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  1. Lol Iowa goes down. From a top 5 team two weeks ago to unranked and 8/9 seed in the dance.
  2. Unless the win the big ten or start there own tourney. They are done. 14-17\18 won't get you any more games. Btw 105 teams have winning records. There is a 4th tourney. The "Vegas 16".
  3. Hard to keep up with the women's team. I know they had a down year. Was it lack of skilled players or they rebuilding ?
  4. The 11 seed is actually the best possible draw for us at this point. Wouldnt be surprised if we win 2-3 in the conference tourney Are we going to play in the women's bracket ? I don't think so mcgiggles.... It would be Christmas miracle if we win one game next week. 3 would take an act of God.
  5. I think he would need two more years like this to be on the hot seat. He has the excuse of using a ton of freshman in his rotation who didn't have college experience. But that doesn't explain the lack of effort which has made most of this season unwatchable. If next year is more of the same I could still seeing him getting one more year after that, but not two... no way. Of course, that's just my opinion. That is what I meant. I think if he has two more years like this he will be let go. He finishes under 500 again he won't see the second year.
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