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  1. That's obviously what happens to you when you stop giving a s*&t about yourself. But I will tell you that picture gave me the cold shivers thanks a lot!!!
  2. Does anyone know that if it is found out that he lied under oath and is found to have used steroids can they take his spot away on the homerun leader list??? It would be a good idea IMO.
  3. I already started is it too early for that????
  4. Totally agree with you there. Most of the time the team that controls the time of possession in a game is the one that comes out with the win!!!
  5. Good story just goes to show you that determination can get you anything.
  6. This is the most pathetic excuse for football team that I have ever seen. The only reason they have the fans the do is because they are all inbred and carpool together to the games!!!!
  7. From what I read his dad was one strong man and I assume Tiger is as well. He'll pull through this but it will be hard..................Stay strong Tiger were thinking of you.
  8. No doubt about it for me I would say it would have to be USC...........only because ESPN and all of the analysts will not shut up about how great they are!!!
  9. It just makes sense and it feels so good to say "I play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.".................This board is making me lose it!!!
  10. I think if we played Auburn or LSU those would be fun match-ups!!! Don't know what the outcome would be but it would be something different.
  11. I'm definately pumped at how our defense is going to shape up this year. Hopefully our offense will be just as good and we can take it to USC and Texas.


    A BCS bowl would be fantastic!!! That means we are getting closer and closer to the National Title once again.................GBR!!!
  13. Sorry if anyone lives in a trailer...............
  14. I love how they lost them in a trailer park!!! hahaha typical
  15. I heard the California Penal League is looking for a QB.
  16. Maybe this year our blackshirts can get over 50 sacks...........I agree that if they are talking this highly about us why are we ranked 25th??? But, I also agree that if we were ranked higher that it could cause the players to get a little cocky........I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START!!!!
  17. I think the fact that they are having live scrimmages is fantastic. The reason is obvious................if players get used to being hit early in the off-season then come the first game of the season the running backs, receivers, o-line, d-line, everyone are going to be ready to play............the practices do sound physical and IMHO I think teams that practice like this (instead of patty cake practices) play a lot harder, hit a lot harder, and are a lot tougher. Are we taking a chance of players getting hurt....yes!!! But, I think it will only benefit us in the long run!!! Good call coaches!!!
  18. Hopfully if they are going to get a new sound system it will be amazing...........
  19. I wish him the best good luck Cory
  20. Well this just solidifies our back field that much more!!!
  21. Their dropping like flies!!!
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