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  1. If what’s being reported is true that Frost will give up calling offensive plays to be more of CEO that gives us a few important clues. 1.) He fired guys who learned and ran Spread Up-Tempo scheme. That may mean he is going to a more power run under center scheme giving the reigns to the OC, OL, RB coach. He won’t call plays. 2.) Remember who Frost has learned from in the NFL? Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Jon Gruden, Monte Kiffin, etc This tells me he’s going to be more involved with the defense which explains why no defensive assistants have been fired. So I expect an entirely different offensive scheme next year. Run blocking is not as difficult to teach as pass blocking so I expect a run first mentality OL coach, OC, RB coach. Becton showed the most improvement obviously with TE’s so he’ll be also coach WR’s which means I expect us to recruit more physical/fast receivers. Think Stanley Morgan, Quincy Enunwa, etc
  2. Yeah I was too busy to follow that lol I turned all notifications off on my phone and didn’t hear the news till a bit later on.
  3. I think coach Austin is as good as gone. Held will be promoted to co-oc as run game coordinator with Lubick passing coordinator because Held is probably our best recruiter. I think Verduzco is going to retire. Think we need another dedicated RB coach though. Obviously a ST coordinator should be hired immediately. And we need to find the absolute best OL recruiter and coach we can find. If we have to bring back Bill Callahan and pay him $1.5 mil a year so be it! … Just kidding.
  4. You’ve got it backwards. He’s excited to collect his payout, get out of here and move on.
  5. To add context, at least Callahan in 05’ had us competitive as the season wore on. Won a bowl game. 06’ of course won the B12 North and played a somewhat competitive CCG. Riley went to a bowl twice and of course had us in the top 10, still went to a bowl. Everyone has to stop and ask themselves: If Callahan and Riley could take less talented teams (arguable) to bowl games, CCG, have two winning seasons and our current coach says we don’t have great talent… what does that say about Frost? Answer: He’s not head coach material. How do we compromise? You’ve got to move on. Don’t complain about the buyout. That’s the university’s own damn fault for going all in on an unproven head coach. We’re a profitable university we can afford better than this. The fans deserve it, the players even more. Frost’s given statements that reveal no inclination that he knows how to fix a problem with his team. And how the BYE week essentially didn’t help us at all. Once again, he is unconsciously letting everyone know he is a bad coach. People need to wake the f#&% up if you love this football program so much then speak with your wallets.
  6. No bud, that Frost is the worst of the 3 bad hires/zero winning seasons
  7. There is definitely a list. Matt Campbell is near the top of it. We will not win another game this year. At this point it does the program no good by not making the HC job available now. Give Chins a chance to prove himself in the last two games heck maybe the new HC retains him and a few assistants.
  8. If we were 7-3 right now with 2 blowout losses people still wouldn’t be happy so what difference does it make. That’s probably how the admin thinks and why people assume Frost will be retained. We dug our own grave firing not one but two head coaches with winning percentages. We hired 3 head coaches who have been bad hires. One of them is not like the others though. Too bad some of our idiot fans and boosters refuse to realize this.
  9. Gotta disagree with you on this. 4 straight LOSING seasons does not call for a contract extension. If it were me I’d fire him with cause due to the NCAA investigation and then there would be no buyout. It’ll take Frost twice as long as it did Frank to get over it which I think he never really did. This is a results driven business. If he had a winning season in year 1 or 2, I’d agree and be on board for making some changes with his assistants. He is not going to do that now. He doesn’t deserve a redo. He’s proven he’s a terrible coach who wasn’t ready to lead a major football program. He is way too loyal to assistants. Maybe that’s because he wants stability but sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and think about what’s not working. He needs to get over his big ego and take a look in the mirror. He’s definitely coaching for his job if from what I’ve heard he may be on the chopping block already.
  10. It wouldn’t. The dynamics have changed. Either Texas kids want to play in the SEC to get paid or go to Clemson to get paid. Moving to the B1G really hurt our recruiting in that territory.
  11. And yet Mike Riley has a better career record at Nebraska than your precious Frosty.
  12. Yeah that is pretty obvious. He needs to just walk away. It would be better for the program. Unfortunately we all know Trev has his ear, too.
  13. Firing Bo was the dumbest thing we ever did. He pumped guys into the NFL even non Callahan recruits. It’s too bad he didn’t have the support from leadership that Frost (allegedly) does. They sort of rolled out the red carpet for Scott. And now they (higher ups) are idiotic.
  14. Yup, if it weren’t a former player, he’d be fired by now. Gotta keep personal feelings aside. I’ve met Trev Alberts. He is all business, believe me.
  15. You see what you get. Retain him and we will get the same results next year. Whether we lose by one possession or not everything falls on the head coach’ shoulder. He is just not a power 5 level head coach and everyone is foolish to think otherwise. A real P5 coach doesn’t lose to inferior opponents (Troy, Purdue, Covid Minny, the list goes on.) This isn’t personal it’s business. And the decision is not a tough one for Trev.
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