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  1. My thoughts. 1. Re-watched a couple of times. Still way too many flags on 1st O. GE22 needs to not get quite so deep when he leaks out of the backfield as the safety valve. I'll reserve judgement on the check down throws. I am not sure how you throw with touch laterally with a 30 MPH crosswind. Otherwise, on the downfield throws, I thought Martinez looked pretty good. His numbers weren't as good as they could have been if 3 completions weren't called back by penalty and a couple catchable drops were caught. No passes like the 2nd INT at Rutgers. I don't count the 40 yards in the
  2. On that tweet that Mavric posted, it looked to me like AM looked down at Stoll coming on the crossing route from the right to get Wandale open with his eyes. I liked that a lot
  3. Frost pretty much says what he thinks. He has been obviously frustrated by the inconsistencies and the lack of maintaining focus plus he has gotten a lot of heat nationally when if you look at what he said he probably had valid points. He got hammered for pushing to play when the conference shut things down, but if you look at what he actually said just before that he said that not having football would not prevent players from being exposed to covid. If anything, they were probably safer playing because there would be much more motivation to avoid riskier behavior, vis a vis covid. I susp
  4. Cities in the midwest (where COVID is rising significantly compared to the coasts) with large university populations. Yes, they have football teams. They also have thousands of students who are more prone to party and ignore prevention recommendations. This is probably cherry picking data (using the data that support your premise while ignoring the data that do not support it (Americans have become very good at this) and cum hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy (occurring together, therefore there is a causal relationship. Does anybody REALLY believe that it is due to football teams spread
  5. I guess i will weigh in on this with my random thoughts. 1. Treatments have improved as you would expect it would as we gain more experience. 2. Covid deaths are under-reported. The CDC information that is bolded in Hilltops post is not saying that cases are being misclassified as COVID 19. It is saying that deaths that are likely directly or indirectly caused by covid are being classified as something else. 3. Masks are the single most effective source control (something designed to prevent an infected person from spreading the infection to others) measure available to
  6. Personally, I hope Mertz positive test turns out to be a false positive one. I am encouraged by what I saw from the defense during the first half at OSU. I am hopeful that the coverage will tighten up a bit, but I doubt Mertz has as much escape ability as Fields does. It wasn't a fluke that the score was tied with 4 minutes to go in the half. If Nebraska corrects the correctable, they have a good shot against most of the rest.
  7. The mortality rate for COVID-19 in those age 10 to 20 (the closest group was reported) was 0.2% . The mortality of influneza in 2019 was 0.002% (ages 5-17). For 2018 the mortality rate of influenza was 0.007% in that age group. This is a moratilty rate that is 100 times higher than influenzas. Please stop spouting off information of the top of your head or that you have heard some other ill-informed person say and check the S@#t out. Also, for those who are interested in that sort of thing there is a book, "The Psychology of Pandemic" that goes into peoples reactions to pandemic events.
  8. Myocarditis is the 3rd leading cause of sudden death in athletes. COVID causes myocarditis, including MRI findings in athletes with MILD or NO symptoms. /rant Additionally, I suspect that you and your 43 friends would not be a very close match for the stresses put on a body by the rigors of division 1 competitive athletics, so your observations are pretty meaningless in assessing the risk to said athletes. Except, perhaps the incautious nature of people of that age. I know quite a few people who have dealt with COVID as well. 2 or 3 who had it in May are sti
  9. Won't see a better QB all season. Probably not one as good. The possible COVID on Mertz may mean we don't face him. He looked pretty accurate. It is hard to beat a QB that puts the ball exactly where it needs to be time after time after time without significant pressure. Won't see a set of WR's that good either. I was really encouraged by what I saw. How many 3rd and shorts did they stuff Saturday. When was the last time you saw that from the Husker D. That was probably the most physical I have seen the defense be in some time.
  10. One last item. The CDC's 10 day recommendation which is that you may end self-isolation when you are 10 days post onset of symptoms AND have no fever for 24 hours without taking any fever reducing medications AND have improvement in symptoms, though resolution of symptoms is not required. The former re-testing protocol has been discontinued because they have not been able to isolate replicable viral RNA (essentially infectious virus) by 10 days in anyone with mild or moderate symptoms that meets those criteria. They have been able to isolate non-replicable viral RNA in many people for weeks
  11. Sorry to post again, but I was not complete. The time off could be longer if the re-conditioning doesn't go well. Also if there is evidence of myocarditis, the treatment is 3-6 months of rest. A lost season. I was involved in drafting the COVID protocol for our local area schools. The Big Ten's protocol is consistent with the American College of Cardiology recommendations. I believe the Big Ten would say that if it prevents one athlete from dying from Sudden Cardiac Death due to COVID, it was worth it. I would agree. The second test would indeed be a nucleic amplification te
  12. Just for reference. The 21 day issue is present due to the following. The American College of Cardiology has recommended that all athletes who test positive for COVID-19 should have total rest (not bed rest, but no training at all) for a period of 14 days. Following 14 days of no conditioning and no weight lifting, they are probably put into a 7 days (assuming they perform adequately ) "re-conditioning" protocol. The concern is that there has been evidence that COVID-19 may cause myocarditis. Ohio State released some preliminary data in September where cardiac MRI's were done on 20 some a
  13. USA is number 1. As many have said already, please do not go out unless you have to. Please stay away from others if you do. Wash, wash, wash when you get home. For your co-workers sake DO NOT GO TO WORK SICK. Even if you don't have COVID-19, you will spread what you have around and schmuck's like me will have to try to sort stuff out.
  14. I am gratified to see that many are starting to take this seriously. It is important that we do what we can to "flatten the curve" so that we do not overwhelm the medical system. The fact of that matter is that we don't really know what the attack rate for this virus will be (i.e., how many will catch it. We don't know what the final case fatality rate will be, 3% has been postulated, but we won't know for some time. One thing to remember is that, at least locally, we are not very many people with mild symptoms, so the actual number of cases is likely much higher than the reported case nu
  15. That is probably correct. We have not been testing much, so our actual numbers are going to be significantly higher. However, that is not a comforting thought as in places where community spread is established we are missing quite a few cases. The Imperial College report is rather chilling
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