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  1. Frost worked with coastal Carolina over the off-season right? I believe I also saw he also worked with UNK. So people might be getting their wish of the CC offense... But in the form of a UNK coach
  2. After Walters was let go, I thought Helfrich would be a good hire. Getting a former head coach who was intimately familiar with the offense would really push the vision frost had. Instead we got a banker. Now several years later a Helfrich hire wouldn't have the luster. It would be passing the buck to a former colleague who hasn't coached in years who knows an offense that doesn't score points. We've seen that before. Another question- did anyone know if Helfrich was asked before?
  3. Admittedly, I didn't think Frost should be retained... However, after the firing of all of the offensive coaches, I was starting to think maybe this will all work out at least ok. But man. This just takes away from what little hope I may have.
  4. I'm sure we can find a not-so-able-bodied Nebraskan to step into a couple of rolls.
  5. Since any good assistant coach probably won't come here, which former husker player with minimal coaching experience are we gonna get? Something... something... glory days.
  6. I doubt any OC worth a million bucks would come here. Why would you? Frost is the proverbial offensive guru, you'd be working for him. How would that work out? Also, there's a decent chance you wouldn't be here for longer than a year.
  7. I'm concerned about this as well. Some people say this shows that we're willing to give a coach time, the time he needs to get his recruits in and system running. This in turn should look good for future hires. I actually think it may show the opposite. We are willing to give extra time to a coach who by normal metrics should be fired, but only if said coach is a former national champ- the golden boy. Otherwise, we fire 9 win coaches or only give you three years if you're not one of us, so good luck if you're not Scott Frost. Not saying you have to fire him this year, but it certainly would be a reasonable thing to do. Doubt any coach from any other team would question it. Little afraid that by keeping him another year we're just doubling down.
  8. Past regimes didn't get resources or had coordinators chosen for them. Frost has had more resources then the last two stands combined, yet here we are.
  9. This is what I always wonder as well. Somehow these people say we can't get a head coach to come here, or who could we get that's better? I mean, 3 wins, who could get more than that? These same people always think we can get anybody for an OC. Who worth their salt would come to this dumpster fire and work for a likely lame duck coach?
  10. The no pi call was utter trash. Maybe even enough to make a person consider conspiracy theories about the big 10 and osu. But what makes us think we would have actually made enough plays in that drive anyway?
  11. I know it's not all his fault, but man, there's always some he muffs up in these situations. Just once I'd like him to pull it off
  12. I know we're gonna mess it up. I know this every game, because it happens every time. But I can't help feeling like maybe this will be the time we pull it out. Getting tired of getting my hopes up and then dashed
  13. I don't think running on 3rd and 16 is a bad call. We're not gonna convert it, may as well burn an osu timeout. I won't defend the first plays
  14. Makes ya think maybe it's coaching? Only thing constant is Frost's lack of care about special teams.
  15. Holding yes. But every team we play does that to us every game. So irritating
  16. If we get a new coach we know all of the people still on the frost train will still watch, at least in the hopes that they were right. Seems to me then that there would in general be more apathy and less interest if he's retained.
  17. Based on your metrics, Scott Frost is what kind of coach? Harbaugh is 3-0 against frost teams.
  18. Agree completely. Also, who says we'd even get 6 wins with this staff? UND and Georgia southern sure. NW is always a toss up- doesn't matter if we blew them out this year. Indiana beat Frost before. Rutgers is likely a win, but a Schiano Rutgers isn't a guaranteed win- we don't really have those with Frost. I mean we probably could make 5 or 6. But then if you fire frost, which you totally should in that case, recruiting has bombed and you give the new coach the tougher 2023 schedule.
  19. I hate when people being up covid as an excuse for Frost. By that metric Mel Tucker is just about the greatest coach of all time. Taking over a shaky Michigan state team during covid. Being unbeaten in his second, scratch that, "first" year. Must be all of that talent and their reasonable expectations of building a program. Maybe it's their easier schedule? I mean we were on it. We can't even make a bowl game in year four.
  20. I'd venture to say it's our talent that keeps us within one score of UM, OU, and MSU. Development is an issue for sure. We've had some recruiting misses for sure. But weve had players transfer and succeed- Avery Roberts, Wandale, Greg bell. Heck, Matt Farniok made an NFL roster. All he had to do was give up our S&C to slim up and gain flexibility. He didn't exactly light it up here, but obviously had the talent and/or measurables. Is there anybody we feel the staff, mostly talking offense here, has made better than when they started? None of the running backs. WRs, not really. JD spielman and Toure were good before. Austin Allen was gonna be an NFL player anyway. Jurgens snaps improved sure, but that should have never been an issue to start with. We've had four years of a QB who plays like a pretty good freshman. He's never progressed past the stage where a player makes sports center top 10 plays but in the same game makes some really awful ones as well- something you expect from a young up and comer, not a four year starter. There may be somebody on offense or special teams the staff has made better, and if so please enlighten me. However, it seems that anybody who is good, is good in spite of the staff and not because of.
  21. What does Frost need that he doesn't already have? Just curious.
  22. Big 12 was more fun. We either need to admit we are/were rivals with Colorado or admit that in the 2000s we were to Oklahoma what we think Colorado is to us.
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