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  1. #SoftballSchool

    1. Mike Mcdee

      Mike Mcdee

      Is now. This state has produced some absolute studs. They just have gone to different schools; Ruby in Washington and Barnard at Wichita State to name two that would have been salty pickups.

  2. Hope @Saunders is doing well.  I really liked the season preview stuff he would do.

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    2. Saunders


      Hey Guys, thanks for reaching out! I'm doing well, I've just absolutely swamped between work, and coaching multiple kids sports teams since January. I also noticed that the preview sources I used to use have been fairly dry, so I haven't really had as much to work with. That being said, I'll gear up to get that stuff posted in the next couple weeks. Once I start getting preview mags, I'll really dive in. Looking forward to the season! #GBR

    3. Red Five
    4. Saunders


      I went ahead and created the master, and I'll try to get some placeholder threads done by the end of the day.

  3. Alabama athletics is having a banner year.


    First you have Nate "wrong place, wrong time" Oates.  Now add their baseball coach getting fired mid-season due to a betting scandal.

    1. Mavric


      But I'm sure their other programs are squeaky-clean....

  4. HS basketball game in Oklahoma ended 4-2.


    Here is the entire game in less than 2 minutes:



    1. commando


      i hope hoiberg isn't getting any ideas.

    2. commando


      it's like Iowa vs iowa in football.

  5. Anyone on HB get scammed by Adam Carriker and crew over Minnesota and/or Wisconsin suite tickets?


    Reading some bad stories other places...

    1. Mavric


      What's the rumor there?

    2. Red Five

      Red Five

      Carriker's website sold ticket packages to the MN/WI games.  Included suite tickets, meet & greet with former Huskers, goodies (Yeti cooler, Nebraska meat package, HyVee gift cards, etc).  $1000 for 2 tickets.  Proceeds go to various Husker charities.


      When people showed up to the MN game they were told suite tickets were no longer available and were given random tickets the group could find (including some in the MN section in upper North Stadium).  Needless to say it was a cold game and many weren't dressed to be sitting outside for 4 hours.  Everyone was also told that they would get a FULL REFUND and still all the goodies.


      Same thing happened for WI game (except that people were told that Friday night the suite tickets were "gone").


      Well its now 1.5 months later and no refunds and no goodies.  The contacts/Carriker keep saying "its on its way" and passing the buck to someone else.  There were even fake USPS tracking numbers that were given out that were supposedly the refund checks.  I guess one of the local Omaha news channels will be doing a story on this soon.


      There are a couple threads on both the On3 and Rivals boards of people who bought the packages giving all the details.

  6. I've been basically non-existent online since Wednesday afternoon.  Anyone got some Husker Cliff Notes that I could read of the last 5 days?

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    2. Cdog923


      MBB beat Creighton by 10 at Creighton. 

      WBB beat Maryland by 23 at Maryland

      VB made it to the Sweet 16

      FB still doesn't have a D-coordinator. 

    3. admo


      What happen?  And are you ok?!?!! :dunno


      But also, Colorado Buffaloes have wicked cool gold helmets and a new Prime Time coach ! chuckleshuffle


      (My apologies, but I haven't been a CU hater since it wore off around 2005 and following, and they been in Pac 12 for like 12 years soooo....)

    4. Red Five

      Red Five

      @BigRedBuster @Cdog923 Thanks guys


      @admo I'm good.  Was just in FL for my kid's soccer tournament and was fully engrossed in all that goes with that.

  7. Thinking about wasting $8 to create a verified fake Bruce Feldman twitter profile and tweet "Sources tell me that Urban Meyer is in serious negotiations with Nebraska AD Trev Alberts"

    1. GSG


      As long as you don't say anything bad about Herr Elon you should be fine lol

    2. ladyhawke
  8. It's fun to finally get some good coaching rumors after almost 2 months of :crickets:

    1. ladyhawke


      But it’s irritating that some people keep harping about hiring Urban Meyer when the guy has made it clear he has no interest in the job. 

    2. Decked


      What about Nick Saban!? I think he could be a good fit. Ryan Day too!

  9. Please check your kid’s candy. I found some Husker tickets in their bags. Some sick people out there.

    1. Decked


      I miss the days where they would just give us drugs like normal. Kids aren’t prepared for that kind of psychological torture that Nebraska mens athletics brings 

    2. admo


      Candy Corn and Husker football tickets seems about right.  Keep the good stuff to yourself!

    3. knapplc
  10. Fan Duel has Colorado's updated over/under win total at 0.5.  And the under is -140.

    1. GSG


      ESPN's FPI has their best chance to win a game vs ASU at 19.1% lol 

      Second best is this weekend vs Cal at 17.8%

      Followed by Oregon St 5.4%, Oregon 4.4%, Washington 3.5%, Utah 3.0%, and U$C 1.6%. Woof 

  11. Can we get a "new coach mega-thread" and merge every new thread someone creates about Urban Meyer, Zac Taylor, Bill O'Brien, Jim Tressel, Jon Gurden, etc in there?

  12. Sounds like Husker Online will be moving from Rivals to On3 on June 1st.

  13. Happy "halfway between the National Championship game and the Ireland game" Day!

  14. Bill Moos handed out extensions like candy at Halloween.  And then we ended up paying him $3M to go away.

    1. Red Five
    2. admo


      Resources!  Amirite :cowbell:


    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Seems more like hush money. 

  15. Yippee! Political ads are back!

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    2. Touchdown Tommie

      Touchdown Tommie

      It is absolutely ridiculous...every single page I get to see 45...

    3. Red Five

      Red Five

      I see about 2/3 pro Trump and 1/3 anti Trump ads.

    4. Touchdown Tommie

      Touchdown Tommie

      Have yet to see one that is anti 45. 

  16. Ring or Nest doorbell?  

    1. teachercd


      I have only seen Ring...seems kind of cool.




    3. HUSKERherc


      We went with SimpliSafe.  They had some deals on different packages that included a free camera.  You can add on however many sensors/cameras/fobs/etc... you need.  Picture is very clear and the speaker function with the doorbell camera works great.  Notifications come through almost instantly when there is motion detected.  

  17. If any of y'all have a Rusty Taco close, their family style to go meals are awesome. We've got it twice in the last month.

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    2. GSG


      @JJ Husker You trying to say you won't brave I-25 for some tacos?

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @GSG Exactly. I'll barely drive across town for a taco, and I like good tacos.

    4. GSG


      If you're ever in FoCo, check out Uno Mas Taqueria: https://unomastaqueria.com/


      Great tacos and some really good cocktails 

  18. There is never a dull day in Nebraska athletics, is there?

  19. Go Big Red!



  20. There’s no chance of a “normal” spring game this year. It will either be televised with no fans or outright cancelled and turn into a 15th practice.

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      It'll be interesting to see what a spring game would look like if Nebraska had an ordinary fan base.

    3. Red Five

      Red Five

      Coaches hate spring games.  I see this as an excuse for most to cancel them and just have another practice/controlled scrimmage.

    4. Ziebol


      @Red Five Yeah but our coaches love it for recruiting purposes because of how our fandom is. 

  21. What happens when a player on a NCAA tournament team tests positive for Covid, and that team and their opponents need to be quarantined? Say a team makes the Sweet 16 and needs to be quarantined?

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    2. VectorVictor


      @knapplc I'm curious how one could transmit Syphilis during a sporting event. 


      Well, unless it's Greco-Roman Wrestling. That one's pretty obvious. 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @VectorVictor back in the day, didn't KSux accuse us of....activities....on the bottom of the pile that could directly induce syphilis transmission?

    4. VectorVictor


      @JJ Huskeryup, but as I understand it, what happens at the bottom of the pile stays at the bottom of the pile. 


      Unless the camera catches it and you're Ben Cotton. 

  22. Anyone else getting ads for Moms Get Naughy?  Or just me?


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    2. macroboy


      That $#!+ was hot!!



      And naughty.

    3. Toe
    4. NUance


      The ads target you based on your browser history.  So there's that.  lol

  23. Winter sucks.  I need to move to the south.

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    2. Decoy73


      Then summer will suck. 

    3. Decked


      Been looking at Florida myself. I cannot imagine being anywhere north of NE KS. Even in SE KS it’s so much less snow & about five degrees warmer. 

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Everyone is different but I'd much prefer dealing with a few months of brutal cold and snow to the heat and unbearable humidity in many southern locales. The lucky folks in Nebraska get to deal with both :lol:


      I think January gets on everybody's nerves...

  24. I never realized (or I guess maybe I forgot) that Travis Fisher played 90 games over 8 years in the NFL. He had 9 careers interceptions, including 2 returned for TDs in 2003.


    He was the Rams 2nd round draft choice in 2002.  The Rams 3rd round pick that year?  Eric Crouch.

    1. ColoradoHusk


      I didn't realize that either.  That's probably why he is a UCF legend, as he was one of their first players (besides Dante Culpepper) to make it big in the NFL.

  25. Am I the only one that just realized the LSU/Clemson game in next Monday night, not tonight?


    I guess 9 days off wasn't enough to travel all the way to <checks notes> New Orleans.

    1. killer cacti
    2. Redux


      But we wouldn't have enough time to do a large scale playoff!

      -The BCS

    3. CheeseHusker


      Just get it over with.

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