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  1. Fire Scott frost hire frank Solich… Lift the curse
  2. They need to turn frost into another Bobby Bowden let him stand up on the tower and watch the teams play in practice let him stand on the sidelines and look important with his headphones on but put in all new coaches and start this yhit show over again.
  3. Ok all you supporters need to shut the f up…he sucks
  4. It’s amazing he’s going to set all sorts of Nebraska records and he’s one of the worst quarterbacks in the last 30 years.
  5. One thing I miss about Nebraska… the change of seasons.
  6. Yea….now they can lose by one score again
  7. You would think with the size of their tightends they could develop some shorter passing routes…..but they are completely in this game.
  8. At least we ran some clock and got the defense some rest
  9. Great stop …now use the short field and do something
  10. I’ve drank too much…but they are going to win
  11. I’m done being negative….They are going to win this game!
  12. The question is…will the sellout steak survive?
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