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  1. It won't be long before a whole new class of lawyers is flocking to NIL-related disputes, like bees to honey. Morally reprehensible "professional" behavior won't be far behind.
  2. What are the odds that both Chip Kelly and Scott Frost still have their gigs when UCLA & Nebraska play their first conference football game against each other?
  3. Welcome to Husker Nation, Riley Van Poppel! https://www.hudl.com/profile/6464353/Riley-Van-Poppel
  4. He would be saying the same thing if he was still the QB at Nebraska. There is “coach speak” and there is “QB speak”. He’s always executed good QB speak.
  5. A lot of people seem to be ignorant of the fact that symbols can change meanings. Symbols can be (mis)appropriated and it is THEY (the misappropriators) that should be blamed/condemned for what they have done. You probably get that, in the case of the swastika which, in the West, was long a Symbol of good luck UNTIL it became the BRAND of the Nazi party (and now the neo-Nazis). Similarly, if a hand gesture has been appropriated to invoke a new & offensive meaning in society then the rage/blame should go to those that sullied the symbol - not those who recognize (& wish to disassociate themselves from) the offensive connotation. Politics should have nothing to do with it, but people are being conditioned to see everything through that binary lens. (It cracks me up to see anti-vaxxers as one exception to that “rule” - now coming from extremes on BOTH conservative & liberal sides of the spectrum.)
  6. This is quite brilliant, but not replace - supplement. And to invoke rural vibes her name should be Haylie. Herbie & Haylie. Down the road they can have a fat baby boy swaddled in a red diaper with a white N on it. His name will be Husky.
  7. Nice catch! If they did not get the photographer's permission (hopefully paying him), that's a pretty blatant copyright violation that COULD cost the athletic department 4 or 5 figures.
  8. Funny, but a lot of schools felt differently after watching his tape, when he came out of High School. Besides Texas A&M he had 21 offers: Auburn Alabama Coastal Carolina Florida Florida Atlantic Georgia St. Louisville Maryland Michigan St. Nebraska North Carolina Ohio St. Purdue Rutgers South Carolina Syracuse Tennessee Troy UCF Western Kentucky Arkansas - source: https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Deondre-Jackson-103822/RecruitInterests/ But a couple of years later Huskerboard is "meh".
  9. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7702831/5ddaaf875ef7750cbcc1ae24 Going into 2021: Texas A&M Football: Aggies’ RB room is the deepest in the SEC https://gigemgazette.com/2021/05/11/texas-am-football-aggies-rb-room-is-the-deepest-in-the-sec/ Could this possibly be a tip-off to our next RB coach? - The guy that recruited Deondre to Texas A&M and historically is a Running Backs coach (but who last was in charge of Special Teams at Alabama, before taking a Mental Health break from coaching)? https://247sports.com/Coach/Jay-Graham-9/#timeline https://footballscoop.com/news/jay-graham-shares-statement-on-leaving-alabama-staff Jay is currently: https://www.etsubucs.com/athletics/staff/11986/jay-graham/ Randy Sanders hired him at East Tennessee State in 2021 and then retired. (They had a history together at Tennessee). Then Randy Sanders retired (12/13/21): https://www.etsubucs.com/football/news/2021-22/18376/randy-sanders-announces-retirement-from-football/ Story on the impact he is making: https://www.wjhl.com/sports/vfl-former-nfler-jay-graham-making-impact-on-bucs-coaching-staff/ Jay Graham's NFL career stats: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GrahJa00.htm He would surely be getting a pay raise if selected for the Running Back coach position at Nebraska. The East Tennessee State Head Coach earned: $255,000 annually, including a base salary of $225,000 and annual stipend of $30,000. The incentive-laden deal includes performance and academic bonuses that add up to at least $150,000 annually. - source: https://www.knoxnews.com/story/sports/college/university-of-tennessee/football/2019/01/11/etsu-football-randy-sanders-contract-ut-vols-tennessee/2549097002/ And Deondre might have wanted to go where the guy who recruited him was going to be the RB Coach (might have been tipped off). I would imagine that part of the interview process might include the question: "Do you know of any worthy transfer prospects?" I know. It's a stretch.
  10. I don't know if Nebraska could get him, but I'd be at least reaching out to Bernie Parmalee (Urban Meyer's choice of RB Coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars). Those assistants have got to be wondering if they will be retained by whoever it is that the Jags hire to be the next HC. The Jags averaged 4.5 yds per carry this past year, (Tied, with Kansas City, Denver & Dallas, for 7th place in the NFL). He was an NFL running back (for two teams) between 1992 and 2000 and broke into the league as an Undrafted Free Agent. I have the feeling that his 9 year NFL career has some inspirational stories to go with his playing days, and his many NFL coaching stops probably added many more. I think players in the Husker's RB room would definitely be listening to this guy. However, another reason he is a long shot is that he hasn't coached at the college level for a good while. He coached at Notre Dame and joined Charlie Weis' staff at Kansas for a stint 7 years ago - which probably had something to do with the fact that his son was a WR there.
  11. Why do I feel like word that the Transfer Portal is a Cash Cow is reaching the ears of more QBs?
  12. "All lies and jest Still a man sees What he wants to see And disregards the rest." From an article at the start of this season: source: Texas football: Steve Sarkisian wants more from Longhorns quarterbacks (oklahoman.com)
  13. So his dad has been coaching him up since 5th grade. Makes me wonder about the kind of conversations that were had between Whipple and Charles Thompson. I'm very glad that we got him and it will be interesting to see how Whipple can polish him up and design an offense around his (and everyone's talents). But there are a few cautionary notes here: 1) He led the Big 12 in TDs. Sounds impressive (and it is) but 16 of his 24 TDs came in just 3 games. That just 8 TDs in the other 9 games. 2) We are acting like Sarkesian doesn't know how to evaluate QBs and he's letting Casey go. ( Here's where his head was at a year ago: Steve Sarkisian discusses what he looks for in QBs - Burnt Orange Nation ) Now maybe he has concerns about the thumb healing properly (or getting reinjured) or maybe he saw something else that made him think he'd better try to get some better QBs on the roster to fight it out for the #1 spot. 3) Casey's dad said that the Texas situation just didn't look like anybody was "in his son's corner". Well we have just gone through 4 years of a coach being NAILED in a QBs corner. SCREWED might be a better analogy. Bottom line is that they didn't believe that Casey was going to come out on top in that QB room. So right now we are playing Oregon State to Tristan Gebbia's Nebraska. I may be a purist, but I would like my player evaluation to be clear-eyed and giving the job to the one who WINS IT, not the one who has a coach "in his corner" for whatever reason.
  14. Coach Mickey, you're so fine You're so fine, you blow my mind Coach Mickey, Coach Mickey!
  15. This is OT for this thread, but redshirt rules were crafted before the Transfer Portal was here and the dynamic for many players has changed. It was crafted for players who would finish their careers at the same school that they signed with as a Freshman. Someone who redshirts needs development to get on the field, in the eyes of the staff, so you get an extra year with them. With the new Transfer Rules, (A) there is less need for them because you can shop for another one in the Portal (B) For players who think the grass is greener, you are just providing them another year to (potentially) leave your program.
  16. I'll just leave this here: Greg Knox is 6th highest paid RB coach in CFB (but Ryan Held wasn't far behind at #11)
  17. Anybody remember Danny Woodhead? He played at Chadron State (Div. II) back when they were in the same conference as UNK. Undrafted free agent, he had a 10 year career in the NFL. Woodhead was a Harlon Hill Trophy candidate (the Div. II Heisman equivalent) in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, winning the award in both 2006 and 2007. Why do I bring this up? UNK's QB, T.J. Davis just came in 2nd in this year's Harlon Hill voting. Call me crazy, but I'd love to see what he could do at the Mother Campus. https://lopers.com/sports/football/roster/tj-davis/7075
  18. Posted 2 HRs ago: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/college-football-quarterback-transfers-portal-2022/1ixjulg3apnnf1ghgl4xhgjvcw
  19. I didn't look back through this thread, but did anybody notice when FCS Punter of the Year Brian Buschini tweeted his commitment to Nebraska, he thanked "coach Busch"? (Interestingly, doesn't Buschini translate to "little Busch"?) LOL
  20. He also keeps repeating things like he "likes to help”, “go where I can help”, “think I can help here”. Add that to “Scott was really the reason” and I think you have a guy who knows he can develop quarterbacks AND young Head Coaches that have potential. I see him being a real mentor to Frost.
  21. It's 2022: The transfer portal means you can't assume that ANY position's room is crowded.
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