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  1. It’s for times like this that I don’t keep loaded guns in the house.
  2. This would be a great series for a Blackshirt SAFETY.
  3. Listing to the radio broadcast, we’ve got receivers open all over the field. I’d consider putting Purdy in to wing the ball to a few of them.
  4. It’s Game 9 of the season. Could we please learn to at least spell Sims name correctly?
  5. Because he’s SURE at catching the ball & we are sick of turnovers or letting it bounce to pin us deep.
  6. This is one of the best hype videos I have seen in years. If I wasn’t up for this game before, I would be now!
  7. There were times in this game that I was watching the Blackshirts & having flashbacks to Buddy Ryan’s 1985 Bears “46” defense. https://youtu.be/TgoKd0oVRPg?feature=shared
  8. The ability to plug holes with the next man up speaks volumes to this coaching staff’s ability to develop & coach up EVERYBODY. I also like how one week it’s Malachi Coleman & the next it’s Jaylen Lloyd. Pretty amazed that the “patchwork” OL played as well as it did. Rhule is hitting the right notes in instilling confidence in players (like Alvano & Emmett Johnson). The FG block was an exercise in film study, long before the game began. Great job Coach Foley & great execution by your student athletes. This was a masterful job of coaching & game planning. To win as convincingly as they did with the number of miscues? It’s a dream season (that started 0-2).
  9. As I write this, Noon on Saturday is 54 hrs out. Only the GFS weather model even has Lincoln flirting with freezing temps, and that isn't until 7 PM. According to the European weather model (sadly, more accurate than the GFS) AND the NAM, Lincoln will be in the upper 30s (37/39) and at 7 PM 34/35. You might see some flakes. They'll be the ones saying "so much for global warming". (I kill me.)
  10. Please find a QB Coach --V Here's why I think a dedicated QB Coach is needed. For all the NFL concepts that Rhule is trying to cross-pollinate into Nebraska football, I'm surprised that QB Coach wasn't one of them. When this article was written, 27 of the NFL teams had a dedicated QB Coach: "Your goal as the quarterbacks coach is to keep the coordinator out of the room" I suspect that Rhule wanted to spend his budget a little differently and so postponed a QB Coach position, for now. Also, since the Offensive Coordinator and the QB Coach need to be 100% on the same page, Rhule might have wanted to let his OC submit his choice. Or perhaps the guy they wanted wasn't available (timing wasn't good and that could change, going forward.) ESPECIALLY in a Year One, the OC is going to be all about installing his playbook and teaching the system. Once the season starts, the OC is going to be into game planning, (and trying to figure out how to best replace injured players on offense and scheme with THEM). The OC probably has very little time to work with the QB's arm mechanics, for instance. Seems like it might be a good question to ask Haarberg in a press conference: "Has anyone tried to change your throwing mechanics, either in HS or at Nebraska?" followed up with "Would you like them to?"
  11. While recognizing that he took a step back in his development against NW, I think people are not appreciating what Haarberg has done for this team: LEAD. He’s a leader and the team plays hard for him. With him under center, the team has improved from 0-2 to be 5-3. Those of you just concentrating on his faults kind of nauseate me. Also, he would probably benefit from an actual QB Coach, which Nebraska does not have.
  12. Two TD saving tackles, that were turned into FGs by the defense were the difference between winning & overtime - or maybe a butt-puckering 2 pt conversion attempt by NW to win the game.
  13. The biggest thing I learned, between the offensive play calling and the postgame comments by Rhule, are that Run the Dang Ball Coach knows we still are going to need to develop a functional passing game - especially with less experienced players being thrust into the fray by receiver injuries. They are going to “coach through” the difficulties and the process. I think this is wise and, like sausage making, isn’t going to be pretty. I also learned that Omar is FAST. I can’t remember the last time a breakaway play against Nebraska was caught from behind, and it also happened with Farmer’s TD saving pursuit near the 10 yd line. Both HUGE plays. Finally, I’m shaking my head over how many of us were afraid of a 3-3-5 and how it would work in the Big Ten.The Blackshirts are back baybee - now I’d like to see a return to throwing the bones.
  14. This is a thread on Malachi Coleman that has devolved into (another) QB debate. Two things: 1) I’ve said before that Malachi gives me Randy Moss vibes & I LOVED how he had perfect form in catching it with his hands. 2) This play means a lot more than a TD: It means that, going forward, expect at least one fewer safety cheating up to crowd the box - which helps the running game (and short passing game).
  15. Just want to express appreciation for Coleman’s TD catch (made with his HANDS). Looked like a PRO catch.
  16. Well, we’re going to see how this team plays going into a game as a favorite (and a pretty healthy one). Will they stay focused, cut down on penalties, & win the turnover battle? I’d like to see Nebraska with a comfortable (shutout) lead at half time, which gives Rhule the ability to try to get the young WRs some real work in the 2nd half (with the game NOT on the line).
  17. Instead of posting little Twitter snippets, this is one Rhule press conference that every Nebraska fan should view in it’s entirety: He’s nicely & kindly SCHOOLING a lot of asshat Nebraska fans who insult players and coaches and generally forget that these players are somebody’s KIDS that are (finally) being coached by a staff of energetic, honest to God ADULTS. Be patient people. The foundation is clearly being laid. Stop with the bipolar mood swings after every win or loss. Nebraska Football IS on its way back to being a relevant respected program. If you didn’t think this was the right staff before, and you don’t now - in the face of winning games in spite of the unbelievable number of injuries this year - well, I question how much you are really paying attention.
  18. I’m impressed with Northwestern’s interim HC: It’s like walking into an alternate universe looking at that channel’s video views: The highlights of their homecoming victory over Howard has 745 views (and the number of people in the stands…). Meanwhile the highlights of Nebraska’s win over Illinois on @Huskers channel: 11,000.
  19. Bielema’s post game press conference (Nebraska) was not exactly endorsed by their Recruiting Coordinator, I’m sure.
  20. What did we learn? We learned that Tony White continues to make the right personnel moves that allows him to cover for players lost to injury. Regardless of what state Phalen is from, or whether he is scholarship or walk-on, the dude can ball. But the offense is being absolutely DECIMATED by injuries at RB & WR. While I’m happy the offense did enough to win last night, I fear that anyone who looks at this game objectively and sees an easy path to a bowl game at this point is WILDLY over-reacting to this win. (Just like many wildly over-reacted to the Michigan loss.) I believe that a Best Case Scenario has a six win season ON THE LINE when we play Iowa.
  21. Virginia also has a bye on the 14th. Virginia can’t run the ball, can’t stop the run, and is 0-5 as a result
  22. I think that before the season even began, most of us had this chalked up as a definite “L”. And that was before we knew Sims stared down his intended targets and hiked the ball when the motion man was in the way. It was before we knew we would be without Gabe & Rahmir. It was before we knew that Corcoran would make NO improvements. On the plus side, it was before we knew that Fidone would begin fulfilling hopes & expectations. It was before we knew that Haarberg was more than a serviceable backup. It was before we knew our rushing game could be #6 in the country and our defense bring some serious honor back to the name “Blackshirts”. To have a puncher’s chance, I think we need to come out on the first offensive play of the game, roll away from Corcoran and throw a bomb to Coleman/Lloyd. We need a defensive TD and some stellar Special Teams play. In my dreams, I can hear Chris Berman recapping the NU/Michigan highlights saying “And THAT’S why they play the games”.
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