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  1. It would explain a lot. We shall see! Wish those kids the best no matter what
  2. Agree that’s why I didn’t post it
  3. Thought I heard bowl game doesn’t count. Not sure if true
  4. Heard a juicy rumor today not sure where the proper place to post it is.
  5. True. They did improve after Fleck fired Rob Smith in November though. Skers by a point 29-28
  6. Shot of Legrone practicing on BRW last night. No way of knowing how current the video was but it’s something
  7. Last one had an online walkthrough set to “Right Now” by VH anyone remember cranking up the 5.1 on your HP desktop? That was rad
  8. Do yourself and all of us a favor and don’t go and don’t watch! Do not be entertained! Go outside and enjoy the Fair Weather, “fan”.
  9. Saw him telling the ref about it too, looked intentional. #73
  10. Cox has bigger muscles if anyone cares ha!
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