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  1. I would think there would need to be another team joining with them if they left the SEC? I wouldn't know who that would be in that area of the country. Just like FSU, you wouldn't want them to be a lone outpost which made the discussion also turn to Miami and possibly Clemson.
  2. Volunteer corn and the walk-on program? Pretty good symbolism if you ask me!
  3. Chucky Berry's biggest hit song and it was pure novelty. One of the oddities of music with all he contributed to early rock & roll.
  4. Bo Pelini's pool guy and Mike Riley's sprinkles distributor and Scott Frost's margarita mix was in the shape of a clover. Now that Saban has retired, I would say Alabama still has to prove they can keep up the same pace.
  5. I also had to check and make sure that wasn't the grandson of Jim Walden. Us old farts remember '92 and the scare in '94. After further reviews it looks not to be so. Although his father's name is James. I just didn't want any more bad football happenstance starting the season.
  6. The winner of this regional matches up with the winner of the Clemson regional?
  7. Yep, and my hope is that college football brass sees how excellent these games are in a college football stadium instead of an antiseptic NFL venue and reduces the Bowl imprint to the semi-finals and final game.
  8. It sure is nice not to open with a conference opponent on the road. IMO, not that Nebraska has any reason to take a team lightly, UTEP should be less formidable than Northern Iowa.
  9. 3-3! Some tense moments upcoming. #GBR
  10. Look at that beautiful Nebraska flag in the upper right. 'Huskers confirmed!
  11. That was an absolute embarrassment. Well if they had regional hosting dreams those are gone. This SDSU team gave up 38 runs to UNO in a 3 game set. This SDSU team gave 6 of the 12 wins Northern Colorado has all year and allowed a whopping 101 runs in those 6 games. 101 RUNS! Nebraska should be ashamed of their performance. If they get sent to the Fayetteville or College Station regional it's their own fault.
  12. D1 Baseball has Nebraska as a #2 in the Terre Haute region. College Baseball Nation has Nebraska hosting as a #13 with the expectation that the 'Huskers win the Big Ten.
  13. But what if they have another 2003 season or two or three on defense to help balance it out? #RhuleAid
  14. Preseason polls are outhouse wallpaper but it's something to talk about and it is positive. I will also take Mr. Klatt over Mr. Fowler any day.
  15. In today's college football news, Clemson, Virginia Tech join SEC, 2 other teams under consideration. Greg Sankey issues statement that they will likely still stay at 8 conference games as Alabama inks scheduling deal with Merrimack and Stonehill. Florida and the school of the defunct Confederate Army, Citadel, signs a two-game agreement.
  16. Yep, and since Nebraska is the only northern school in the Top 25 for attendance it would be a fantastic reward to the team and fans. Gotta keep winning!
  17. Remember when Urban Meyer ticked off the late Joe Tiller and others with his recruiting practices that brought the Big Ten kicking and screaming to the modern era in football? I'm hoping USC and the rest of the Pac-12 schools in baseball don't tolerate baseball as an afterthought in the Big Ten and do a little sabre rattling too.
  18. I wonder what the record needed to get a regional host spot? Would 8-2 get it done with no loss against SDSU? Iowa suffering another embarrassing defeat at the hands of the NDSU Bison, this time on the diamond, probably doesn't help the perception of the Big Ten.
  19. Strangest thing. Nebraska can't win a midweek game and Creighton struggles on the weekends. If Nebraska ends up in the College Station regional I'm going to think it could have been prevented and I would give the side eye to the committee. Although if the 'Huskers dump the midweek game against SDSU it might really be time to worry.
  20. Really like that the school and Frank's relationship is being mended and a celebration of his accomplishments in Lincoln. *middle finger to Stevie P*
  21. Bad loss to lose the series. Really need to make the most of the games against Kansas, Kansas State, and Creighton remaining.
  22. Great win! Now to take the series tomorrow. I don't know how many losses in Big Ten play they can have and still be a regional candidate. Beating Kansas, Kansas State, and Creighton might cover up a couple.
  23. We hope. Kendall said last week that UGA and NU were next in line but UGA also swept a better team in Alabama. I'd like to think they both get in though.
  24. All the minor bowls are ESPN for inventory
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