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  1. I understand what you are saying, but I look at proud, open Trump Supporters right now sort of like I look at the NRA sticker or the Sig Sauer sticker on a truck .. You can make some pretty fair assumptions about the person inside and 99% of the time you'd be right.
  2. HI! Been poking around but I'm so far from being up to speed - there's not much I feel like I can comment on and without getting beat up. Covid and all the misinformation was a big reason I signed off for the last couple years. Just couldn't handle the debates on something so serious. All is well - hope that you're having a good holiday season!!
  3. Sadly, (if he lives) I think there would be a huge impact of him coming out and preaching the importance of vaccination to the state. I suspect there are some anti-vaxxers who might listen to The Jet. Nebraska's 57% vax rate is pretty scary.
  4. It's worth a try - the do supposedly keep logs of contact. I'd also add that reaching out to the Ranking Member of the Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee (Gary Peters D-MI) who is in charge of overseeing the Postal Service, and/or any of the members would also be calls worth making. https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/about
  5. Thank you - there is ZERO evidence. Anywhere. And if there was the risk/benefit would be easy to figure out.
  6. Yup - but now add classes, other students on campus, game day slapping hands i the tunnel, shaking hands at midfield with several players from other states that we have no idea about their quarantine - This isn't hard to understand guys.
  7. And yet her finest moments that she's earned accolades for in the last few years are when she's been focused and direct and assertive. I think one of her great strengths is her lack of backing down, of talking truth to power. I really hope we're turning the corner on women's skill sets being labeled differently than mens - it starts here. Set the example for your buddies Blitz.
  8. Written like a man, who has never been told in an annual review, or at a table with leadership peers that he is "too emotional". It is loaded. Just like shrill, b!^@hy, tempermental, opportunistic, bossy, abrasive, aggressive, etc.
  9. Agreed and likewise Undone. I do think the reason for the decision was probably more concern around financial risk; long and short term We are not yet seeing the long term effects of covid on those who live through it (whether the were sick or not), but the speculation around impact on organs in the down the road is terrifying. I'm sure it was modeled a number of ways and the potential financial losses vs gain was just not worth the risk. Which is sad and not how I wished college sports worked.
  10. I was thinking on my walk, Kamala offers Biden the chance to stay cool, level headed, and perceived as fair/nice toward Trump, while she can go on attack, and her reputation seems to go up with the attacks and soundbites. Nice balance. And we know how much Donnie gets triggered when a strong woman tries to question him or speak to him ... much less a WOC. It's going to be fun.
  11. Yup. You'll also hear "too emotional" in the coming days. Lots of cool words that get thrown at women that you guys don't get the honor of dealing with. On the flip side, it gives us some great tag lines to advertise with .. Can't tell you how many "Nevertheless, She Persisted bumper stickers I still see. And "Nasty Woman" made a heck of a tshirt. Lincoln Project is going to have some fun!
  12. I think that's a fair question. I can only speak for myself; I do feel guilt with how much I've enjoyed the sport and seeing the very real tie to CTE. I feel worse every time someone I remember playing gets diagnosed, or someone younger than me announces they'e got it. Watching "Concussion" in the theatre and seeing the physicians at Boston College/BMC talk on 60 minutes about their research took the wind out of me. Have you listened to the podcast about Aaron Hernandez? Watched the HBO special on Lawrence Phillips? The hits they took during their football careers did not help their already fragile mental situations. And I was accused of posting an emotional argument above - what about this isnt emotional? It's Husker FB! I remember Sam Foltz, I knew Brook Berringer - their deaths were total random accidents and the state was crushed. Do you think if there was a 1% chance that the university could have helped them avoid their accidents we would all be telling them to do so? We can lessen the chances of players, families and fans getting sick - to me it's an easy decision. Does it take away all risk? No, but don't you want to know you did all you could rather than look back and think, "if I'd only ..."
  13. I don't think I'm missing your point - I know that athletes are limited in their social life during the season, my point is that even if they curb their extra-curricular activities they are still exposed. They associate with people who are not on the team. They do not live in an isolated bubble. Even if our players are 100% compliant they still get exposed, and we don't control those they take the field with at all. A man in a classroom with a mask on surrounded by others wearing masks and breathing normally is safer than a man on a football field blocking a competitor, touching them, transferring sweat, spit, etc. If a sclolarship is based on staying in shape, at an appropriate weight, to go to class, get a min grades etc then staying safe and unexposed can easily be added to that list of criteria. The risk of these young men having long term complications from this disease is a risk that nobody who calls themself a fan should want to risk. I hate that the season is off, but our state would never recover if a player, any player dies of the virus or complications from it.
  14. But Knapp wears a mask, so that fart's sort of a non starter.
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