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  1. TheGainfulHusker

    Former Husker DC Bob Diaco Named Oklahoma Linebackers Coach

    That article is from March 15th...
  2. TheGainfulHusker

    Scott Frost in the Grand Canyon

    ESPN announced that “Marty Smith’s America” will air it’s first episode on Thursday at 7pm, and will feature Nick Saban playing basketball, Jimbo Fisher roping cattle, Jim Harbaugh touring France, and Scott Frost conquering the Grand Canyon.
  3. TheGainfulHusker

    Who's Next?

    Gametime or Sharp & Benning?
  4. TheGainfulHusker

    CB Shilo Sanders

  5. TheGainfulHusker

    Huskers Interested in Suspended Florida Transfer

    I trust Frost.
  6. TheGainfulHusker

    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Hello Zepp by Charlie Clouser
  7. TheGainfulHusker

    Randy Gregory Fails 7th Drug Test ... Reinstated 7/17/18

    Pete Ricketts
  8. TheGainfulHusker

    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    I think Sirius will be for actual games and will probably have a new song every year for the spring game that matches that years message.
  9. TheGainfulHusker

    Silicon Valley HBO series

    It is one of my favorite comedy tv shows. If you work in the tech/IT industry the show really hits home. One thing I really like is they are pretty accurate when it comes to what you see written on the white board or on a computer screen.
  10. TheGainfulHusker

    This is too great to get buried in Status Updates

    Absolutely the funniest part.
  11. TheGainfulHusker

    2018 Walk-On Class

    Can't tell but looks like a 2018 walk-on?
  12. TheGainfulHusker

    2018 Analytical Projection for the B1G

    I think we win 8 games this year.
  13. TheGainfulHusker

    With limited media coverage of practice...

    Of course its an elitist OWH reporter that gets upset.
  14. TheGainfulHusker

    Which Husker Mascot Are You?

    Old School Herbie Husker