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  1. Wordek

    DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Did you guys just convince me shot put distance should be a new recruiting metric?
  2. Wordek

    JUCO RB Greg Bell [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Has nebraska profile picture still so that's good
  3. Wordek

    A new low?

    Tim Miles save me
  4. Wordek

    LB Garrett Nelson [Nebraska Commit]

    Don't hear much in the local news cycle
  5. Wordek

    Tanner Lee

    Eric Lee needs to give the Twitter handle pic_6_lee to Tanner Lee
  6. Wordek

    What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    When you don't complete any passed in 5 seconds of protection they don't have to drop as many into coverage and they can blitz more
  7. Wordek

    Who should we hire

    Bill O'Brien
  8. Wordek

    What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    So they did go into conservative mode is what you're saying? Didn't not do it
  9. Wordek

    What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    Changing defensive schemes does not f#*k with players like offensive schemes does.
  10. At this point all we can do is wait. I mean all we can ever do is wait.
  11. Wordek

    Fall Camp Updates - Quarterbacks

    I bet Geb is glad he didn't choose Ole Miss
  12. At least Adidas is becoming cool again. Also I know you guys hate this kind of music but Kanye taking shots at Nike pimping his Yeezy brand with Adidas. https://genius.com/Kanye-west-facts-charlie-heat-version-lyrics
  13. Wordek

    DT Calvin Avery [Illinois - Signed LOI]

    Also, if Masry doesn't make grades, like people are saying he won't, and this guy wanted to commit and we told him no... You recruit student athletes. You don't recruit athletes. Making the grades for UNL isn't that hard. If he can't commit to getting the grades for UNL he obviously doesn't want to come here THAT bad.
  14. All kids are going to be homesick. I want kids in Lincoln that are willing to battle that feeling. Change is hard and even harder when your brain is immature. When your brain is immature.. science..He's trying to find the path best for him. It's a tough call. Nothing to do with this brain immaturity nonsense you speak of. All 17/18 brains are immature. Especially boys. your moms immature