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  1. Anybody have a Samsung appliance (refrigerator)? Are they any good?

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    2. VectorVictor


      Samsung appliances, when they work, are great and some of the best out there. The problem is with their failure rates from assembly--if you go with a Samsung appliance, get the extended warranty and make sure it covers the store picking up and delivering/replacing at your home. 


      And I own a 'Fridge (side by side). Works great, but reviews seemed to be either 4/5* or 1* (because of malfunction).

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Regarding the black stainless look, currently, it's just a thin covering on the regular stainless steel.  The guy at Lowe's told us that it can scratch pretty easily.  I agree that it looks great at first, but not sure how long it would stay like that.



      Interesting on it scratching easily, I hadn't heard that, I think it cleans up way easier. I guess only time will tell how it holds up. We also had to buy the whole set because we needed a new stove and dishwasher so we just said screw it and bought the microwave and fridge. Then the dryer went out so we had to buy a new dryer as well. The joy of homeownership! lol