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  1. There's always a new way. You'd think once, just once, we'd accidentally make the right call and actually pull one out. Coin flip has better odds.
  2. I'm not that well versed on all coaches, so here's where they coached at. Not a great lousy of schools to be compared to. Mike Stoops got 8 years to figure it out and had two 8 soon seasons. Derek Mason got 7. Curry got 7 with a single 9 win season. Johnson had 8 seasons to try. Nobody turned it around, obviously. This list might make me feel worse...
  3. Seems a little presumptuous to assume that anyone questioning whether Frost should stay or go obviously is overreacting. Also a little presumptuous to assume there is a correct answer to this question. It actually seems that the most emotional have been the ones who won't consider replacing Frost. Fortunately, nobody cares what any of us on a message board think!
  4. I voted 0-4. Not an emotional reaction. Sure, we could win one. Not saying it couldn't happen. But, I don't see evidence saying we will. Haven't beat anyone with a pulse yet- why would we start now? Kinda feel anyone voting for 2-2 or better is voting based on their emotional investment into Frost.
  5. Honest question. If you were an assistant coach, with no ties to Frost or the program, would you come here? I know money talks, but would it be enough?
  6. But he's been close, which we now apparently judge things by. And by that standard he's been closer than frost has.
  7. So, lots of people are saying Frost just needs to get Big10 style coordinators (although Chin seems fine). What makes that situation better than a new coach who brings better coordinators with him? Native son? Continuity?
  8. I know 7-6 Minnesota in 2018. Who was the other?
  9. Even if they didn't quit, what shows that could or would beat anyone else left on the schedule? Our wins against buffalo, Fordham and northwestern?
  10. Our fans will continue to trash the guy just cause he's weird. Row the boat or not, the dude owns frost
  11. Our two minute offense stinks. Maybe our 5 minutes offense will be ok?
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