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  1. Mary Pats BOB

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Cmon man you see his Daddy’s Blackshirt
  2. Mary Pats BOB

    Who's Next?

    Soni has a new profile pic anyway must have enjoyed himself
  3. Mary Pats BOB

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Can’t wait to see this kid in Lincoln what an athletic specimen
  4. Mary Pats BOB

    WR Xavier Watts

    No news is good news I hope....
  5. Mary Pats BOB

    JUCO DE Chester Graves

    If he can write his name Bama will sign him
  6. Mary Pats BOB

    JUCO LB Amare Barno [Virginia Tech - Signed LOI]

    Has a VTech offer been made?
  7. Mary Pats BOB

    JUCO LB Amare Barno [Virginia Tech - Signed LOI]

    Gosh I hope we don’t lose him to Marshall
  8. Mary Pats BOB

    OG Jeremy James [Mississippi - Signed LOI]

    Big human. Could be guard. Like
  9. Mary Pats BOB

    What's the song before kickoff?

    Frost doesn’t like pedophiles or their songs. Good Riddence
  10. Mary Pats BOB

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Doesn’t he look like a guy who has a long way to go S&C wise? Looked really slight to me like a basketball player
  11. Mary Pats BOB

    I'm oddly encouraged by the winless season so far...

    Wow. Thanks for putting that to words. I agree wholeheartedly
  12. Mary Pats BOB

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    Vegas could not care less who wins they get 10% of every bet they just want lots of bets
  13. Mary Pats BOB

    Turning Point

    Kicks rocks..... Thats why they play the games!!
  14. Mary Pats BOB

    Let Us Pray

    Let it be by the code
  15. Mary Pats BOB

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Can’t say what I want or I’ll get the banhammer. Wow just weak weak kids these days, cry me a goddamn river!