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  1. Are you kidding? The BIG loves Frost. He has been the punching bag of the BIG. The BIG hates Nebraska ever since the 1997 championship. Frost and Riley have provided the BIG with what they wanted. A punching bag and an embarrassment to Nebraska. We have not beaten any BIG team consistently. Frost leaving is a loss for BIG teams since they have had his number. Until Frost can show he can beat BIG opponents consistently, the BIG is a Frostie fan. When was the last time we won three consecutive games against BIG teams?
  2. This is the problem with bye weeks…every poster thinks they have a good thread. Boredom brings the worst in this board. There has been a few threads that make you wonder if people are not high…
  3. Is anyone monitoring these threads…this thread makes no sense. Comparing penn state to Nebraska and Franklin to Frost. Please…not every thread should be allowed.
  4. I feel that Frost and his coaches are relying on the transfer portal to snag some good players. It is hard to recruit quality classes when you are sitting 3-5 with a chance to finish 3-9 or 4-8 in year 4.
  5. All I know is Nebraska and it’s fans deserve better than Bo and definitely better than what Frost has done so far. If Frost stays, he needs to cut the crap and start putting a winning product on the field. Enough excuses. After 4 years, we heard it all. In my opinion, Frost needs to go 3-1 this season if he is to be retained. Otherwise, he needs to make way for someone who can give Nebraska what is deserves after two decades of mediocrity. Everyone’s patience is running low.
  6. I bet he can get much more out of our talent than Frostie. His team competes and has beaten ranked teams. He is not my first choice but definitely an upgrade from where we are right now.
  7. Who would have thought that when we hired Frost, we would be the last team in the weak west division with a good chance of actually finishing the season last and with only 3 wins and no toilet bowl invitation? I see progress.
  8. No easy games left. Every game will be hard earned. With our luck, our chances of losing all four games is more than likely.
  9. Chip Kelly started at UCLA at the same time Frostie started at UNL. Who is doing better? I wonder…
  10. Exactly my thought. How bad do our second and third string QBs perform in practice that an injured Martinez is preferred over them. What is Verduzco doing then and what does that mean for the future of this team? Are we hoping to magically recruit an excellent QB next year? You have to wonder what Frost is thinking?
  11. Sure, we are to blame. We are also to blame for bad recruiting over the last four years and for the mass exodus of players who left since this coaching staff came onboard. It is all our fault. We should be stoned.
  12. Like everyone else in the state, I was on cloud nine when Frost was hired. I really thought he would be the one who turns the corner. I supported him and if I am being honest I still want him to succeed but his pressers over the last two years including this year leave me no choice but to believe that he is way out of his league and completely lost. He keeps defending Martinez which is admirable but being a super nice guy who faced adversity and struggles does not magically make you an excellent QB. Frost keeps saying we need to know Martinez and what he has been through but that is irrelevant when it comes to college football. I like Martinez. I think he is a wonderful young man, polite, and humble but he is not an excellent QB. A good QB would have at least won half of the games where they had the ball in their hands with 2-3 minutes left and 2 timeouts in their pocket. Having three chances to take the lead on a not so good and depleted Minnie team says it all. Frost is riding Martinez win or lose which says two things: (1) he does not trust his other QBs because he knows he cannot recruit worth a damn, and (2) he has no game plan and just hopes Martinez will pull a miracle run. Both reasons tell you that Frost is learning on the job by trial and error. Given the stats shared here, we cannot do much worse by giving someone else a shot. And please do not give me the no coach would want to come to Nebraska BS, because we have been patient and packed the stadium for a coach who went 15-25 and have zero wins against ranked opponents. If that is not patience, I do not know what is.
  13. I answered that in a previous post but here it is again. If the team finishes 6-6, I would like Frost to get another year but ONLY if he makes staff changes. Greg Austin and verduzco need to go yesterday. Hire a talented special teams coach and an offensive coordinator and Frost needs to give up play calling and concentrate on managing the team. Anything less, Frost needs to make way to another coach who can right this chaotic ship. Also, a good coach can make an impact right away. At least in their second year without making excuses about culture and empty cupboards. I do not like PJ Fleck. In fact he makes me sick every time he speaks, but I do admire his ability to get so much out of inferior talent. On the other hand, Frost seems to find ways to lose to inferior talent all the time. Point is, I do not believe that a good coach will need 5 years to rebuild. Especially not with a fan base that packs the stadium and supports their team even when their team manages to lose every game that matters. Husker fans have been extremely supportive of Frost and generously patient but the status quo is not acceptable. Husker fans deserve better.
  14. Yet he is still collecting his $5 million per year pay check and was given an extension till 2025.
  15. The fan base has been beaten to submission after three years under Riley and four years under Frost. Going to a toilet bowl seems to be what we can aspire to over the past 7 years and even that is not happening. We are happy with moral victories now and the hope that we might somehow pull a miracle and go 6-6. If you told me in 1997 that this will be the state of husker football in 2021, I would have thought you are tripping on acid and would have taken you to the ER.
  16. The way this team reacts after the bye week will be telling. If they go 3-1 down the stretch and keep the Ohio state game interesting like the Michigan game, I say Frost gets another year if he agrees to make some must needed coaching changes. Based on what I have seen so far, that ain’t going to happen. We will probably lose two or three more games and at that point, Frost would have been given every opportunity to succeed. It would be time to let someone else try. Having said that, I agree with everyone here that there is absolutely no reason to fire Frost if Trev does not have his guy lined up. No reason to make another mike Riley hire that will set us back another decade. I would take my chances with Frost who seems to be getting $5 million to learn on the job. It is apparent that he has a lot to learn since PJ Fleck can outcoach him with a much inferior talent on the field.
  17. If Frost is not willing to take a deep hard look at his coaching staff and make some changes which include getting seasoned OL, ST, and OC coaches and give up play calling since he obviously sucks at it then he needs to go and give someone else a chance to turn things around for this team. Every time the fan base believes we are starting to turn the corner and we are edging closer to being relevant, this Frost-coached team finds a way to b!^@hslap us back to the ugly reality. Many fans, myself included, have had enough of this never ending BS. Frost is running out of excuses. He has become like the boy who cried wolf.
  18. Because he is one of our own and played on a championship husker team. Otherwise, he would have been fired this afternoon.
  19. I agree with you. I really thought that the team as a whole would come out and play their heart’s out for their coach and get him a win. Unfortunately, our offense’s chaotic performance with no common sense play calling is hard to overcome. Frost is letting this team down by failing to come up with a good game plan. His approach to a game plan is trial and error during the game itself rather than studying tape on his opponent and designing plays that have a high percentage. We drove down the field and scored in one minute. Why didn’t we do more of that earlier in the game? Defense did enough. Offense and ST lost the game today.
  20. Defense had two takeaways today. They held Minnie to three first downs in second half. Frost let us down by his horrible play calling and game management. If I were Chinander, I would read the writing on the wall and would look for a HC opportunity even if it is on an FCS team and get out of dodge. Frost has proven he is not capable of getting his coaches and this team to stop beating themselves. Our defense, although slow to react at times, has kept us in all games and gave our offense many chances to seal the win. Erik Chinander is the only coach on this coaching staff to show true progress.
  21. Austin Allen and Cam Taylor-Britt are our two most consistent players all season. Martinez does not possess the talent to win in crunch time. He has had more opportunities than any other QB in FBS to win a one score game and he has come short. That is his legacy and he is not going to change now. You either have it or you don’t and Martinez does not have it in him to win in crunch time. Since our chances of going to the toilet bowl are all but gone, put smothers in and get him some game experience before next year. Martinez will give us a Jekyll and Hyde performance with Hyde taking the wheel when it matters most.
  22. Purdue is getting its signature win against Iowa. May be Frost’s signature win is against Purdue. I am just trying to lower our expectations since the Huskers performance over the past two decades have taught the fans to expect less and be happy with moral victories.
  23. Frost will never be successful in the Big 10. It looks like all the big ten coaches have him figured out and can easily predict his play calling. He sealed his fate when he challenged the big ten coaches by saying that they will have to adjust to him. Well, four years in, the coaches have definitely adjusted and can consistently beat him even with inferior talent.
  24. I learned this team does not want to go to a bowl game. They hate bowl games…last year by rejecting a bowl invitation was a sign that they hate bowl games. They just ensured that by losing to a weak Minnie squad.
  25. Yes, guilty as charged. I just saw the Ws
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