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  1. Not saying it won't change, but as of now, absolutely. Hopefully he figures it out.
  2. Definitely the worst stretch of Husker Football since the 1950s
  3. Slightly different question: who deserves to stay? I think the list may be shorter...
  4. Talking strictly wins it is objectively worse
  5. How long until we have the players to beat Purdue and Indiana?
  6. I'm sure I'm not remembering everything- which games has Adrian carried us that another quarterback may not have. Certainly don't miss Taylor's fumbles. Yeesh.
  7. If we put him back in they'll never see it coming!
  8. Have we stopped anyone on their last drive yet?
  9. Have you even looked at the schedule next year? It's not any easier.
  10. Quite literally the worst two year stretch for a coach since Bill Jennings.
  11. Having Mariotta and Milton help. We'd win a few more games with them.
  12. Do we actually do anything well? Trash talk? Give well-worded press conferences? Anything else?
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