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  1. Just remember....Expectations are resentments waiting to happen... And keeping a resentment is like drinking poison hoping the other entity dies....Pointless.... Perspective people.....Perspective....
  2. I say support the kids and staff no matter what. Haven't we been through this before on here? Why continue to spread negativity? I am happy for everyone's right to have doomsday predictions for this squad. I hope they prove you wrong. And if they don't? Guess what? I am still a fan despite what the scoreboard or some group of pollsters think about us. And yes, I was around for the Glory days of the 90's. I was also around for semi glorious days of the 70's and 80's back when Nebraska football games turned into track meets when we were running up the score. Please support OUR (mine an
  3. Look, I don't post very often...But We need to give the guy a chance. You guys will crucify me for this, but give him some time. This isn't Burger King, you don't get it your way every time. Did you guys hit home runs every time you took a new job? Were you the "Man" every time you took on a new challenge? I am not defending Riley, just know that he deserves a chance to get things right. One year means nothing...And do you really think we could keep up with the teams in the SEC and Big 12 right now anyway? Be realistic. Think with the head not the heart. It's just as hard for you is it is
  4. Thanks ZRod! I appreciate the info. Ever played Wilderness Ridge?
  5. Just wondering what the best local golf courses were. We plan on hitting up the Spring Game and then golf Sunday. Are the muni's any good such as Hi-Mark? Never golfed Lincoln. Now is good as time as any. Please help!
  6. Isn't great how upset we get when someone does something to us, that we thought only we should be doing to them?
  7. That's right what I say!

  8. Hey now, Amigos spent a lot of dollars to provide you with the little toothpick flag that perches atop the nachos...It's called "Splash" and "Wow" advertising. You're welcome.
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