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  1. We got the “point” from coach Held. Signed sealed delivered and stamped
  2. https://hailvarsity.com/s/3145/huskers-out-of-the-running-for-4-star-wr-tommy-bush might be a shot in in the dark but this might’ve been why he committed
  3. Im curious if they use that cardboard cut out for a lot of different players.
  4. Can parents still visit the school with athlete in the January recruiting period?
  5. I think his first announcement date was his actual date of commitment(June 26th I believe). But his dad told him not to announce it and that he should visit and court only the other schools (top 5) that are interested (i.e. OSU, UCLA, USC) and see if he still loves his original school that he "chose" in June. And so this staff built up for all of these guys to announce at the same time and place on nationally televised All-American game to make the splash we need. But I'm probably crazy.
  6. Can we get North Carolina up there please 😬
  7. That was just Mav's opinion. IMO, if we have 0 DBs committed by December 19 and we're turning away some decent prospects for hopes at bigger fish near signing day, that would concern me. If the kid wants to commit here, and Darnay and the like can't get their sh#t together, I'd love to have him. Like I said earlier, this guy is very much in the mold of Chris Jones and he turned out alright. Just as a FYI Darnay isn't coming here. That dream unfortunately has been squashed For some. Not for me yet. Nate Clouse went on the radio and said we are out of it publicly but sureI didn't know Nate Clouse made the decisions for recruits. Darnay has been silent about things since June and never said we were out of the picture publicly but sure
  8. It depends if there's a muscle attachment at the portion of the bone that is fractured. That way you can isolate the muscle from moving to prevent a larger fracture.
  9. Fat pockets getting fatter. Typical politics. Honestly can't say I'm surprised one bit
  10. My old man is from Stockton. Love to hear the coaches going after another Stockton boy.
  11. Anouncing on his Birthday!?!? Sweet I don't know how to do the tweet thing from my phone so yeah
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