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  1. Yeah, not saying I liked it, just that I saw it.
  2. I saw someone on Twitter mention the name Graham Harrell. I should have taken a screenshot. Anyone else see this? OC and QBs coach.
  3. But Dawson is doing a great job with special teams. I kid I kid.
  4. 82 just laid someone out on that TD play (or at least it looked like it from what I saw).
  5. And cheer as the winners go by
  6. Thanks. I was looking on YouTube. Should have tried ESPN. Duh.
  7. With faith and honor held high
  8. A chance to equal our strife
  9. Illinois is losing to UTSA...

  10. I mean...they run it over and over in practice and that never seems to happen... haha...I kid, I kid...
  11. In the Battles we go through life
  12. No Prayer Thread?

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    2. commando


      friday night lights.   maybe we do have a chance.  kind of like the old days when i cheered for Stille and the Bluejays against vedral and his cavaliers

    3. HuskerInLostWages


      I think this team is beyond prayers, we need a full on exorcism.

    4. Loebarth


      @HuskerInLostWages - thanks for the laugh.. much appreciated :)

  13. At what point are you going to suck up your pride and let Lubick call plays? And many others I'm sure... But if you're asking me... I'm busy next year. Sorry.
  14. At some point someone needs to ask Frost some hard questions.
  15. With faith and honor held high
  16. With faith and honor held high
  17. I don't want to become negative, but for the first time I'm starting to question if Frost is the one to turn it around. I'm gonna try and stay positive, but I feel the negativity creeping in.
  18. A little off topic so I apologise but I have to miss today's game and can't record it. What is the name of the FB page that releases the game later? Thanks and GBR
  19. Daniel Bullocks is the safeties coach for the 49ers I believe. About as close as we got.
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