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  1. Was supposed to fly to Cancun this morning. Woke up at 1am, puked on and off til 4am. Needless to say I was not getting on a 8am flight. Wife called Delta, explained the situation, and they changed us to tomorrow with no charge (didn’t think that was possible in this day and age). Woke up from a “nap” a bit ago feeling much better. Hoping tomorrow will be a go...

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    2. ZRod


      Delta is usually pretty good about giving you a once a year exception to move a flight around when life happens. I've had to do it a couple times. Godspeed with you recovery!

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Hope you continue feeling better and are able to enjoy the trip.

    4. ladyhawke


      Take care of yourself!  The flu is really going around! :(