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  1. Wiltfong is saying people around Crocker believe he will commit after the visit!
  2. I will be in Scottsbluff at WNCC with my classmates. We will witness totality for one minute and a few seconds.
  3. Come on down to Scottsbluff Mav. It is supposed to be mostly sunny!
  4. I hope this is true, but I don't want to get my hopes up to much.
  5. Nebraska 52 Arkansas State 17 Passing yards: 350 Rushing Yards: 120
  6. 12. Patriots 11. Steelers 10. Raiders 9. Packers 8. Falcons 7. Cowboys 6. Seahawks 5. Chiefs 4. Buccaneers 3. Giants 2. Texans 1. Broncos
  7. If we ended the class adding Parsons, Hall, Crosswell, Tutt, Crocker, and Carson I would be happy. I would obviously like us to get a O-line prospect as well.
  8. He is retweeting and liking all Nebraska stuff right now.
  9. Could this be part of the reason for Manny flipping?
  10. In the mean time, Parsons just retweeted Cameron Brown's commitment video. Probably throwing shade at Allen. Another sign that we are in a good spot with Micah.
  11. I really like our chances here. He just seems to rave about Nebraska Everytime he does an interview. He is a program changer.
  12. You guys won't even mention the Nebraska stuff Bookie has liked recently.
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