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  1. TNelson97

    2021 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Thanks for all your work in the basketball forums OP
  2. TNelson97

    Head Basketball Coach Search

    Nothing super credible. Heard the rumor from a person with some insight into UNL’s athletic department that called the Scott Frost move before it happened. Hoping he’s 2 for 2.
  3. TNelson97

    Head Basketball Coach Search

    I just heard the same rumor. Time will tell but it seems like a good move if true.
  4. Beat PSU and one in big ten it should be enough. If we want no doubt and no play in game, 2 wins in the big ten tourney.
  5. I know Husker fans always say this and it’s a bad excuse but these refs are terrible.
  6. TNelson97


    There’s a chance, but I feel that we would have to pick up at least one in the conference tourney if we drop one in the regular season. I wouldn’t want to be at 22-10(losing first game conf. Or 21 reg season and 1 in conf.) come selection sunday, doesn’t feel good to me.
  7. TNelson97


    Don’t worry about being “next four out”. If Nebraska takes care of business we will be in. Lots of bubble teams still to play each other. Magic number for the huskers is 23 wins
  8. TNelson97

    Huskers vs. Wisconsin

    Didn't watch the whole video but heard mentioned Michael saying he hopes morrow can body some of their big guys. So are we expecting him back for tomorrow? Anyone hear the latest on that?
  9. TNelson97

    Huskers vs. Michigan State

    Doesn't sound likely for Morrow to play. Game could be decided by free throws which lately has not been our forte Nebraska 74 Michigan State 70
  10. TNelson97

    CB Elijah Blades [Oregon Commit]

    Difference between USC and Nebraska mentality is we've got burnt on recruits already and so we're hesitant and they have a damn good class so far and feel on top of the world. Until there's actual info that's it....
  11. TNelson97

    Huskers @ Northwestern

    Am I just the hopeful blind fan or have we underperformed for what we have for talent for the last couple years... disappointing
  12. TNelson97

    Huskers @ Northwestern

    Need to figure out defense now. Must keep NW under 65