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  1. Lady? That reminds me of your joke of a football team. Good luck in the Motor City Bowl, assuming you reach 6 wins.
  2. Wow, you are sensitive. I was merely pointing out that, for many, putting another on "ignore" isn't good enough for them. Not only do they NOT want to read a particular member's ideas, they don't want ANYONE to be able to read their ideas. Is saying this a violation of the rules too?
  3. Why ignore when you can simply ban those that express unpopular ideas and exile them to an internet gulag? We can't allow unpopular ideas to be expressed!
  4. In addition to the 250 minimum post requirement, does one have to be a member of the American Communist Party to post in the politics forum? It looks like an echo chamber in there.
  5. I knew what you were saying and I agree with you. It would be a monumental win to build on.
  6. My impression is that Ohio State is significantly better on both sides of the ball than the 2016 version. As well, I have the impression that the 2016 PSU squad was better than this year's Nebraska squad. Still, I think NU can win the game, but they'll have to play a perfect game to do it, in my novice opinion.
  7. A high school kid once committed to "The University of Ohio State".
  8. On paper, Ohio State has more talent than any team in the country, but the game isn't played on paper. If Frost and company come up with a good game plan and if the players play smart and make plays, Nebraska can absolutely win the game. If Nebraska pulls off the upset, it will be the win that catapults Nebraska into a new era.
  9. You guys were one play away from winning against a solid opponent on the road. The sky is not falling.
  10. I think offenses sometimes need time to progress. Maybe it's not the fault of any one position or coach, but just a time-to-develop matter.
  11. In looking at the week 5 schedule, I think it probably should be the ABC night game, unless they go with USC at Washington. Since it's being played at Nebraska, I was hoping one of you gents might have a better idea.
  12. I take it that you're happy with your political forum being an echo chamber of ignorant, leftist ideology.  Have you considered opening the forum to others so that quality discussion can ensue?  

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    2. JJ Husker
    3. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      I suddenly got a hankering to post in the politics section.  You wanna know why?  BECAUSE I CAN.

    4. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      No matter how "right" (or "left" :D) you think you are, political content is restricted to the political forum. Violations of this board rule will result in disciplinary actions. If you can't find it, listen for the echo, at least according to the op :moreinteresting

  13. It seems this kid isn't buying in. Just hope it's not endemic to the program.
  14. The good news is that the B1G West is VERY winnable and if Frost runs a winning program that's fun to watch and fun to play in, he should be able to get elite talent. I think NU can recruit top-5 classes IF Frost proves to be elite.
  15. Yep. We'll have to wait and see.
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