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  1. Any news on who leaked the info? Very happy he is our coach, but disappointed in how it was put out. Everyone keeps pointing fingers at Nebraska.
  2. I think letting him coach in the bowl is awesome. Might help recruit a little. Hope they win!!!
  3. Hope you have a Merry Frostmas. May the Frost be with you (heard he loves SWs).
  4. Put up the Christmas tree tonight. Wife put on some music and Frosty the Snowman came on. YES!!!
  5. Mike Riley should be an announcer for us. I can only imagine the excitement when we’re winning and the hip hip hourays shouted. I think he would be awesome to listen to.
  6. I think as long as the beer is in a “Frosty” mug, he doesn’t care.
  7. Grab the pitchforks, we’re going to BoSolich’s house
  8. I wouldn’t mind Carriker thrown in on the defense staff.
  9. I tried to find it this morning and it was gone. His says Dec 2nd on his bet. I’m taking it as Frost is the coach either way and Vegas is betting a before or after date.
  10. I was talking to a friend and he thought the Bovada bet was, “will Scott Frost be the coach at UNL by 2 Dec” can anyone verify this? I think Bovada believes it will be announced after that. Thanks.
  11. Yes. Everyone I talk to says their insiders say this is a lock. If it was a lock, you wouldn’t be able to bet. Worries me it does. In Moos we trust...
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