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  1. Come on Huskers we NEED THIS!!! I'm pacing like crazy right now!
  2. I'll say it...... this offensive line is the worst I've ever seen at Nebraska!
  3. Great job oline...... you guys should quit football.... you just aren't good at it.
  4. And rightfully so! Those guys and special teams lost that game for us last week and here we go again! I hope he's spraying spit he's ao angry!
  5. Here we go with the penalties o-line...... you guys SUCK!
  6. Martinez injured on first drive, out for now, 0-0 with 6 minutes left in the first.
  7. That was a helmet to helmet hit to Martinez on the replay. BS the refs missed that!
  8. Kid needs to learn to slide and not take hits like that
  9. With faith and honor held high
  10. Agreed! At this point the talent needs to play, we need wins and so does Frost.
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