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  1. Oh well. Would have liked the chance to see .500. Suppose I can wait a couple years for that. Ultimately not sure it really changes anything.
  2. Methinks it's not just the squeaked out win against a Rutgers team playing it's 2nd string QB. Maybe the rest of the season too?
  3. Field position wouldn't be much different, and we'd get a chance to get it. Why not?
  4. Who does special teams and can they not do it next year?
  5. AM can't arm punt, but he can punt with his leg!
  6. I'm surprised it's that high. Never would have guessed. I also never would have guessed that our second half scoring offense is 126 out of 127 over UMass. Guess we haven't gone all of the way down.
  7. Not surprising but certainly disappointing. If we win, then who cares it's Rutgers. If we lose... Well. Yikes. Definitely a lose-lose
  8. I think the despair in reasonable. This has been the worst stretch of play since the 50s. I assume the majority of posters don't remember the Bill Jennings days. I question if this has been the worst season since then. At least Callahan's and Riley's last seasons you could say the team gave up because the writing was on the wall. Can't say that this time around. I'm not totally sure if I think it is or not, but it's depressing that I'm even considering it.
  9. Certainly not disagreeing. This stat gave me hope that first year. Just venting frustration...
  10. Oh wow. Words can't even express how pathetic this is.
  11. Bleh. I hate this stat. Who cares how many close losses you have. Besides... How many of those did it actually feel like we had a legitimate shot at winning?
  12. Verduzco just plain stinks. And it's not the cigars
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