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  1. Could be amazing, could be like the last 8 offensive coordinators we've had. One thing I've learned from the Frost disaster is we don't know how any coach is going to do until the games are played.
  2. I was saying Joe Brady as OC, but then unbeknownst to me, I read where Rhule fired Brady as his OC at Carolina. So I don't think he hires Brady as OC? Although maybe it was said between the two to be strictly a business decision and Brady understood that, but reading the article that I read it sounded like it wasn't the greatest of exits. Hope he keeps MJ, but would understand if either MJ goes on to better things.
  3. Rhule has the potential to be the best hire Nebraska has made since Osborne retired. He goes up against Solich, Callahan, Pelini, Riley and Frost. He seems to have the experience we need and maybe the most successful long term compared to those listed. Of course he could end up being like the rest, but I have this feeling that he will get after it, put in the work and actually build something at Nebraska. Also, maybe some find his paycheck from the Panthers as a reason he may not be all into this job, but I find it the exact opposite. Him wanting to coach this upcoming season means he wants to coach. He very well could sit around and do nothing for the rest of his life collecting a paycheck from the Panthers, but he chose to come and coach at Nebraska. He didn't have to if he didn't want to. Furthermore, adding to Rhule wanting to come to Nebraska, there is a different feel of him being hired and coming to Nebraska than Frost. I've posted about this before, but I always felt like when Frost came to Nebraska he wasn't really into coming here. I think he was genuinely torn between staying at UCF and coming back home. Maybe Frost saw the pending doom of his return, but I always wondered if he wanted to come here or if he felt obligated he had to come here. I remember hearing he was the coach and the press conference was a day or two away and feeling worried that he would have second thoughts and back out before the official signing. Rhule I feel like wants to be here, again, otherwise he could just sit at home and collect NFL money. You take that for consideration along with his videos out there at coaching conferences and listen to what he has to say and the guy I think genuinely loves coaching. I think he genuinely enjoys developing players and being competitive and growing a program. He's a true coach. I am excited to see what he can do in Lincoln as I think we will look back and say he was the best hire since Osborne retired.
  4. The best thing about the game today is it means we are hours to days away from an announcement on the next head coach.
  5. Even when you have better athletes most games you don't get lucky for 13 straight games. There was something there within his scheming or coaching talent that did not translate or come with him to Lincoln.
  6. The source could literally be themselves conjuring up the idea in their head because no one questions who the source is and knows no one will give up their “source” and it seems to be this professional understanding.
  7. Iowa is going to line up under center and run, run, run, run, run, play action bootleg, run, run, they’ll even tell us where they are running and still mow us over. Defensively they’ll dominate the line and we won’t be able to run. Thompson will be notified at halftime that his health insurance will no longer cover him as long as he chooses to play behind the Nebraska offensive line.
  8. My guess is it won’t be anyone any of us really thought of. Which means it could be a great surprise or another Mike Riley moment. Give me Coach O. Joe Brady as OC and try to rebuild that 2019 LSU staff.
  9. I still think that had the Akron game been played it would have been a very different era for Frost. Hell, I still think had that game been played he could very well still be here today and we are talking about beating Iowa to seal a Big Ten West division title. That day was the football God's entering this Earth and preventing what was to be.
  10. I don't blame Joseph for the way this season has gone and our losing streak, but the Wisconsin game was a bad look. It felt like the same old, same old. Of course there is some interest in wondering what he could do with more time, better assistants, a recruiting class, as he has done a good job of keeping the players competing and still fighting for something (Except for the offensive line). I just think if he gets announced as head coach it won't be all that exciting because these past 2 months have felt like the same old thing on repeat, even though he largely is trying to hold together scraps.
  11. Unfortunately my guess is Trev had struck out a few times already on who to hire and we end up with Joseph as head coach. I was indifferent on Joseph being named the head coach and would have been happily content with seeing what he could build at Nebraska with his recruiting and coaching hires, but then the Wisconsin game happened and I felt like there were crucial moments in that game that could be blamed on the coaching staff and the lack of preparation in coaching the players. Also the continued beat down the offensive line takes on a weekly and annual basis was just too much for me. I know the offensive line isn't Joseph's fault, but I guess I expected at this point to just call a timeout and kick the entire unit off the field and take a microphone and announce the firing of the offensive line coach. With all that said, I still am holding out hope that Alberts surprises us all and makes a huge splash hire, but I have this feeling that we beat Iowa on Friday and from the celebration of beating Iowa and finishing the season at 4-8 he will announce Joseph as head coach Friday night.
  12. 2018 Colorado @ Nebraska One Hour - YouTube Watched the first 7:22 of this video and continually asked myself, "Why didn't this work out?" The first drive ends in a fumble, but before that every single play was positive yardage. Even the fumbled play got the first down. But it also made me think of the next head coach and I just don't see, unless it's a mega name, any coach coming in and generating that amount of buzz and excitement that we all experienced in 2018. Why and how I stumbled upon this video today? I don't know. Wish I hadn't because it took me back to the days of having high hopes and excitement for Nebraska football. I also stopped watching at the 10:11 mark as I knew what direction the next 4 years went.
  13. This year his Baylor team hasn't lived up to his previous success, but he won a conference championship last year with Baylor. He's a very good coach who is current. But you could substitute Aranda's name with Chris Petersen's.
  14. Open the checkbook for a big time OC and given Wisconsin's troubles and depending on what his future holds, go get Leonhard to be the DC. That could be a really tough staff.
  15. I think you go for the grand slam hire. Go for Urban, Kiffin, Rhule, Aranda, but if your grand slam target doesn't hit, I am completely fine with hiring Joseph. Why not? I have enjoyed watching this team play under Joseph, except for the Oklahoma game, but the progress is tangible. I would love to see what this team could look like in 2-3 years under MJ with MJ's staff and recruiting and developing. If he doesn't work out, oh well, he doesn't work out, but if I have to pick between a Campbell or Joseph, I am taking Joseph. Lance is a good story this year, but Frost was an amazing story the year we hired him. MJ's coaching ties could also get him to go and get some of those 2019 LSU coaches to come coach. Is Joe Brady going to be out at Carolina too? Because he'd be a great OC. Joseph can not do worse than what Frost or Riley did to this program. So if we can't get the big name proven successful hire, I would say go with Joseph and let him try and build this thing up because so far in his short amount of time he has made drastic improvements and may be the best thing to have happened to this program since I don't know when.
  16. This marked the 789th game where the Nebraska offense and defense could not come together and both have a good game. Once again, one unit shows up while the other takes the night off. One of these games both the offense and defense will show up and play well. Palmer is one of the best WR's in the country. We need more plays where we just throw it deep in his general direction and just let his natural speed and ability go get the ball. I think we make our offensive plays too difficult and too much, simplify it by just throwing it deep to Palmer. Offensive Line needs to benched vs Illinois. Let walk-ons give it a try. It's been 15 years since the defense has been able to stop slant routes and 7 years since they've been able to stop the same up the middle run play over and over.
  17. Crazy to think had we just beaten Georgia Southern and able to beat Northwestern this game would be for bowl eligibility.
  18. I've read where there may be several playmakers out or Purdue. The problem with this is I feel the last few games vs Purdue they've been out some of their star players, including their QB's and their backups play like they are heisman candidates. So if they are out all these players, it doesn't make me anymore comfortable about our chances to win. Now if we do win, it would be huge. That gives us 4 wins on the year with Wisconsin and Iowa left to be a good shot at getting to bowl eligibility. I can't believe I am typing we have a shot vs Wisconsin, but they seem like they could be in a bit of a down year apparently. I don't like our chances vs Illinois, or Minnesota, or Michigan. I do like our chances vs Iowa as they appear to have no offense, but at the same time I could see Iowa having no problem rolling 300 yards on us by just lining up and running up the middle each play and their QB looking like a heisman. Lots of typing for this, but bottom line is if we can beat Purdue, our season has a big pulse going and it will be a fun involved ride through the rest of the season.
  19. Pass on Rhule and wait until Kliff Kingsbury becomes available.
  20. Mickey Joseph is 4 more wins away from guaranteeing himself the head coaching job. He is 3 wins away from being a very serious hire if 1a does not accept. He's 1-2 wins away from being a very good choice if he ends up getting the job. MJ is the maybe the first true professional and mature head coach we have had since Frank Solich. Also reading things that he has done for the players it is no wonder he is a great recruiter and the players love playing for him. Right now everything I see from MJ is if Nebraska hired him as a full time head coach I would be totally happy. Sure the names of Urban Meyer, Chris Petersen, Aranda, Kiffin, all those big names excite me too, but if Alberts and Nebraska end up picking Joseph I will be happy and supportive of the hire and be optimistic he can build something. Because in the very short 4 weeks and 3 games of being the head coach of what was a dumpster fire, he is 2-1 and the team actually looks far better than they did versus Oklahoma. I don't know the last time we saw this fast of an improvement and I think that improvement. Regardless, Joseph needs to be around this program moving forward.
  21. What did we learn? Learned that there is fight in this team and this program was very poorly coached over the last 4.5 years on both offense and defense.
  22. Only works if afterward it is revealed Frank Solich was the new Herbie
  23. Whatever Wisconsin is, oh that is right Wisconsin is Nebraska's former self, is what we need to be.
  24. Unless the coach is currently not a coach somewhere, he won't make the hire until December or very late November. That seems obvious given coaches are focused on their current season and teams and won't make that type of announcement until after their season concludes. That is what makes this season feel like it's already been 3 months long. So much has happened with us and we aren't even in October yet.
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