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  1. For outdoor seating masks are recommended but not required.
  2. Josh and Severe are close behind him
  3. I'll be there. Never been to Champaign before so not sure what to expect.
  4. Agreed. He got paid and I'm sure some sort of NDA was apart of that agreement.
  5. University leaders have said multiple times in recent interviews that they are proud members of the big ten. I thought it was odd that they kept saying that so I assume they probably caught wind of this project and that's been their way so far to distance themselves.
  6. Looks like the tweet has been deleted. Can you share what it said?
  7. I don't understand the hate. The university has nothing to do with this. Looks like a doc that explores what happened last year and seems to have mostly Ohio State people interviewed in it. Kirk Barton, BuckeyeScoop.com Bill Bender, SportingNews.com Matt Connolly, ClemsonSports.com Jonathon Cooper, 2020 OSU captain Tony Gerdeman, BuckeyeScoop.com Marc Givler, BuckeyeScoop.com Tom Kakert, HawkeyeReport.com Dan Lust, ConductDetrimental.com Jessica Moorman, OSU football parent Tom Orr, BuckeyeScoop.com Erin Sorensen, HailVarsity.com Tony Tskoulas, BamaInsider.com Randy Wade, OSU Football Parent
  8. Lots of tickets available for less than $20. https://www.stubhub.com/garth-brooks-lincoln-tickets-8-14-2021/event/104849889/
  9. I don't think the reveal was at a church... just used their parking lot for parking.
  10. IDK my 16 year old cousin is a die hard fan. She's super excited to go to a huskers game with me this year and she has been to 1-3 games a year since she was 8 or so. All she wants for her birthday is husker gear or husker hounds gift cards. Can't speak about other kids but I don't see your bolded statement in my life.
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