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  1. TheGainfulHusker

    Harrison Beck

  2. TheGainfulHusker

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

  3. TheGainfulHusker

    Harrison Beck

  4. TheGainfulHusker

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Good info. Thanks
  5. TheGainfulHusker

    Colorado Tickets

    Looks like I'll have to purchase tickets to the Rooftop Terrace also.
  6. TheGainfulHusker

    JUCO CB Tony Wallace [TCU - Signed LOI]

    I think KSU will be more of a pain in the arse than KU.
  7. Excited to watch some volleyball and basketball tomorrow!

  8. TheGainfulHusker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair [UAB Commit]

    If we pulled the offer and it wasn't due to grades then I'm a bit disappointed in the staff. The kid has been all N and busted his butt to make grades. With that said, I don't like having dead weight on the team if we are getting better players in. Its an odd catch 22.
  9. TheGainfulHusker

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I'll be that guy... The coaches know more than you!
  10. Jeff Brohm's high school closed today because a threat was made due to Brohm deciding to remain at Purdue.


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    2. HuskerNBigD


      Pretty sure it was a joke. At least, that is what r/cfb seems to believe: 






    3. ladyhawke


      Got it! Thanks HuskerNBigD!

    4. HuskerNBigD


      No problem! Just glad the guy was joking, but still seems like a severely idiotic thing to joke about in this day and age.

  11. TheGainfulHusker

    Tangent Thread - Bad Fans Edition

    Take it to the shed boys