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  1. I was always partial to this due to a lot of energy.....
  2. Assuming 50% of the crowd is Colorado fans. I still expect a lot of red in the stands.
  3. USC's defense is crap. I would put them on upset watch vs. Colorado. USC might be favored but it could be a close game if both teams are healthy.
  4. Yep, he is there to recruit. If he becomes the Nebraska Tosh Lupoi in that regard, I'd be fine with that. How is Garrett's video game skills?
  5. I hope not as that will destroy any opportunity for any out of conference matchup. However I suppose if it's down to 3 conferences it might not matter much. Plus SEC needs to go to 9 first.
  6. Yep, it's even more illogical with Gaylord Perry and Ty Cobb in there. Plus Barry along with Roger are both HOFers even before the PED talk but they also weren't overly accommodating with the media which I believe is part of ir. Baseball HOF voters are arrogant, attention seeking old-timers with an axe to grind a lot of the time. They have been that way for many years. The no one can be unanimous or he shouldn't get in on the first try b.s. are other examples.
  7. I'd prefer Miami with Florida State instead of Clemson. Built in rivalry with those two schools, excellent academic school, and history with many schools in the Big Ten like Nebraska, Ohio State, and Penn State. Clemson and holy roller Dabo scream SEC culture to me.
  8. With the exception of the Denny's Early Bird Special and Wheel of Fortune on at 6:30 pm.
  9. I like the on ramps for merging on to Iowa interstates that are longer than Nebraska's. Also Iowa has remodeled their rest areas since the 1980's which makes that experience more pleasant to deal with. If you travel around the country you realize Nebraska interstate rest areas are a disgrace. IMO Iowa is a rival due to proximity and shared culture. If Nebraska could protect three "rivals" I would be for Iowa, UCLA, and Miami if/when they leave the ACC for the Big Ten.
  10. That makes me nervous that Big Ten brass would give away playoff home games in the first round because of possible cold weather. That kind of cowardice needs to be called out.
  11. I'd prefer FSU and Miami. Florida recruiting ties in a state rapidly growing in population. I thought the big UW and UO support was from Commish Warren and since he is no longer at the helm in the Big Ten, the push isn't there.
  12. This is a giant nothing burger. People who are successful in that arena tend to be highly competitive. I remember all the Larry Bird and Michael Jordan trash talk as a youth. Heck this week I got a great laugh as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce said that her 6-year old son fell down in a race and was disappointed that her husband didn't medal in the parent's race at her son's school so she took it upon herself to dust every other parent in a race and redeem the Pryce family name. Trust that they were all competing for second as she wanted the family to have a gold medal.
  13. Plus the schools don't sit in population centers. You got Vandy in Nashville and UGA a stone's throw from Atlanta. SEC is a lot more rural college towns than people see on TV. They can't hardly wait to show a cornfield when talking about Lincoln or Omaha. Texas will certainly help that.
  14. I'd take 5 years of Rick Pitino but he's probably already making plans for St. John's
  15. Yep, winning at Carver-Hawkeye Arena is a tall order. Look at what Michigan State shot from the field and the FT line and still lost.
  16. My biggest what if is T.O. doesn't push WCO Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore on Pelini's staff and he is able to work towards the spread offense he wanted to earlier. If the '09 offense is even average with an elite #1 ranked defense in several categories, that team likely only loses one game in the regular season to the late Mike Leach, who owned Bo Pelini. The trajectory and perception of the program changes completely at 11-1.
  17. I still believe if Mizzou was offered a Big Ten invite they would jump ship. The only SEC member I think that would do so. I wonder if the SEC or Big Ten will be the first conference to challenge the ACC GOR?
  18. It should have been Ohio State vs. TCU. Marvin Harrison Jr. was roasting Kelee Ringo. Luck followed UGA with the injury and FG miss
  19. That's absolutely perfect. It's the dead of summer when college sports radio and writers are struggling to come up with content. When it opens it will be in the news cycle for a bit.
  20. I don't buy your last sentence. Big Ten academic appeal probably factors in but culturally Nebraska fits in very well with the SEC and the rabid fanbases of the schools. I think Nebraska is closest to the people of Mississippi State. Another ag and engineering school. People are kind and salt of the earth as well as follow their team all over the country. Random people yell out "Go State" or "Hail State" at the airport if you are wearing gear much like "Go Big Red". I even saw a former Bulldogs player from 1980 stop and chat with a guy wearing MSU clothing in the airport terminal in Atlanta. Omaha was Starkville/Starkvegas North in '21at CWS. If Nebraska wants to spend more money to improve Haymarket Park to the baseball palace level of Dudy-Noble I would be all for that too.
  21. I'm going to stay Louisiana and think about Trevell Dixon.
  22. The Dylan Raiola obsession on social media is not helping things. Listing positive "forecasts" for joining the recruiting class in Lincoln this far in advance is about as valuable as a weather forecast for signing day. It's dumb and lazy media people need to find something else for engagement.
  23. Maybe he fills the Tosh Lupoi role? Playstation Online and XBOX recruiting guru. Nah, I will wait and see how the season goes before too much judgment
  24. Both the AFC South and the NFC South are terrible. The corresponding AFC East and NFC East should probably get their playoff spots.
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