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  1. I got orders to attack Missouri to stop Michigan from linking up with Texas and pushing into our territory.
  2. I really hope the weather was good enough
  3. You are quite obviously a homer and having a lot of kool aid it looks like
  4. I'm confident this staff will do better than Riley's did with Bookie and Darnay Holmes
  5. Mike Leach to Mississippi State. Probably a big enough hire to keep their recruiting class together.
  6. I am glad we were in early here.
  7. Pick 6 Lee was also the QB during those years.
  8. Probably reading into it a bit too deep, but he has been liking Husker stuff on twitter since the firing.
  9. The NCAA usually will in situations like this. He seems pretty pissed too.
  10. Good thing the Union has a Starbucks in it!
  11. Would we take him over a transfer?
  12. Loved watching CSC in the O'Boyle era especially with Woodhead.
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