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  1. Like the Crawford pickup, simply because he is a WR from Louisiana and that is a sign of how strong Joseph's connections are to that state. LSU has won a national championship with their two prior head coaches from Louisiana talent alone. Sorry, but I don't think Les Miles and Coach O are incredible coaches by any means. They benefited from LSU's in state recruits. So if we somehow can develop a Louisiana pipeline and can just get a couple Louisiana players to Nebraska each year that could really help us.
  2. I've given up on grading coaching hires or trying to guess how the coaches will do. We have no idea how the coaches hired will do. On paper Hoiberg and Frost were home run hires for Nebraska and the university. Both have not had success. So who knows, these staff changes may be great, sure Joseph seems to be a great hire and a great WR coach and a good recruiter, doesn't mean he comes to Nebraska and maintains that success.
  3. I really don't care who our offensive coordinator is because I think Frost will still have a huge influence on what style we play and what plays are called. But what I really care about is our offensive line coach. I want the best of the best. You have a great offensive line and it makes the entire offense look good no matter if you're a passing team or running team.
  4. Is there any other Martinez's playing QB in college football?
  5. Has anyone checked with David Stallings? He's the branch manager at Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia. Could be great to get a Georgia recruiting pipeline going.
  6. Best of luck to him, I hope wherever he goes he finds fun and does well. I think Martinez is a great person and an absolute professional and is someone you want to represent your university. He gets blamed for so much, and I am on that train, but he has always remained calm and focused and blocks out all that noise. So wherever he goes I wish him the best and I do hope he has a great final year playing college football.
  7. I didn't think I would be having champagne at 12:48 on a Thursday afternoon.
  8. Given how everything is fast paced now in recruiting and transfer portals, etc. You would think we would be naming our new assistants very soon. I would imagine Frost would like and need the extra help on the recruiting trail during this very important time. There are only a handful of teams playing and preparing for their conference championship games right now, all teams in which I don't see us taking their assistants, so naming our new staff soon should be expected. Unless of course we are getting rejected out there.
  9. Yeah it's seemed like that the moment he arrived. At Oregon and UCF he seemed to be loose and the "cool guy" and it showed in his play calling and amazingly his play calling mostly worked. Since he arrived in Lincoln it's like he has been straight serious business. I don't see any fun from him or excitement. But is that what you mean by being stuck in the 90s? That serious tone? Because his play calling or the way he has built this program is anything at all like the 90's. If we were anything like the 90's we would have an offensive line that could actually do something, a defense that refused to get mowed over when the game mattered, and a team that refused to let adversity ruin a game. He's all serious, looks to be having zero fun from the moment he arrived on campus, so before all the losing, next year he either needs to let loose and have fun and realize either he goes out having fun or his change in persona and going back to his old ways is what saves his career at Nebraska.
  10. I don’t blame a single player for leaving. Nor do I care if they stay or go at this point. So much of this is just poisoned, it may be best if everyone involved just went their separate ways.
  11. Was mad once the safety happened. Then I sadly laughed as you could just see the inevitable was going to happen. Then we officially lost and I shrugged my shoulders and gave thanks that the season was finally over. I didn’t care the moment the clock read 00:00 and the teams were walking onto the field. I think they call this apathy. Thankfully there is YouTube and my own memories to keep the 90s and early 2000’s alive. But I’ve officially not allowed Nebraska football ruin my weekend or weeks or even months like it used to. Just whatever, we are terrible, but thankfully we have a great fan base to engage with and have a great history to always remember.
  12. If he realized it, he realized it after the game. Should’ve huddled everyone together and said today is the day we overcome this. Instead it was like everyone just accepted their fate.
  13. Saw it today, Frost isn’t a leader. His one bright spot is that his team never gave up and they played hard, but they failed to ever take the next step within that. They may have never gave up, but they certainly became content with having the same thing happen game after game. Frost was a celebrity when he arrived. We all know the story. But after today and seeing how awfully coached game this was and how he never once took a moment to try and get things back on track after the blocked punt, I think Frost thought his rock star status in Lincoln would be enough to win games. No one has been developed. We make the same mistakes game after game and now year after year. Top off this season with our terrible recruiting class and we have to ask ourselves, what job is he actually doing?
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Frost doesn’t hire a special teams coach. I think Frost is beyond lost on how to coach within the Power 5. But couldn’t agree more with being done with these type of QBs. Find a QB who is a passer who can run if need be, not these athletes who are runners but we try to make passers. Get a 6’4 passing QB who is capable of running if the pocket breaks down or as an option to run on a roll out.
  15. I learned there is zero leadership within the program. From the head coach on down to the 4th string walk on guy. No leadership to be found. When Iowa blocked the punt, that was a time for someone, anyone, to step up and be a leader and get everyone together and get refocused. Give some sort of speech or do something to get everyone to be determined to not let what has happened all season happen. This could’ve and should’ve been done by Frost, but at this point I’d take this type of action from our 3rd string kicker. To just demand and refuse for the same thing that’s happened all year to happen again. instead the moment that blocked punt happened, it seemed everyone knew the eventual fate and gave up. No leadership. I sure hope Alberts is actually a leader because the athletic program at Nebraska needs one.
  16. It’s officially clear after today that Frost seriously has no idea wtf he is doing as a coach.
  17. Tough one possession loss to a top 25 team. Heck of a fight.
  18. Martinez is thinking, “oh this is painful to watch.”
  19. Why does Frost even want to come back? Dude self awareness.
  20. Just walk off the field now. The entire team, just walk off. Screw it.
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