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  1. If he is given probation he could have a minimum of 60 days in jail based on BAC and previous offenses. http://www.transportation.nebraska.gov/nohs/pdf/al3dwi.pdf
  2. His BAC makes it an automatic felony. Punishment will depend on how the previous offenses apply to the law. Could be mandatory min of 180 days based on the .15 BAC and it being 3rd offense.
  3. I have a crush on him bc he's hot. And you know, national championship rings are cool.
  4. So, you've never left a job for a better opportunity elsewhere? I don't see how VV is being selfish, and what is wrong with leaving to the NFL to make money? People go to college in order to get a degree and make more money in the real world. VV has his degree and he is hoping to earn a lot of money in the NFL. I see nothing wrong with his decision.
  5. I looked at the headline and knew it would be that guy writing it. Glad he used some hard hitting facts or talked to some scouts to support his uneducated opinion. He really wants to be Sam and hopes the OWH will discover him someday.Lol! Eightlaces is that guy, he just comes in and posts his own articles to boost his page views. I totally agree with you.
  6. Screw everyone who says the talent sucks. We won that in spite of coaching.
  7. I want this for the boys but the coaches don't deserve it.
  8. He can only do so much with the bullsh#t play calling. 50/50. Tommie can't throw, nor read a D. Please bring in Fyfe Why? It's not like he played very good last week. Yeah. Cause Tommie lighting it up like Brady, right ?I It's Tommy!!! Jesus Christ, you are obviously a troll bc someone with so little knowledge wouldn't be posting Christ.
  9. Tommie giving him a run Tommie Frazier? But seriously, Tommy may not be showing lots of improvement, but he isn't regressing.
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