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  1. Sure he may not make every play, but one thing is for sure, he will play 100% every play and his passion for this team and program is second to none. He wants to help this team get back to where it needs to be so bad. If only we had 22 more Garrett's on this team with the work ethic and passion he has.
  2. Hate to say it but this reminds me of the Calvin situation all over again. Either you want to be here or you don't. If you don't that is cool, but don't try and come back again if it doesn't work out.
  3. We really are going after these Florida State commits
  4. The #1 player in the country last year is transferring to Colorado...
  5. And cheer as the winner goes by
  6. Nebraska 27 Purdue 24 Passing: 235 Rushing: 158
  7. Hey David you really enjoy destroying Huskerboard don't you.
  8. So you are saying we shouldn't have hired Frost?
  9. Ok. Support finally got back to me. Since they logged me out of my account I no longer have access to that account. They told me that I have to have the LM add me on my new account now. @Mavric can you message me so I can at least manage my team the rest of the year
  10. Day by day we get better and better
  11. Great since ESPN updated their fantasy app I can't log in now because my email doesn't work anymore and they say I need to change my password to sign in, but they send what I need to change it to the email that doesn't work. Getting a hold of support at least I got my lineup set this week. Hopefully they can get it worked out for me
  12. Nebraska 27 Indiana 21 Passing: 205 Rushing: 157
  13. Ok. I am really trying not to complain about the ads anymore, but this Dr. Pepper video ad that covers essentially the entire bottom half of the mobile page is really annoying.

    1. The Murphinator
    2. Red Five

      Red Five

      Yup.  I see that one about 75% of the time when I am on mobile.

    3. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      Yeah I noticed this the other day on mobile as well with a different ad.

      Glad the site is making money now, but allowing these type of ads destroys the mobile site. Literally can't function with them there.

  14. I went with 7-5, but 6-6 is more likely. I think we win at least 2 of Indiana, Purdue and Maryland
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