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  1. Flight got delayed, won't make it to the game today.
  2. Remember when we almost landed Lamar Jackson?
  3. Where you hearing that from? Don't see anything about him committing.
  4. Sorry about that. would still be huge if we could land him.
  5. He is still visiting. Why are all of you guys being so negative? Keyshawn, and Mcquitty are sticking with Nebraska. If the recruits are really considering Nebraska, this incident shouldn't keep them from coming here.
  6. I don't know who to pick yet, getting more options out there for everyone else as well.
  7. Is there any update on how the visit is going so far?
  8. We just offered Hezekiah Jones, a wide receiver who decommitted from Baylor.
  9. Foltz was one of the best punters to ever wear a husker uniform. Who can forget those high booming kicks that would land inside the 10 yard line. RIP to Mr. Foltz and prayers to his family and also to Sadler's family.
  10. He is coming next weekend,but yes, it would be huge if we could get a commitment.
  11. http://www.cornnation.com/2016/7/19/12231178/nebraska-huskers-football-recruiting-news-joseph-lewis-tyjon-lindsey-jalen-hall
  12. He will be N I believe it. If we get him and get Tyjon on board, that would be HUGE!!!
  13. I Juander if he wins many Juan on Juan battles in practice.
  14. http://twitter.com/GBRDesigns/status/746904665774710784/photo/1 He retweeted this.
  15. http://twitter.com/NoFootball4Me/status/747117366480297984/photo/1
  16. KJJ needs to come up big next weekend. He needs to tell them about all the great things that are going on at Nebraska and how they can help the program. We need Tyjon and Lewis on this team.
  17. He will be there the same time as Tyjon though, so that is a plus.
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