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  1. Time to go after a JUCO kid. Remember Isaiah Buggs, maybe we could try swaying him.
  2. Lewis Sarrell Holmes Lenoir Greg Johnson Calvin Carr
  3. We may have a chance with this kid as well with the new hire. Donte Williams was his lead recruiter for Arizona. Arizona is considered one of the favorites, but I think Donte could lure him over to Nebraska.
  4. One of the local weatherman today tweeted every time he runs the model he gets a different amount. Said he's gotten anywhere from 0 - 16 inches. Let's just pray for a good weekend! Rusty Dawkins is the guy you need to follow when it comes to snow storms like this. He will tell you the latest models as they come.
  5. That is still over a week away. They always show ridiculous models this far out. Some models are showing a couple of inches, others are showing a foot or more. It is just to early to tell right now. We will know more about totals by the weekend or start of next week.
  6. If we could get Lenoir, do you think that would open the door for guys like Redd and Rahyme Johnson?
  7. He just updated his profile picture. It has him laying in his bed with Nebraska mail.
  8. The favorite right now is Penn State, Florida State is probably second.
  9. https://twitter.com/_jkaindoh/status/803409243621752833
  10. Bryant almost single handedly lead Elkhorn South to the Class B Championship win. He is really shifty, and can catch well. He looked really good at RB, but he also played well at DB. This kid looks like an in state player that we need to get.
  11. If we get Isaiah Hodgins and Joseph Lewis,Do you think we take 5 WR's by getting Calvin or Holloman?
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