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  1. TheGainfulHusker

    Colorado Sucks- Who Can We Steal?

    Get number 44 and make him the ball boy.
  2. TheGainfulHusker

    Do We Win Out?

    I'll be there with the iowegian in-laws. Bought myself separate tickets from them as they like to chat and gossip the entire game. Edit: fixed typo
  3. TheGainfulHusker

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Rumor is Callahan was speaking at a luncheon in Beatrice today and he said he heard that last night some guy called Frost and explained he was Wandale's "handler". Scott had never even heard this guys name until last night and he tells Scott that Kentucky was going to do "this" for his guy and wanted to hear what we could do. Scott was pissed and basically told him where to go.
  4. TheGainfulHusker

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    That's what he said about Kentucky. Here is what he said about N: "Nebraska has been showing me the same kind of attention for months now, both before I went for the official visit and after. They have always been the school that recruited me the hardest and been up front about how they really need me. Just being a playmaker, they see me doing big things in their offense. Ever since I visited they talk to me a lot and ask how I am and check up on me. As far as how their offense would fit me, the numbers speak for themselves with that offense and knowing they don’t have a guy that can do what I can do. They see me playing in the slot and also some at running back. That's something that Coach Frost has emphasized, me being the De'Anthony Thomas type of guy for them. I watched him a lot growing up as a kid and he was one of my favorite players to watch. To be that guy in that offense would be exciting."
  5. TheGainfulHusker

    Former Husker DC Bob Diaco Named Oklahoma Linebackers Coach

    That article is from March 15th...
  6. TheGainfulHusker

    Scott Frost in the Grand Canyon

    ESPN announced that “Marty Smith’s America” will air it’s first episode on Thursday at 7pm, and will feature Nick Saban playing basketball, Jimbo Fisher roping cattle, Jim Harbaugh touring France, and Scott Frost conquering the Grand Canyon.
  7. TheGainfulHusker

    Who's Next?

    Gametime or Sharp & Benning?
  8. TheGainfulHusker

    CB Shilo Sanders

  9. TheGainfulHusker

    Huskers Interested in Suspended Florida Transfer

    I trust Frost.
  10. TheGainfulHusker

    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Hello Zepp by Charlie Clouser
  11. TheGainfulHusker

    Randy Gregory Fails 7th Drug Test ... Reinstated 7/17/18

    Pete Ricketts
  12. TheGainfulHusker

    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    I think Sirius will be for actual games and will probably have a new song every year for the spring game that matches that years message.
  13. TheGainfulHusker

    Silicon Valley HBO series

    It is one of my favorite comedy tv shows. If you work in the tech/IT industry the show really hits home. One thing I really like is they are pretty accurate when it comes to what you see written on the white board or on a computer screen.
  14. TheGainfulHusker

    This is too great to get buried in Status Updates

    Absolutely the funniest part.