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  1. Guise, no poop, we have a punter on the Ray Guy award watchlist. No...really...for reals.

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    2. admo


      "Mom, @JJ Husker is talking about punting and poo again...."


      (MOM):  "it'll be alright.  He just ate a runza"


      "Mom, @Mavric said his shorts are full of Ray Guy..."


      (MOM):  "It's okay, he had a lot of pizza tonight, and watched the Broncos lose to the Raiders"


      "Mom, @GSG said he can't poo.... because he ate a lot of queso cheese and enchiladas..."


      (MOM):  It will be ok, yall go to sleep now

    3. Mavric
    4. admo


      Aww lol...  you know we are all brethers :horns2

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