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  1. I've been avoiding the boards the last couple weeks as I know how big of a dumpster fire it most likely has been. LET ME STATE IM NOT OFF THE SCOTT FROST TRAIN. However, one concern that I'm having is did Scott Frost catch lightning in a bottle last year with Mckenzie Milton. Did he perhaps cover up for some bad penalties #126 out of 129, a bad defense #93 out of 129 and the playcalling has been as best shotty so far this year. Yes Yes I know: More plays more yards/penalties yadadada. I don't want to ramble on too much into detail I'm just curious what everyone's thoughts on this might be.
  2. If I wrote most of what you wrote I wouldn't respond either.....facts and stats??? what are those
  3. Aka Justin Patton a lottery pick they are replacing from last year. I wouldn't expect you to know what that looks like. I'm sure you've have great knowledge of the pg position by watching all of the great Nebraska pgs oh wait. Creighton played much better against Gonzaga than they did Nebraska that's pretty easy to see.....so yes they played worse in that game Creighton led for 37 minutes of a 40 minute game with a lead as big as 14 but your right smoking is smoking lol
  4. Or you can look at it as Creighton played their worst game of the year and still beat Nebraska by 10. Define what bigs are supposed to do? I'm sure Nebraska's and Creighton's will be much different. Creighton's center is averaging 12.5 and 8 per game and helps space the floor for the guards to drive. I'm glad you were able to come up with such great analysis of the point guard play by one game. And if you're referring to playing Baylor and losing by 6 is getting smoked I'd hate to hear what losing by 30 is considered.
  5. First of all, Creighton went to Northwestern who was top 25 on the road and got that win. Beat a top 25 UCLA on a neutral site in Kansas City and led the entire game until the last minute against Baylor who is also in the Top 25 on a neutral site. BTW Creighton was up 7 at halftime in Spokane. Is Creighton a top 2-3 Big East team most likely not but that has more to do with the Big East more than likely going to have three top 10 teams here soon in Villanova, Xavier, and Seton Hall.
  6. So does Barret come in a take the job day 1? Or do we have someone on the roster that will give him a run for his money and maybe let him redshirt?
  7. Who is the most important recruit we have in the fold right now? Who you got? and why?
  8. I actually thought Lee did pretty well rolling out of the pocket and throwing on the run. Usually because if he stood in the pocket he was most likely getting blasted
  9. Really hoping he returns with a fire. Hopefully he has grown a couple inches as well
  10. Unsportsmanlike Conduct had Charles Davis on and he said if he could give Scott Frost any advice it would be to NOT coach in the bowl game. Already had that special moment with his players after winning the conference title and saying his goodbyes in the locker room.
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