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  1. Nah. April is obviously wine drunk
  2. I didn't call you a lemon
  3. Now do that with the old eye roll
  4. You are complaining about newer posters getting +1 instead of older members like yourself. It shouldn't matter whether you are a new or old member. If you make a good post I will +1 it
  5. This game mattered because it showed how far we truly are from being a championship level team. Most of us realistic fans thought we would lose this game. Of course we didn't want to get blown out, but it showed us that we have a long way to go still. Ohio State is stacked with top talent, and we are still building our roster. It will take time to build this team to where it needs to be.
  6. Why are you so mad about rep points bro. Complaining about it isn't going to help you get any rep points
  7. Nebraska 31 Ohio State 45 Passing: 238 Rushing: 165
  8. Real question is who will be the celebrity picker? Larry The Cable Guy, Gabrielle Union/ D-Wade, Warren Buffett, Bud Crawford...
  9. We can be re really good if we don't turn the football over, but that is the problem. We can't hold on to the ball. We never gave up though and finished. Even though it wasn't pretty, we won and that is progress.
  10. Notre Dame +14.5 Boston College -8.5 Washington State -18.5
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