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  1. If this is him, he looks like a bad man.
  2. Twitter announcement he has pinned says he entered the portal as a TE/ATH, so he's most likely making a position change. I'm still thinking as a walk-on.
  3. Has to be announced today for them to enter if they're not graduating, correct? At least if they want to be eligible for next season.
  4. Thought UAB or Southern Miss would be a good landing spot.
  5. I guess I spoke it into existence. I would've liked what other people had said about him sticking around in some capacity, but best of luck to him.
  6. I was thinking Smothers, feel like I haven't heard a peep about him, but I might've missed something.
  7. No starters - a JUCO transfer with 2 years left that didn't play and a sophomore that hasn't logged any playing time.
  8. YetiJR

    NFL 2023

    If Stroud freefalls like they're saying, I could see the packers taking him, do not think Jordan Love is the long term.
  9. I think it depends on the type of RB you have back there. I remember Ameer being extremely patient for lanes to get open.
  10. Took 21 hours my final semester and it was awful. Don't know how you stack that on top of football, but maybe the extra help he'll get will make the difference.
  11. I guess I've got a little more input, wife is a huge Alabama fan and I loved Trey. The accident he went through is major, and I'd be scared he'd never return to true form. I hope he does and can get back on track, thought he was going to be another NFL level back from Bama.
  12. The same Trey Sanders that suffered this major injury https://www.tuscaloosanews.com/story/sports/college/football/2022/04/06/trey-sanders-injury-alabama-football-spring-practice-updates-2022/9475142002/ Saban had at one point discussed how he may never return to full form, which is why he lost his starting job.
  13. Hudson Card from Texas in the portal. I'd take him if Thompson leaves.
  14. Confused, Fidone has Husker things all over his Twitter still.
  15. I'd be interested in seeing the article. I can see a lot of people disagree with my opinion, and that's okay, we all want to the best for the program. We'll have to see how the cards play, and see who ends up as the coach.
  16. I guess what I'm getting at is that his entire time at Baylor he went 0-11 against ranked teams in 3 years. I just want to be able to win some of the competitive games, and I'm not sure Rhule has shown he can. His ranked wins were 21. East Carolina & 20. Navy, for a total of 2-5 against ranked teams at Temple. His record was 2-16 or .125, so I was wrong on the total win percentage. This just isn't a sexy hire for me, and is underwhelming with where we are at as a program. I just want the best for us as fans, and for the team.
  17. Pelini had a .643 record vs ranked teams and 4-3 record in bowl games. Not saying I'm satisfied, but that's a lot better than .186.
  18. I've never said we should keep Mickey as HC, just saying that the Rhule hire would be underwhelming. I'd expect a coach that can be over .500 against rank teams/bowl games.
  19. Were the Oklahoma x2 and Georgia losses what impressed you? Isn't this why we fired Pelini, because he couldn't win the big games?
  20. He has a .187 win record against ranked teams at like 3-13, and has a .250 bowl record. If this impresses you.
  21. I just saw a few different tweets/posts on Reddit stating they're most likely announcing Mickey has HC, we'll see how true they are.
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