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  1. Clock operator couldn't bail Texas out this year

  2. My vote is for AC/DC Thunderstruck and have the crowd yell Huskers instead of thunder. Sirius has gotten stale, IMO
  3. LSLHusker


    Harrison Phillips
  4. If his grades are that bad; how is he even eligible to play HS?
  5. Here is the blurb about Darlington's HS career from his bio. The concussion issue (at least we were led to believe under the previous coaching regime) is one of the reasons he has not seen the field other than as a holder. If memory serves, Pelini honored the scholarship offer in spite of the concussion concerns. Who knows, we might be pleasantly surprised as we were with Fyfe's performance against the Turtles. A preseason All-Florida selection in 2013, Darlington’s senior season at Apopka High was cut short after just one game because of injury. Darlington was a two-year starting quar
  6. Apparently we no longer have slants, 5 yd curls, bubble screens or passes in the flat that can pick up 3 yards.
  7. Couldn't agree more. We have not thrown many WR/bubble screens in the last few weeks. Need to make Wisconsin defend sideline to sideline. Our WR also have a size advantage over their DB Those that play are all under 6".
  8. Maybe it's all the injuries, but the O line has just been horrendous today run blocking.
  9. Don't forget Wiscy had 2 weeks to prepare for the game. They had a good offensive scheme/script in the first half, but only had 118 yards in offense in the second half.
  10. Went to the 2 previous games. The number of Nebraska fans at the first game was incredible. Had to be at least 30k the first year. Never encountered any problems and had a great time on each trip other than we got manhandled both times.
  11. Row 44, I believe is about half way up the section. You can go to a ticket broker's site and see the view from each section.
  12. Here's some history on other programs who have gone through some hard times. Oklahoma: 1989-1999 (11 years) 4 coaches; 3 losing seasons; 2 .500 seasons; Bob Stoops first year 7-5 Alabama: 1997-2007 (11 years) 4 coaches; 4 losing seasons; 1 .500 seasons; Nick Saban first year 9-6 So Cal: 1990-2001 (12 years) 4 coaches; 2 losing seasons; 3 .500 seasons; Pete Carroll first year 6-6 Notre Dame: 1997-2010 (14 years); 4 coaches; 4 losing seasons; 2 .500 seasons; Brian Kelly first year 8-5 Michigan State: 1991-2010 ( 20 years) 5 coaches; 9 losing seasons (0-11 in 1994)
  13. Hill is limping. Could be a factor as the game progresses.
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