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  1. I would say taking over a winless G5 team is a worse situation than taking over a winless Power 5 team. At the Power 5 you have the resources and ability to bounce back quicker, if a G5 team goes winless they can be in the dump for a long long time and may never fully recover. A couple bad back to back years at a G5 school could literally ruin it.
  2. Something has been wrong on offense since Martinez went down with his first leg injury.
  3. It has to be a proven successful Power 5 head coach. Not just an experienced head coach, we tried that with Callahan and Riley, remember with Riley the question was, "Look at what he did with Oregon State, now imagine what he can do with the resources at Nebraska." Callahan coached in a super bowl, and I get it wasn't his players, but still getting your team to a super bowl is good no matter what your roster is. Pelini was the emotional hire, we all wanted him, not a proven head coach, but most of us wanted Pelini and felt he understood Nebraska and we were willing to stick out the growing pains with him because he understood Nebraska. Scott Frost, on paper, was a grand slam hire. Everything we wanted in a head coach. He is from Nebraska, he played for Nebraska, he knew Nebraska, you knew that there wasn't anyone else in the world that wanted to win at Nebraska more than him. He was a successful position coach, he was a successful offensive coordinator, he was a successful head coach at a Group of 5 team and he turned them around from a winless season into an undefeated season. I mean my God, this was it, this was THE hire for Nebraska football. Sadly and defeatedly it has fallen flat and extremely short of expectations. The last move we have is to get an experienced and proven Power 5 conference winning coach. One that has gone up against the best of the best and although may not win all the time against the best, has shown they can win some of the time against the best. So who are these coaches and which one of them would seriously consider coming to Nebraska? Either by leaving their current job or coming out of retirement for? This is why I am hesitant to go all in on moving on from Frost. Because what I just talked about with him, on paper we can't find a better fit, but if you look at our potential replacements, who realistically could that be? It's a small list if you ask me.
  4. IMO, Kiffin to LSU would set Kiffin back and his public opinion back years. He finally is gaining respect and has showed maturity, that if he leaves Ole Miss after a short time and goes to LSU, a team that is clearly a better job, but in the same division, that would be a bad look for Kiffin. It would almost be like Tennessee and USC all over again. Also, I think Kiffin would ultimately only last 2-3 years at LSU, because I dont think he lives up to LSU's expectations and he eventually gets fired, now he is spent trying to re brand himself and regain all the respect he had tried to gain since joining Saban's staff.
  5. It's what we expected in year 1. I think it was clear in the first two years that we simply did not match up physically with the rest of the Big Ten. But, the results and close games and moral victories we are experiencing this year is what I expected we would have experienced in year 2. If this was year 2, sign me up for excitement, but in year 4, I don't know where the excuses can come from? This is his team, his recruits, and any former Riley recruits that are still on this team, well that means they chose to stay at Nebraska, they chose to play under Frost and have been coached longer under Frost than they were under Riley. So again, there are no excuses at this moment. Even someone like me who acknowledges the cupboard was bare upon his arrival and it takes a recruiting class or two to get things going, well those recruits are now Junior or Seniors, they should be ready to compete at the Big Ten level.
  6. Wonder if this is what the internet community said about us back in 2003.
  7. They've fallen within the last two weeks, but tell me how a guy like Pittman at Arkansas can come in and within a few months completely change that culture and get them into a top 10 ranking. Arkansas was bad, almost a decade worth of losing and being really, really bad. In today's age of college football, it shouldn't take 4 years to get things turned around. Remember when expectations for a freshman qb or a rookie qb in the nfl were to give them a year or two to get in the groove and learn the game? Well, those expectations, proven by on field results, has shown in today's football world that freshman qb's and rookie qb's can make an immediate impact, same should be for coaches.
  8. If we move on from Frost the interesting thing will be how it impacts the current players. Besides Callahan, each of the previous coaches had some winning behind them and I am sure the current players, even the talented ones were skeptical of a new staff coming in and that staff has to work hard to gain their trust and get their buy in. It's almost, at least seemingly in our case, always at least a one year learning curve to get players on board. But again, they've always had some sort of winning in their past that they could be skeptical or have some sort of bitterness toward the athletic department for firing their coach. But in Frost's case, there hasn't been any winning, there hasn't been any stability of a winning culture. It's been loss, after loss, after loss, turned to moral victory after moral victory after moral victory. If a new coach comes in, it'll be interesting to see how quickly they can get buy in from the players. Even when Frost came in, even after all the hype, the celebration, his success at UCF, he didn't get players buying in and had to change the culture. The only time the transition seemed to be better in year one was when we hired Bo after Callahan and I think that had a lot to do with Bo coming in with a stocked roster of Callahan's recruits and Bo was a college coach compared to Callahan and probably connected with the locker room much better and was able to get more out of them.
  9. We sold our souls somewhere 20-30 years ago and we just never knew it. It's the only explanation as to why times are as they are right now.
  10. I’m so indifferent on this I’m surprised at myself, maybe it’s the apathy, maybe it’s the let down from all the hype that was supposed to be with Frost. Keep him, I can live with that decision. Most certainly would have he makes some serious changes on the staff, or at the very least shows improvement with the roster. Fire him, completely understandable and I’d be okay with that decision, although I’d sure hope Alberts had a big hire ready to go. I do think he gets one more year. Alberts probably doesn’t want to come in and immediately fire the native son and long term PR move is to show you gave him essentially two years and there was no progress. Also Nebraska is always going to be Nebraska. The fans loyalty has completely spoiled the athletic department. We will be there for them no matter what, so what’s one more year to see if things somehow work out?
  11. Before you deliver this news you are required to provide me with a safe room and a counselor.
  12. That’s my hang up on moving in from Frost. Because once it’s over it’s over, there is no going back and there is no second chance. The fairytale ending never happens and the book ends with a bad taste for the reader. If we move on we have to make sure we have a great hire lined up.
  13. Martinez is as he was in September of 2018, September 2019, October 2020, and September 2021, and he will be the same in November 2021, and God help us the same in September 2022.
  14. I never thought I’d get excited about a potential Kiffin to Nebraska talk, but given what he’s done since he went to FAU, you got to respect what he’s done as a coach and as a person. He seems to have matured. It’s a very intriguing candidate, and I could get excited about such a move, but also there is hesitation because of his past.
  15. Petersen would be a grand slam. Zac Taylor would be very interesting and good thought of a name, but Bengals may bring him back next year. Bob Stoops is a home run. Lane Kiffin also very interesting and if you can trust him a potential long term solution.
  16. Yes very true, but maybe he liked what he saw when Nebraska played Oklahoma, he’d get Oklahoma in Nebraska so a chance to stick it to Riley and his former team. Also I have faith in Frost being able to sell what he did with former QBs.
  17. If Frost returns I sure hope he does whatever he can to try and get Rattler. Why not? If our current backup QBs aren’t ready now, Rattler would likely be a better option than them next year.
  18. I appreciate Held's passion and love for Nebraska, but I agree, he doesn't seem to produce a solid consistent and reliable RB. But of course, how much of that can be blamed on the terrible OLine play? Johnson looked great today and even looked good at times vs Michigan, but for some reason we ended today with Morrison in the backfield.
  19. He sure would, but again, if he succeeds here or has moderate success here, who is to say he stays instead of taking an offer from say; Texas, Ohio State, Florida, Michigan, if any were to become open after his time at Nebraska?
  20. I think Lane has matured, he also has Nebraska roots, I would not be against giving him a shot. It may be one of those that make you nervous at first, but I think he would have potential of working out here. Of course, if he had an ounce of success you'd be worried he'd bolt to the next shiny new job.
  21. If I wanted to play in a bowl game, and I knew 20 other of my teammates wanted to play in a bowl game, but coach made a decision to not play in a bowl game because 2 guys didn't want to play, I would be pissed and I would lose a ton of respect for my coach. Especially if I knew those 2 guys were not going to be on the team next year. In fact, I'd probably be so pissed that if I made repeated false start errors, I wouldn't really care or think there would be any consequences for me.
  22. I should have read this before I posted my previous post. I guess what I am saying is, Frost really messed up changing the culture here if he listened and gave in to the few that didn't want to play. If majority wanted to play, you ride with those majority. Those who don't want to play you let them know after you prepare for your upcoming bowl game, you'll help them prepare in landing at another school and do your best to support the moving forward, but in the meantime you are going to go support those who want to play at Nebraska.
  23. If Nebraska moves on from Frost, this sole decision is one I can at least think back on that can make the moving on just a tad better. I want him to work here, I want this to work out for everyone involved, I still do, but if Nebraska moves on from him, the ultimate decision to decline the extra game, is one that I can think back on and at least make the departure easier to handle.
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