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  1. NM11046

    Weird Time for Christians

    I just said out loud, "wtf with the eye roll" ... silly.
  2. Seconded. Just logged on to post about this one ... binged it in a day. LOVED it.
  3. NM11046

    2018 mid-term

    Thanks for the work! Wasn't text banking kinda fun? I worked for Beto and sent probably 7k and then did GOTV for PA for 3-4 days. Different system and I only got out about 4k. Felt good to do something from afar, and the fact that I could do it while watching fb games made it an easy decision.
  4. NM11046

    Weird Time for Christians

    If you don't follow John Pavlovitz he's a good one on twitter. Writes quick articles daily (or at least posts articles daily) that are timely, manageable and insightful. I thought of you @TGHusker when I read this one today.
  5. Some fantastic news - not just a great change in curriculum with regard to this population and awareness, but imagine a school system/nation that actually put into action the deficiencies that it's research uncovered. ALL of it.
  6. NM11046

    Will our democracy survive Trump?

    Wish I could choose more than one, cuz I think short term no(ish) and long term yes. It's going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately. All this Acosta bs is just a distraction from loss of the house, and firing of Sessions. We need to be on high alert.
  7. Get your vote on folks!  

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    2. GSG


      @ZRod What do you call them if they're much older than normal cougars? I'm pretty sure they remember when women couldn't vote...

    3. ZRod


      Grandma's??? :lol:

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @ZRod That's "target demographic" for @GSG

  8. NM11046

    Cases of Election Fraud

    The ONLY fraud happening is with republican candidates. What Kemp is doing now is just sickening ... I still think she's got a pretty good chance of winning outright, and then won't he look stupid.
  9. NM11046

    Re: Women Don’t Falsify Rape Charges

    Good news is many/most dont' quote - regardless it cuts down the bs and targeted antagonizing dramatically.
  10. NM11046

    Re: Women Don’t Falsify Rape Charges

    Hey! Did you guys know that you can "ignore users"? PM me if you want to learn more ... it's changed my life.
  11. I'll click on the article later when I get home, but I'd challenge you Landlord ... hasn't science always had some ties to looking at immaterial? Theory of Relatively and etc? Even the cellular stuff is theorectical in nature often times.
  12. NM11046

    Accountability List

    I'm dying to know who that one guy was ...
  13. NM11046

    The Angry Violent Right

    I'm shocked there haven't been any Florida State jokes here yet ...
  14. This is a great article from National Geographic that talks about how simply biology teaching in grade school and high school teaches the elementary xx/xy stuff but that that is not complete or true entirely. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/01/how-science-helps-us-understand-gender-identity/