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  1. Loved Lovie in Chicago. Defensive minded guy but is doing better job with offense this year.
  2. I wish the huskers had talent at the oline level to. but hell with frost.
  3. I agree coaches suck but lets say its first and 10 and you try a run up the gut..If they get stuffed thats the coaches fault right? dont think so.
  4. This team does not have the talent needed to be competetive, sorry
  5. Maybe huskers should hire eric crouch next
  6. You still have to have the playmakers and Huskers are really lacking in talent. Going to be like this for a while. BOOO
  7. this is just s#!t, guess better get used to it and just say oh well.
  8. WR tries so hard, hate to see him fumble... Damn this is just a crock
  9. I kinda wish the big 10 wouldnt have played this year, cause this is bulls#!t
  10. Penn state was s#!t, thats why they stopped them.
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