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  1. Pat Shurmer to the Broncos as OC

  2. Like I said. I didn't mean to post it that many times. I didn't think it posted.
  3. Sorry. It wouldn't load when I pressed reply so I thought it didn't sent
  4. Might want to take a look at his updated rankings. He has had a huge dip in his rating. I wouldn't mind having him though if the staff wanted him.
  5. Tua makes the right decision and chooses to enter the draft
  6. You want the Cowboys job? Let's have a slumber party to make sure you are the right guy for the job Mike.



    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      His best days were behind him when he was s#!t canned from GB.  What a terrible hire.

    2. CheeseHusker


      Hope Dallas fans like baffling clock management, aggressive play calling when you should be conservative and conservative play calling when you should be aggressive.

  7. It stinks to see him go because he is a heck of a player, but it is for the best due to his off the field behavior. I wish him the best and hope he matures and gets another chance somewhere. Hate to see players waste their talent like this
  8. I have been dealing with this for a little while now. There are ads that pop up like this in a thread. It is just a little annoying.
  9. Happy New Year Huskerboard!

  10. My Super 6 is: Corcoran Manning Betts Mauga-Clements Greene Delancy III Sleeper: Jimari Butler
  11. Not sure if we will take anymore hs guys, but we got 2 spots open for transfers and maybe a hs kid
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