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  1. Frostberg

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I can't understand why V01 and R01 declined to bring charges against the perpetrators in the video when the detective gave them that opportunity. Yet they want to prosecute S01. Again, they don't want to go after the people who were actually in the video allegedly raping this girl - let that sink in. Something about this is not adding up and its super shady, imo. This is just a guess and I know this may sound cold but I think they want to go after MW because if they can get a guilty conviction then they can take him to civil court when he is in the NFL for $$$ because of the emotional distress that he caused. FWIW, I'm not defending what MW did.
  2. Frostberg

    Troy walters?

    Isn't KW still in Lincoln? Bring him in as a consultant!
  3. Frostberg

    Do you believe the OSU game will be at night?

    BTN had it listed as a night game on their website, then it got removed.
  4. Frostberg

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    +1 After reading the report and seeing this I don't see how MW can be charged with a felony. Seems almost like R01 and V01 are trying to capitalize on #metoo with going after a "star" football player, when the "true criminals" are not being pursued.
  5. Frostberg

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    We live in a world where you are guilty until proven innocent.
  6. Frostberg

    LeGrone, Hunt Suspended Indefinitely

    I don't remember where I heard that the team was starting to drug test. Maybe the coaches told the team over the summer that they would begin drug testing in fall camp, giving the guys enough time for the reefer to get out of their system - around 1 month. It could be that their crack down on the weed problem is to issue harsh punishments to set an example.
  7. F#&% texass! OU and TT/KU/OKST/ISU I wouldn't mind Texas tech simply for the recruiting footprint and their teams are decent.
  8. Frostberg

    ILB Malik Reed [Wisconsin Commit]

    I'm still holding out hope this will turn out like Wandale.
  9. https://jsberrylaw.com/blog/nebraska-laws-and-penalties-surrounding-different-forms-of-marijuana/
  10. Edibles and oil would be felony charges in Nebraska.
  11. Frostberg

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    My comment was made in response to (what seemed like) a majority saying "he's gone" early in this thread. The point I was trying to make was that Morgan and Reed were charged with felony possession, those charges were later dropped and not much punishment (publicly) came of it. Anything can happen with Washington's charges - plea deals, dropped charges, convictions, etc. and we don't know how its all going to play out. What if his Cali charges are dropped (unlikely, I know) and all he is left with is a paraphernalia charge. Do we still want him kicked off the team? The only thing we can do as a fan base is reserve judgment until this all goes through the court system.
  12. Frostberg

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Did everyone forget that Stanly Morgan and Antonio Reed got arrested for possession? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19473452/nebraska-receiver-stanley-morgan-jr-arrested-pot-charge-florida
  13. Frostberg

    Penn State

    This is bulls#!t.
  14. Frostberg

    Injury Reports Coming to College Football?

    The athletes are not being paid - their "availability" should not be made public.