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  1. Hasn't it always been kind of a dump? It seems like a re-used fairground barn. Are the Stars relocating to Breslow?
  2. I have Minnesota -1 but I took it on Tuesday.
  3. Where do I send the therapy bill for this?
  4. I'm considering making a large wager on Ohio State to help guarantee a close game for us.
  5. How do you think that Wazzu kid felt on Sunday morning. Threw for 9 TDs and still managed to lose? That's gotta hurt.
  6. Northwestern looked TERRIBLE vs Michigan State. I know historically Michigan State puts together a very good defense, but they had Fitzgerald clueless out there.
  7. I think the most likely headline following a win would be "800 hospitalized due to severe alcohol poisoning....due to the Huskers massive victory! Go Big Red!"
  8. I hope they've been instructing them not to commit turnovers all year. Otherwise I think we have a bigger issue on our hands...
  9. Michigan looked terrible at about every aspect of football on Saturday.
  10. You'd think they would be prepared to stop the run, considering they had just played Army who threw a grand total of 5 passes during the game.
  11. Wisconsin is playing amazing right now, but I still think they're beatable. Michigan had some of the worst QB play I'd ever seen that game. I'd like for someone to load up the box, stop Taylor and make their QB beat them. He might have it in him, but it seems like they're a very one dimensional football team.
  12. QB Pressure and Ball Security are the biggest keys, IMO. God, my generic football platitudes are making me feel like Booger McFarland.
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