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  1. Plan B might be getting ahead of yourself maybe plan Z. I just don't see anyone really good wanting this job!
  2. 3.5 million ain't buying u a winning coach here! sorry!
  3. Wow; what a bunch of know it all's! I'm gonna say that 99.5% of the outlooks offered on this thread won't be true come next yr!
  4. you don't actually think BO got fired for his coaching; do you? He got fired for everything ass-9 that he did besides coaching. coaching kept him employed 7yrs longer then he should have been allowed! Anytime you hire a football coach and have to hire a team of doctors to try to calm him down plus propaganda people who try to spin what he does into something that takes the egg of the universities face, the guy who hired him should never be allowed on campus again!
  5. bye; don't let the door hit u in the ars
  6. Lee will make a roster. then it will depend on who/if development succeeds!
  7. Gary Anderson is available. previous experience at wisconsin!
  8. you musta been really young when TO was being blasted for his coaching ability for the first 20yrs he coached. It took him 20yrs to figure out how to recruit defensive players and quit meddling into a portion of the football that he was naive about. devaney was a smart dude and hired cord and let them do there job! Too bad it took TO so long to figure that out!
  9. never let the facts get in the way of a crazy post!
  10. MR is too busy putting up with the whiney fans to have time to be off cord. Besides i'm betting he's working at being a QB coach. he only has 25yrs exp with that. If TL wants to learn, he has a master teaching! TA had the same chance but refused to learn!
  11. I'm staying in MR's corner and cheering on this team!
  12. Ask Maryland about injuries. We have nothing compared to them. they went from beating texas to losing to ucf!
  13. I'm keeping an open mind. let's see how this season shakes out before going wild.
  14. 1. 6-3 min in BIG in 2015 2. a better record next yr, then 2015------that could be tuff; but that is the way u build a program. 3. be in contention for the west title, on the last weekend. 4. national playoffs are tuff! I haven't an opinion on that!
  15. I'm sticking in MR corner for now! Bo inherited 25times better talent. Bo was recruiting 2 stars for his last couple yrs and they didn't even come to camp. MR should have moved TA to a different position but had no other choices at QB. We all know how well BO recruited QB's. I'm sticking with MR thru the 2018 campaign. He's hooked his wagon to the group and the least i can do it let it shake out. One thing i can guarantee you, when MR leaves this program, it will be with his head held high and thanking people for the chance, unlike the dipstick who proceeded him!!!!!!!!!
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