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  1. Thumbs up on the hot take. :-) Where I heard and what I heard is relevant, but I won't reveal who said what to whom, it would not be appropriate for that to be known. I probably shouldn't have even said anything...there's a reason I don't post a bunch here, Twitter or Facebook.
  2. What do you mean?LOL..I happened to overhear some things while I was in Lincoln today that made me pause,then there is his new tweets today.? I'm not one of those people that posts a bunch or says he has inside knowledge about all things Huskers. I also don't spread rumors based on overheard convo's. Sometimes though, 2+2=4 and in this case, it seems like Calvin is looking for reasons to go somewhere other than Nebraska and is struggling with fully backing out of his commitment that he made last summer to Coach Williams and I think he feels obligated to keep his word to Nebraska even though he's not sure it's the right fit.... You know, normal 17 & 18 year old feelings.
  3. What do you mean?LOL..I happened to overhear some things while I was in Lincoln today that made me pause,then there is his new tweets today.
  4. How love how this team now has more personal accountability. They seem to really self-discipline quite well now. Not quite like the Unity Council maybe did in the past, but definitely a lot more "want to" attitude IMO
  5. if you plan to use it on mobile devices and tablets, it's pretty good if that's what you need it for. When you're away from home. At home, it's only good if you have decent internet. The only times I've had issues is when it's a "big" game that will be watched by a bunch of fans. Sometimes the site can't keep up on a browser. On my Note 4, I've never had an issue away from home. I really only use it for games like tonight's or another sport that BTN is offering to plus users that isn't found on the TV broadcast. I live out in BFE Nebraska and the best internet available is 12mb speed...not the best for streaming games
  6. My thought is this. While they'll tell us that they're 100% behind the new coaches and their scheme, I don't buy it. I think a bunch of the players have bought in, but not everyone (Especially on defense). Unfortunately, you need pretty much everyone to buy in to what they're being taught. I think that what we're seeing are a group of kids playing their hearts out, but a lot of them are falling into old tendencies that cost us points. On defense, it's tough to point out some guys that are 100% "in", but guys like Gerry, Weber, Akinmoladun are ones that look to me like they are buying in. I'm thinking Davie is one guy that has had a hard time with the transition. Injuries play a part as well, but that's an excuse that losers use. Every team has key injuries. Winning is a mindset and a belief. If the mindset isn't right, we'll always see failure. If Alex Lewis is a face of the program as a Captain and a leader, we're in a world of hurt the rest of the year.
  7. ok...some minor corrections...IA State Husker. Aaron, I've known since high school. All-State QB in High School. Starting QB at Nebraska Wesleyan. And is not a paid assistant at GISH. However....He is the "Professor" of football. He absolutely should coach, but I'm sure family time and coaching other sports right now are a priority. Benning, I believe, played against Aaron in HS in a game or 2. GI was regularly a very tough team to play in the late 80's and 1990 while Coach Ken Fischer was the head coach. Nationally ranked on a few occassions as well. (1990 for sure, but so was Papillion-LaVista that year). Aaron's knowledge of the game of football is astounding and that's why he's asked for his thoughts after every game. Every time I see Aaron, I make a point of picking his brain and ideas...for all sports, not just football.
  8. edit - I was being a jerk to RedRex...omitted by me read the OWH version, you'll see they are referencing opponents from last year
  9. I personally feel like visiting on Oct 10 is better for us. The crowd will into it much more, since it's Wisconsin. The staff probably agrees that the crowd for that game will help the recruitment better than S. Alabama
  10. As I read through this topic, one thing I notice missing (or overlooked) is the fact that all of the walk-ons that turned out to be great college football players and/or Pro's were overlooked by pretty much every D1 football program in America. They were underappreciated/evaluated by every single respectable D1 coach during their HS days. They all may have had some potential, but not enough that warranted a scholarship in their eyes. At Nebraska, we have been fortunate enough to have enough talented young men willing to play for free in an effort to earn the opportunity to put on a Husker jersey. To be a walk-on in today's age, you have to be passionate about the school you are trying to play for. The 7+ walk-ons that will see significant playing time this season will have earned that spot as much the 4 and 5 star guy. They had to work that much harder to get noticed and surpass the talents they beat out. Those walk-ons who have earned that scholarship only means that they should have been offered out of HS in the first place.
  11. Hi all! I've been a lurker/observer for a LONG while. I don't post much anywhere (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), but what I do post, I feel will bring great conversation and intelligent conversation. I've been a fan since the day I was born and my favorite moment as a Husker fan should have been seeing us beat Miami for TO's first title. However, my most cherished memory is when we trounced Florida 62-24 while being double-digit underdogs against Spurrier's supposedly unbeatable team speed and athleticism. That team is the standard and will always be the standard upon which all elite teams are compared to. Our future days as fans may never be as great as they were then, but the same can be said about every team in college football when to compared to that juggernaut of a program. I look forward to being a member of this great community of football fans.
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