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  1. Mary Pats BOB

    I'm oddly encouraged by the winless season so far...

    Wow. Thanks for putting that to words. I agree wholeheartedly
  2. Mary Pats BOB

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    Vegas could not care less who wins they get 10% of every bet they just want lots of bets
  3. Mary Pats BOB

    Turning Point

    Kicks rocks..... Thats why they play the games!!
  4. Mary Pats BOB

    Let Us Pray

    Let it be by the code
  5. Mary Pats BOB

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Can’t say what I want or I’ll get the banhammer. Wow just weak weak kids these days, cry me a goddamn river!
  6. Mary Pats BOB

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    Bunk call
  7. Mary Pats BOB

    *** 2018 Game 4 "Expert" Picks: Purdue At Nebraska ***

    And there’s 21 getting burned
  8. Mary Pats BOB

    Let Us Pray

    We get better and better!
  9. Mary Pats BOB

    *** 2018 Game 4 "Expert" Picks: Purdue At Nebraska ***

    Hard to see how we pull off the upset, only way is about 6 sacks and win the turnover battle which is damned unlikely. Betting # 21 has a long day and gives up 2+ TD passes, Brohm will pick on him early and often, safety help better be on point!
  10. Mary Pats BOB

    JUCO DE Chester Graves

    Guessing his services are bought and paid for.....SEC ahem Bama
  11. Mary Pats BOB

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Sheesh take a nap
  12. Mary Pats BOB

    Post-Game Presser - Troy

    Great guy that Bob
  13. Mary Pats BOB

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    Not at all lol.
  14. Mary Pats BOB

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    Pretty proud of his new offers on Twitter. Be surprised if he sticks, very few kids still want to work that hard anymore