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  1. Αt this point, it is so hard to predict who our next coach will be now that annoying Wisconsin went and copied us again. It wasn’t bad enough that they stole our identity on football, but now they fire their coach two weeks after we fire ours and they are already going after the same coaches we are. However, it looks like Leipold is either playing hard to get or really not interested in either Nebraska or Wisconsin. Also, I do not think that Matt Campbell is the right coach for us. He seems like the 7-9 win a season type of coach and we want more or else why did we fire two coaches that were giving us that. Unless Trev has an ace up his sleeve, the current situation will be interesting to follow. By the way, did anyone come up with any compelling reasons why Lane Kiffin will not want to come to Nebraska? Just wondering since we have so many gurus on this board.
  2. If someone back in 1997 told me that in 2022 Kansas will be 5-0 and ranked 19th and we will be 2-3 and have not been to a bowl or ranked in 5 years, I would have had them hospitalized for head trauma but here we are. Everything is possible curtesy to Frost and Riley. So, if that can happen, anything is possible in the weak West. Bret Bielema is the best coach in the Big west.
  3. Illinois will win the west. People underestimate Bret Bielema but he is a Big Ten guru.
  4. Learned the following: (1) FROST AND CHIN were frauds who robbed us blind (2) we have some talented players and we are not a total rebuild (3) with the right coaches we can easily compete for division and conference titles (May be even make playoffs) (4) Thompson is not a good QB. We need to keep looking and developing another QB. Thompson starts red hot and then fizzles out (5) penalties continue to plague us (6) if we play 4 quarters of football, we have a chance to win every game except Michigan.
  5. Which is what I have been saying all week long. I even started a topic about it. This game can give this team and coaches the confidence they needed to start believing they can may be make a bowl game. Wisconsin and Iowa are not that good and I feel we can be competitive in the rest of the games if we played like tonight and our offense improved. The only game that can get scary Is at Michigan. Let us hope for the best. GO BIG RED.
  6. Frost and Chin robbed the state of Nebraska blind for 4.5 years. Makes you wonder what the hell they were doing other than cashing checks they did not earn. If Mickey could make changes in a by week, can you imagine what this team could have done this season had a new coach been hired last year rather than extending the failed Frost experiment. Frost should look in the mirror and self assess.
  7. I bet you lane Kiffin would love our fans and their support
  8. Robinson played lights out tonight…where was he all season?
  9. If Grant’s play on the field does not inspire others, I do not know what will
  10. The tackling is 2000 times better than with Chin at the helm…it is as if chin frowned upon tackling
  11. Come on D stop them…our D showed great effort and 180 degree change from last game…really proud of these guys.
  12. We are stopping the clock for Indiana…how considerate of us
  13. We need to eat up as much clock as possible and then score
  14. Slow the game guys…no need to snap the ball until it is down to 3 seconds
  15. Game management is still a lacking skill among our coaches
  16. what throw was that? Why are we breaking snapping the ball with 15 seconds left?
  17. Can we put the game away? Can we? That is the real question
  18. They are trying their best to give Indiana hope..do not worry, our offense will do that for Indiana
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