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  1. Mary Pats BOB

    Welcome to the Gun Show

    Saw him telling the ref about it too, looked intentional. #73
  2. Mary Pats BOB

    Is Noah Vedral healthy?

    Cox has bigger muscles if anyone cares ha!
  3. Mary Pats BOB

    Is Noah Vedral healthy?

    Went back and looked again. Vedral was dressed with a headset on. It was Ethan Cox then. Damned duplicate numbers.
  4. Mary Pats BOB

    Is Noah Vedral healthy?

    Maybe minor injury to Vedral but very interesting in the quest to redshirt McCaffrey and win the west should anything happen to Adrian
  5. Mary Pats BOB

    Is Noah Vedral healthy?

    Oh I agree. Martinez looked fine early, I think he got pissed at his crappy Oline if you want the truth. Jurgens and Hixson were BAD
  6. Mary Pats BOB

    Is Noah Vedral healthy?

    I know we have two number 16, but I’m 95% sure I saw Vedral in sweats when I rewatched the game. Saw lots of folks wanting him to get in for a series, maybe Bunch is the backup right now. Anyone have any info?
  7. Mary Pats BOB

    Speed City

    I sure like the sound of it!
  8. Mary Pats BOB

    RB Marvin Scott III [Nebraska Commit]

    Question is why only a 3 star? Height? Bama offer alone normally gets the bump. Can he catch? Didn’t see any receptions on film
  9. Mary Pats BOB

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Twitter shows one D1 offer from UTEP
  10. Mary Pats BOB

    CB Tamon Lynum [Nebraska Commit]

    Yeah dude there is this thing where you spread your fingers apart while on a picture and it blows it up so you can read the fine print. Never heard of a kid and I figured out it was his mom. I thought it was pretty cool
  11. Mary Pats BOB

    OT Teddy Prochazka

    280 ish
  12. Mary Pats BOB

    Baseball Coach Search

    Who thinks it will be Childress?
  13. Mary Pats BOB

    OLine Work in Progress

    We have a lot of production to replace on offense. No guarantees just yet imo. Better line play will certainly be requisite.
  14. Mary Pats BOB

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    Always Be Closing Nice work by the staff