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  1. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/shatel-debacle-at-purdue-speeds-up-husker-timetable-for-mike/article_8814d8cb-fc53-57be-b61b-01484b7d79c0.html He had my until this line: "Neither Eichorst nor Riley is getting fired and shouldn’t. The Nebraska job would become radioactive in the coaching frat." This just kills me...........
  2. Walk_On_Reject

    What did everybody expect in Mike Riley?

    The coach who made a miracle out of a mediocre program, and who was to turn things around now that he is at a full-throttle, high octane program and has support, is now 2-3 The coach who won nine games at an elite program and who is now at a mediocre one- is 3-1.
  3. Walk_On_Reject

    "We deserve...."

    At minimum, an 8 win season.
  4. Walk_On_Reject

    Is 5 games too early to judge the coaches?

    You can't judge for another 8 years. All of Bo's guys have to graduate and then every single player has to be recruited by Riley until every Freshman thru Senior is Riley's boy. Then, and only then can you judge. until then, you have to accept 2-10, 5-7, 5-6 type of seasons and you can't comment on coaching because some player on the roster, wasn't recruited by Riley, is on the roster. Until then, it's not really *his* program. You also have to forget what Stoops did in year 1. (j/k)
  5. Walk_On_Reject

    Should Mike Riley bench Tommy Armstrong?

    I can't help but think you're right, especially after reading the Shat's take on the matter: "Riley and offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said they called a run, a quarterback sweep. both said Armstrong was told there were not "route options." No passing, please. Both surmised that armstrong was surprised when defender Eric Finney went after him. Finley was supposed to be taken out of the play . . . . . ." No comment from Tommy Gun.
  6. Walk_On_Reject

    TA taking flight

    Very impressive.......against lesser talent.
  7. Walk_On_Reject

    Harbaugh-Riley; who's the better coach now?

    Oh no, I didn't say we should recruit Harbaugh. However, he is a good measuring stick against what we are up against in our quest for relevance. As a wise philosopher once said: "If you want to be the man, you've got t beat the man!" and "Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!:
  8. Some thoughts......... Record of team before the coach picked up a head set: Michigan; 5-7 (2 open dates) Nebraska; 9-4 Record so far: Harbaugh; 3-1 Riley; 2-2 Against opponents the other team played: Nebraska-33 BYU-28 Michigan-31 BYU-0
  9. Walk_On_Reject

    Harbaugh to Michigan

    At least he knows how to put a team away. Michigan-31 BYU-0
  10. Walk_On_Reject

    What were... and ... what are expecations

    I don't know if you can expect a Stoops like year out of 98% of the NCAA coaches. I would agree with a lot of folks that you wait until he gets his guys and it's truly "his" team. So the real question is-Is Coach happy go lucky the man to accomplish where we want to be?? I predict a break even season. BYU-L Southern Alabama-W Miami-L Southern Miss-W Illinois-W Wisconsin-L Minnesota-L Northwestern-W Purdue-W Michigan State-L Rutgers-W Iowa-L 6-6 Coach's poll: Happiest coach in the Big 10.
  11. Walk_On_Reject

    What is going on with UNK??

    So they had a big coaching change and I'm hearing things about more resources and scholarships to help turn things around. They are now 0-3. What gives?? This is not the UNK I remember from when I was walking around campus. Perplexed, WOR
  12. Walk_On_Reject

    BYU & Religion

    That Memphis fight was something else. I have friends who are members of the church and who attended BYU. It's a strict place like Liberty or Oral Roberts and is know for dress codes and a campus atmosphere straight out of Leave it to Beaver. I can't help but wonder if a lot of the players in the fracas were out and out church members, or who were simply brought in to play football(i.e.-Jim McMahon is Catholic and attended BYU) BYU is a good team and day in and day out, they can just about surprise anyone they play. Loved how they zinged Texas a few years back. It was an upset but I saw that one coming.