himself. But I almost wonder if he may have been set up for more than he can handle at this stage of his career.
  12. Winning high school coaches know what they are talking about. They do not just win because they get lucky. Yes, some have unbelievable talent, but you have to know what you are doing to win like he has. Rhule made this hire to get us into Texas with a guy who is well connected and he can coach Tight ends which is a good starting position for him for college ball. I wonder if he played or preferred to coach that position and he will also help out with special teams. Having two eyes on that is better than none like Nebraska had with Frost until year 5. I think this is a solid hire when you get a staff of 10 assistants and it helps that his son is coming here. Remember, Joey McGuire was hired by Rhule and is now a head coach. I will trust the guys he hires to the staff.
  13. Interesting that you bring that up. On3 does not have him on their updated roster despite him never entering the portal. Also, he is not on the official roster on the Huskers website. He might be moving on and waiting to announce after bowl season or possibly doing the academic scholarship that they have done in the past. On3 https://www.on3.com/teams/nebraska-cornhuskers/news/huskeronline-nebraska-football-scholarship-distribution-chart/ Official Husker Roster https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster
  14. I did see that. They are salty because he turned down Oregon for Baylor. He supposedly did this because Baylor is in more of a recruiting hotbed and he would not have to go as far. The expectations at BU were also a lot lower. Because of that they are trying to stick it to him any way they can.
  15. For those of us who need a translator for emojis Here ya go. https://emojitranslate.com/
  16. This is the best translation I have seen.
  17. I posted this on the other thread in the recruiting forum. The first one is the Ducks dropping the bag on Cornelius. The second one is Miami (The U) dropping bags to get someone.
  18. Signed with Miami. Not sure if this was the guy Rhule tweeted about with Miami dropping the bag. Edit: This tweet
  19. Teams get one head coach with 10 assistant coaches for on the field coaching duties. The S&C guy does not count toward the 10. As stated above Nebraska has 3 open positions to fill. https://www.si.com/college/2022/06/29/college-football-ncaa-committee-will-keep-staff-limitations-this-season#:~:text=Football staffs are limited to,the sidelines in different roles.
  20. The next staff members will be announced after the NFL season. WR- Fishman Jackson is my #1 and I expect we get him. He would also get the title of offensive passing game coordinator. IF not, Joe Dailey would be plan B. Dailey would just be WR coach and not have the PSC title. LB- Mike Siravo of the Carolina Panthers. He has been with Rhule at every stop and is someone he trusts. I think White helps out some with the LBers, but Siravo is the man in charge of this group and he assists with special teams. The second option that I have seen is Rob Dvoracek. He has very little experience in the coaching department. However, White may just help out and assist him in getting his feet wet at the college level. My thought is he comes in as a Defensive quality control guy that takes the reigns if Siravo leaves in the future. *He might have been the LB coach that was leaked by a recruit but who knows as things change fast. TE - Bob Wager will move into one of these roles with his experience. I believe only taking on one position group and recruiting would help acclimate him to college athletics. He will bring a wealth of knowledge to the room. He may end up not being one of the three positions left, but I am guessing he is and he takes on the TE room. If Wager is not TE coach it means we got Rhule's number one target and they will come from the NFL. It will not be the Panthers TE coach as he has been a mainstay in the League for a while now.
  21. I believe this thread should help you out. What a photo for the topic too! As many fans are waiting to see what guys come and go.
  22. 35-13 Irish before the half. With how important this hire is, no way Nebraska takes a chance with him. It is a hire where you swing for the fences and get the best available or best fit that can get elite coaches here.
  23. I would get behind this hire. His DC that he has had everywhere is interesting as well. Phil Snow runs the 3-3-5, wonder how that would do in the B1G? He knows to get elite assistants like he did at Baylor to make it work. If he wants to go back to being a head coach, it will be at the college level because NFL teams won't take him. Those tweets show a coach who wants to be physical and win the battle of front. Which is exactly what we have not done since the 2016 season.
  24. Exactly why it would be an out of left field hire. No one would expect it or the guys runningblind named.
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