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  1. Pure speculation, but… Those that are buried on the depth chart may find that they have earned a scholarship to play at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (now led by Frost’s former RB Coach, Ryan Held). All their credits would transfer & (especially if they are from the area) it would keep them in State & likely within range for family to get to games. Danny Woodhead had a successful NFL career after playing at Chadron State (formerly in the same league as UNK) so a kid can still dream… Rhule seemed very cognizant of Held’s Twitter account for some reason.
  2. https://n.rivals.com/content/athletes/trevor-ruth-276062?view=pv 6’ 0” 230 lb Fullback from Seward, NE Just for size/weight comparison: Joel Makovicka (1998) 5’ 11” 240 lbs Jeff Makovicka (1995) 5’ 10” 215 lbs - both from Brainard, NE Cory Schlesinger (1994) 6' 0" 230 lbs -from Duncan, NE Tom Rathman (1985) 6’ 0” 220 lbs - from Grand Island, NE
  3. Recommend listening to Bussin' With The Boys podcast that dropped this morning, featuring a long segment with Coach Rhule. (Starts about 45 minutes into the podcast). Still listening to it, but THIS was a major takeaway, for me: At 1:25:00 Coach Rhule was asked "Coming to Nebraska, what were some things that you're like 'I'm going to have to address this' - what were some issues to hit head-on?" With little/no hesitation Rhule responded: He went on to list several, including massages and Sensory Deprivation Tanks and said that programs are in two camps on this stuff: He went on to tie these issues to the health of players/team and their ability to win on gameday. I found this VERY interesting, because I remember (decades and decades ago) when Nebraska was on the cutting edge of player nutrition (then everybody caught up). We talk about "facilities" all of the time, but SPECIFICALLY I would love to know how Nebraska ranks in the area that Rhule identified as one where "I can really help with that process". Sounds to me like Nebraska either didn't even HAVE this stuff or didn't get the players to UTILIZE this stuff. I wonder how we stack up to other Div. 1 (or BigTen) programs in this regard? If Rhule can come from the NFL and say: This is how they do it in the Big Leagues and Here's Why, I can see that being another possible edge that Nebraska can exploit. And if Rhule & staff are highlighting this to potential recruits - then why would you go anywhere that did NOT have this in place and players know how to benefit themselves by using it? Three links for any interested: The Wild Story of How Bill Belichick Discovered the Benefits of Sleep Floatation Tanks 5 Ways NFL Players Recover & How You Can Too Unique Recovery Methods for Football
  4. Why do I have the feeling that some of these incoming WRs are being looked at to possibly convert to DBs?
  5. I'd create some packages where he was in there as Fullback in short yardage situations.
  6. What comes through to me is his humility, which is a mark of strength (contrary to popular opinion). I think that managing & implementing the new NCAA rule (analysts can coach except for game day) could mean a BIG edge for schools with the money to hire good ones in numbers (like Nebraska). But that also needs a DC who is a manager and open to input from everyone - who then charts the course and gets everyone on the same page (with accountability). I also like the attitude of respect for Nebraska. It comes across that he knows he’s been given the keys to something special & he wants to do things right. Seems like a very GENUINE dude and I look forward to seeing his work.
  7. This clip & quote gave me GOOSEPIMPLES: GBR!
  8. I thought the most interesting part of Rhule's press conference yesterday was his mention of both he and Raiola subscribing to the Harry Heistand school of coaching O-Line. (I'd love to know more about the "three schools" he referred to and how they differ from one another "like driving on the opposite side of the road"). But given how starved we are for information on what Rhule's 2023 Cornhuskers might look like, I thought it might be worth a thread on this little nugget: Harry Heistand. Interestingly, Heistand was quoted in the article LAST December about Raiola's hiring. Obligitory link to his Wikipedia page Heistand is also mentioned in this interesting SI article: Zack Martin Has Seven Career Pro Bowls. And Seven Career Holding Penalties. He seems to like to bop back and forth between gigs with the Chicago Bears and the Notre Dame Irish. Harry Hiestand explains why he left the Irish to coach the Bears Video: Coach Harry Hiestand’s Leverage-Fit-Drive Progression Video: the difference between Jeff Quinn and Harry Hiestand from a coaching perspective Video: (2017) Exclusive 1 on 1 with Harry Hiestand Quotes from Harry Hiestand You'll find him on camera for post-practice pressers, etc. if you search YouTube for his name. It's worth remembering that we don't have Harry Heistand on our staff, but rather two students of Harry Heistand - but understanding him could still be instructive (and perhaps give the journalists some fodder for off-season questions for Rhule and Riaola).
  9. Rhule is going to be diplomatic and principled. He's not going to throw players (or a whole position group) under the bus. He knows that HE IS going to pick who the 1s and 2s are this year and said that "everyone starts with a clean slate". How does it help him to say anything more than what he said? (I think it will be interesting how much different the O-Line's new strength and conditioning coach can make with them this year. Also, we had a couple of losses this year that people forget about. Nouili and Prochazka were a force to run behind - when they were on the field at the same time in 2020. Prochaszka got a redshirt year from his knee injury in 2021 and I hope he comes back better than ever. Nouili took himself out for a year and hopefully he has grown up and learned something and will take the new staff as a fresh opportunity.
  10. Is this an All-Time Record number of replies on a player?
  11. From that on3 article: https://www.hudl.com/profile/10094933/Gage-Wager
  12. https://footballadvantage.com/pro-style-offense/
  13. I have to connect the dots??? Past: Dominic Raiola (Former Cornhusker -> NFL career -> Father of Dylan, brother to Donovan) Present: Donovan Raiola (NFL career -> present Cornhusker O-Line Coach) Future: Dylan Raiola (future 5-Star Commit -> Cornhusker QB)
  14. +1 for pure accuracy -2 for accuracy on the point of the tweet
  15. WHAT a gif find by Rhule!!! Past… present… FUTURE! Raiola!
  16. His dad was a Husker star. His uncle is the O-Line Coach. Neither dad or uncle was a fan of Frost. Now an adult is in charge of the program. Nebraska can compete in facilities, NIL, and (now, I believe) player development. (Very curious to see how the new strength coach works out). Also, the Big 10 West is still winnable & if you do that you likely get Ohio St. or Michigan in the Big Ten Championship every year. I think he’s N.
  17. Have Coach Raiola’s new salary details been published yet? Seems to me he might get them bumped (a bonus) if his nephew commits to Nebraska. The O-Line coach might be incentivized by his brother to protect the QB in his care. Rhule’s latest tweet:
  18. Curious how Huskerboard might react to the return of Danny Langsdorf as QB coach under Rhule? https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/danny-langsdorf/1803
  19. It is kind of interesting to note that Rhule took 2 full months from when he was hired at Baylor to complete his on-field Assistant Coaching selections. (middle of February) And the last one filled was his QB Coach. I also didn't realize that Matt Lubick was his WR Coach there. Source: https://collegefootball.nbcsports.com/2017/02/16/matt-rhules-first-baylor-staff-finalized-with-qbs-coach-hire-title-designations/ One other thing of interest in the article above, is that Rhule hired a lot of assistants straight out of the High School ranks. I wonder if he has given a look at any Nebraska high school coaches (and how the fan base would react to him doing that here). For example, Michael Huffman - Bellevue West Head Coach/Quarterbacks has built quite a program. https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fomaha.com%2Fsports%2Fhigh-school%2Fshatel-bellevue-west-football-coach-michael-huffman-can-t-see-future-but-he-may-be%2Farticle_e96a1fed-06d9-5e71-b46a-3e2f41c1f9a7.html
  20. If that overall record comes as a result of willingly taking on serious reclamation projects then you have to account for (and RESPECT) THAT.
  21. 12/7/2022 Related? Syracuse DL Steve Linton Enters Transfer Portal The Orange loses its second defensive lineman to the portal.
  22. Tony has ties to the west coast and specifically the Los Angeles area which is a national hotbed overflowing with talent. He is a graduate of UCLA. Source is the article written when he was hired by Syracuse (from Arizona State): https://insidetheloudhouse.com/2020/02/05/syracuse-football-orange-land-renowned-recruiter-new-dc-tony-white/
  23. Prominent Players Coached: Syracuse Josh Black (New Orleans Saints) Andre Cisco (Jacksonville Jaguars) Kingsley Jonathan (Buffalo Bills) Mikel Jones (First Team All-ACC) Ifeatu Melifonwu (Detroit Lions) Cody Roscoe (First Team All-ACC) McKinley Williams (Indianapolis Colts) Trill Williams (Miami Dolphins) See also: https://www.nunesmagician.com/2022/7/14/23212127/syracuse-orange-tony-white-named-a-coach-to-watch-by-espn
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