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  1. Frostberg

    Penn State

    This is bulls#!t.
  2. Frostberg

    Injury Reports Coming to College Football?

    The athletes are not being paid - their "availability" should not be made public.
  3. I'm trying to piece the Azor Ahai prophecy together with Arya killing the Night King and I've got nothing.
  4. Thank you!!! That was annoying - Glad to see it stopped.
  5. No need to read it and give them more clicks to sell to advertisers. Its garbage click bait.
  6. Frostberg

    Overtime Rules Being Adjusted

    The guys calling the games get pissed when it goes into OT because they can miss their fights back home. Can't remember how I know this, Real Sports maybe.
  7. Frostberg

    Pet Peeves

    People who don't understand what a zipper merge is. In Omaha I battle it daily on my afternoon commute on the I-680/Dodge merge to head west.
  8. Frostberg

    OLine Work in Progress

    ^ OMG!! I hate the thought that we would only go under center for sneaks. It makes it pretty obvious and our O line isn't good enough for the defense to know the play.
  9. Frostberg

    Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    I'm slightly interested to see how far he goes with allegations.
  10. Frostberg

    WR Xavier Watts

    It will come down to ND and N with ND having the slight edge right now imo.
  11. Frostberg

    The Running Back Room

    I shared this in the player profile yesterday but figured it would be appropriate to share here also.
  12. I'd have to try the dragon mother.