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  1. May the mighty overseers mods admins and donors bring the swift and just ban hammer again the OP.
  2. I was watching a bit and noticed the lack of crowd noise per the television. Did anyone by chance notice if the announcers commented on the crowd noise and do they actually mute it out? Yes, I am heading towards the ESPN hates Nebraska conspiracy.
  3. If you have to ask yourself how we beat Mich. State but lost to Purdue. You should pry find another sport to be interested in.

  4. Vote ban for FTW now in progress. Yea and Nay's tallied here.

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    2. ScottyIce


      I'll basically vote yea for anyone right now, so, yea.

    3. C N Red

      C N Red

      Let's include MattyIce in that vote. Although I'm not sure how he hasn't been suspended yet given he called me an a-hole.

    4. default_28


      ^^^It's no insult to say a dead man is dead -Ulysses

  5. I disagree. Requiring a login or post limit means you will stop most knee jerking. This place has become 90% knee jerking /bitching. I ask unto the founder, is that why you created this forum? Does this forum represent the perception you wish to convey to the public of what Husker Football is all about? Max went on a ban hammer fest a few weeks ago. when you have such a robust community, it is your responsibility to make sure it isnt doing harm to the program. There are plenty of veterans on the forum and I would enjoy more topics from them. I dont think they even care to post anymore due to predictable hijacking by the knee jerking cry babies. Bottom line. We are. As stated in the OP. Did you miss it?
  6. I slept through the game this last week. Did the score shock me when I awoke? Absolutely not. We were one Heisman running back play from losing to Mcneese state last year. This is not the coaching staffs fault. This is not anything new to this team in recent years. My old ball coach used to say it takes a little luck, and Pelini had some luck to hit those 9 wins, i.e Mcneese, Northwestern Hail Mary, Pulling it out against MSU in the final drive come to mind. Last year could have easily went this poorly. I just have to laugh at myself and our fan base. We did this. Really, we made our bed. Look in the mirror the problem is us. What an entitled bunch we are. Riley is here another year so shut up. Thats the bottom line. It hurts doesnt it? Sell your tickets, quit watching, do what you have to do for the next couple years and we will see you when Obrian and the Twins are stomping ass. Herman who inherited a very very VERY ripe Houston program(the last 10+ years) isnt going to come in and do any better, A matter of fact, Im convinved Danny L. has forgotten more about football than Herman knows, And Im serious. The grass is always greener on the other side. Is there much to look forward to next year? No. The year following? I doubt it. Year 4 and 5? I think so. Tuck that lip in, quit the bitching, and wait. Good things come to those who wait. In the world of instant gratification makes it difficult, I know. To the Owner of this Forum: I would like to see a limit on starting to topics so we dont get so many negative posts out of left field from knee jerkers. It doesnt help an online forum and it doesnt help the team. Even Shaggy Texas has this rule. Install it. Good Day Gentlemen
  7. Lux

    Tommy Armstrong quote....

    Lol the ego in these posts are amazing. We havnt won a conference title since 1998. None of the recruits besides the Nebraska kids, give a f#*k what we did in 1995.
  8. Lux

    LJS Tribute to Tom Osborne

    Hail to the King, baby.
  9. Just watched what all the fuss was about with the Colts formation. Easy to say "stupid", easier for me to raise an eyebrow Pats don't even call a timeout and barely appear to hesitate. #SwingingGateGate

    1. Lux


      I'm insinuating Patriots had scouts on Colts practice.

  10. Lux

    How do other teams view Nebraska?

    The same as it is with the fan base. The old dudes remember the times we destroyed the younger people have no idea who we are. And why should they? Next years recruits were not born the last time we won a national title.
  11. Are you truly angry we won? Is your life that miserable?
  12. Minnesota had an all senior secondary. I don't know who was hurt,but I could understand their fans anger yesterday.
  13. Lux

    Good step forward

    Playing loose. Looked like they were just having fun out there.
  14. This is why we are the best fans.