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  1. lebby would be a great hire. need someone with accuracy at qb and we'll have to teach the wrs to read a defense.
  2. lsu has actually regressed from last year on offense. i'm not saying that's all on peetz, but he hasn't done anything to make me want him as an oc. qb coach maybe. i'd take joseph for wr coach in a heartbeat.
  3. i wish i could give this more than just +1. will easily be the second most important hire.
  4. helfrich is probably our best realistic option. dude loves to run the ball. he lit it up his four years as a hc at oregon(frost as oc for the first 3 years), but defense suffered under his watch. if he recruited better on defense he'd still be there. no one has done well with colorado or the chicago bears in recent memory. not saying he's a must get oc, but we could do a lot worse.
  5. speedy recovery and good luck on sundays mr. domann.
  6. we would've screwed that up the same way. if we could execute consistently it wouldn't matter what type of offense we have. be it coaching/development, talent or both. doesn't matter right now. we don't execute. we have a dysfunctional passing attack and it would be dysfunctional in any scheme. we're bad at pass blocking, passing and running routes. top to bottom.
  7. i think the scheme we run now is fine. we need MUCH better execution. we don't have any consistent accuracy at qb and our wrs can't read a defense. that's a huge problem, especially going into year 5.
  8. the portal is definitely our friend at the moment.
  9. same here, just wouldn't be shocked if we won 8+ games. happy, yes. suprised, no.
  10. i would be a good turnaround. i'm not putting money on it, but it wouldn't suprise me either.
  11. sad thing is, if frost wins 8+ games next year it wouldn't be a miracle.
  12. that's my take. frost has dropped the ball this year, but the team is playing better. one thing people maybe won't accept is that most other coaches will bounce to greener pastures if they start having success in lincoln. frost will stay. it's a top 20 job because of the pay, but it will always be an uphill climb to compete at the highest level.
  13. Frost should do everything he can to win the special teams battle. we aren't trotting out a buncha 1st round draft picks with a roster full of blue chip recruits. i'll say it LOOKS like we need a dedicated st coach.
  14. agree. a team in Nebraska's situation, wanting to compete with the big boys, should do everything they can to win the special teams and t/o battles every game.
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