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  1. Trust me, I am not delusional at all. I have no expectations of us making a run for the playoffs in Rhule’s first year, but I really hope that this team at least makes a bowl game in his first year. We are the ONLY power 5 football team not to make a bowl game in six years. My point is that it should not take 4 years. We gave Frost way more time than needed even though the product on the field was atrocious. We kept making excuses for him. I just hope we do not keep doing the same convincing ourselves a good coach needs three to four years to turn things around. Bret had a quick impact on the Illini and so did several new coaches who showed a very quick impact on the teams they joined. I hope we can get into a bowl in year 1 and hopefully compete for a division title in year 2. These are reasonable benchmarks.
  2. I honestly want TCU to win the championship. I do not want Georgia to repeat. This way, when people say a new coach cannot succeed in one year, I will keep using Sonny Dykes and TCU as a counter argument. If you are a good coach, you are a good coach. Everything else is an excuse. I hope TCU embarrasses Georgia. If there is a conference I hate, it is the SEC. And they suck this bowl season.
  3. Is it bad that I am happy neither Ohio state nor Michigan got to the final? I just can’t force myself to root for some teams.
  4. For all those who think a first year coach cannot turn things around, look at sonny dykes. Let us hope that Matt Rhule can have the same success in his year 1. Actually, I will take 70% of what sonny dykes did.
  5. After Palmer decided to enter the NFL draft, I do not care who enters the transfer portal. There is no one on the team that is not replaceable. Honestly, I pray that the entire OL enters the transfer portal. They suck so much that the transfer portal will shut down by itself.
  6. If I were Matt Rhule, I would clean house and start fresh. No Frost hold ups. If I learned anything this past five years is that Frost was the absolute worst thing that ever happened to husker nation. To me, he just robbed the state blind and he left nothing positive. Rhule owes nobody anything. He has the right to bring his own crew. This way, if he fails, he can only blame himself and not on anyone left from the Frost era. I am tired of new coaches making excuses that the cubbies were left empty by their predecessors. I, personally, would not hire Mickey after these allegations. This team needs to hit the recruiting trail and get some much needed talent, especially on the OL side of things. No need for negative stigmas. Mickey had his chance and he made a mistake at the most inappropriate time. He can only blame himself. This team needs to move forward under the new coach and there is no space for personal feelings. The fans deserve to see this team succeed and make a damn bowl game after six years of negativity.
  7. Honestly, what this incident tells me is that Matt Rhule should just get rid off anything that Scott Frost touched or did over the past five years. Just get rid of everyone he hired including the water boy or girl and just bring your own coaches and staff. It seems like anything Frost had a hand in is jinxed and must go so we can start fresh. A clean slate free of any of Frost’s holdups.
  8. Universities announce the top three candidates for president of the university job searches. Why not coaches? Just wondering. Wouldn’t you want to know if Fickell was interviewed by Trev? I do not mind if Trev decided that Rhule was best suited for the job. After all, It is his right as AD. However, the timing was really interesting. We announce Rhule as our HC and Wisconsin announces Fickell the next day! Aren’t you curious? Not trying to be a wise a$$. I am just curious as everyone was thinking that Fickell was happy at Cincinnati and he would not leave Ohio then this happens.
  9. Honestly, when I had Fickell as my number one choice, many on this board pointed out that Fickell will never leave the state of Ohio. I commented that money talks and if he was made a good offer, he would consider it given that the Huskers and the Big Ten are better than cincy and their conference but I was again reminded that he would not leave. Imagine my surprise when I read that Wisconsin got him. To be honest, these searches need to be more transparent. Fans deserve to know who was considered. I am not saying we should have a voice in the selection but at least we need to know who was considered. After all, the only positive streak still alive is the sellout streak. Frost managed to accumulate every negative streak and ruin any positive record over the last five years. If fans are responsible for the only streak that is mentioned in college football. Aren’t we owed a list of who was considered? If Matt Rhule was our number one choice and we got him, that is great. But if he was not, and Trev had to settle for his number whatever choice, that can tell us a lot about our brand. And yes, I still believe Huskers have a brand and hopefully Rhule will be the one who will bring that back. One thing is for sure, I can’t wait for the Wisconsin game next season!
  10. I respectfully disagree with your analysis. Wisconsin is not in a much better place than us. We were leading the entire game until we collapsed the last minute. We have better players and quarterback and I can say that our chances of succeeding next season are almost the same. To say that Fickell has the easier task is unfounded. Also, do we know if Fickell was even interviewed by Trev. I am not saying Rhule is not a good hire but if he was chosen over Fickell and we end up bowless again next season while Wisconsin wins the west, wouldn’t you want to know why Rhule was chosen over Fickell? Again, I am really hoping that Rhule is successful because I am tired of the coaching carousel. However, when I learned that Fickell was hired by Wisconsin, I wondered why not us? Was it by choice or was he never considered? It would be nice if they listed who was considered.
  11. I expect him to outperform Luke Fickell at Wisconsin since Trev thinks Rhule was a better hire than Fickell.
  12. HC Rhule, please sink Minnesota’s stupid annoying boat in the first game so douchbag PJ Fleck has nothing to row.
  13. I wonder if Matt Rhule was Trev’s first choice. I am not sure yet how I feel about the hire. I was so optimistic about Fraud Frost and we saw how that ended. I am hoping Rhule turns out more like Saban after his NFL stunt and not like Callahan. I guess time and next season will show us. Of course, if he does not do well in first year, everyone will blame players left. I hope to see major improvements in player development, strength and conditioning, special teams, and FOR THE LOVE OF ALMIGHTY, THE OL because what we currently have is not an OL.
  14. At least these players can build on this last win with the new coach and hopefully change their losing mentality and change it with a winning mentality. Can’t wait for new coach. Hope they are a winner.
  15. Palmer has fire…he deserves the win. Hope he comes back next season.
  16. I am so happy for our seniors. They deserve to end their careers with a memorable win over s#!tty Iowa chickeneyes.
  17. Defense won this game despite our s#!tty offense doing everything possible to lose the game. Whipple should limp back to Lincoln. Leave him there…we don’t want him. Also leave entire OL with useless Whipple.
  18. Please…stop them…our defense …we need you
  19. If we lose this…leave entire offense in Iowa.
  20. Grant is useless. We should have tried a throw to Palmer or brewington
  21. Can we be worse? Just leave Whipple in Iowa.
  22. Just use vokelek god damn it. Get a first down and don’t give them the ball back…why can’t we play to win?
  23. Again, loser mentality…not even trying to get a first down…no guts no glory
  24. Can we get one first down? For the love of god.
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