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  1. Is this because of the white supremacy threat this weekend and the governor telling folks to leave their guns at home? And super smart orange guy obviously doesn't remember that no elections in VA in 2020.
  2. I didn't watch it - I find the headline a National Inquirer like turn off, and feel like that's not "news" that I need to see. Would rather read facts for myself instead of watching others flame the fire per say. Personal preference on that I guess - Cant speak to the others on her show or its content as I don't watch. I appreciate that you say their show has both sides I guess. As far as MSM - mostly I'm in the car ... NPR, BBC and then a couple shows on MSNBC in the late afternoon (Nicole Wallace and Katy Tur). My politics are progressive as you know, I just don't like the inflamatory takes on any of our candidates by our own people. I know you'll say they're competing and we all need to know issues a candidate faces in the primary as the GOP will attack the finalist and I agree - I just wish we'd share the facts in a mature way - no need for bs "White Feminism" and etc. Not a good look for our party imo. And not a whole lot different than the headlines you see on some of the very conservative media.
  3. A lot of these are being discussed today, and I don't remember seeing them at the time - wonder if there is more up to date info at this point (Yale one is 2017 and is really interesting in its simplicity) involving all that's happened since the orange guy's election? Super interesting and they play out if I think about the conservatives in my life.
  4. I think this Krystal Ball and her show/podcast are as bad as Fox and their opinion shows. SE Cupp and others. Only have to read the headline to know that it's junk looking for attention and a click. Curious @Frott Scost as we often agree on things in this forum - what's your message here? I know (think) you're a big Bernie supporter, but do you feel you have to go this route?
  5. I like Uncle, and follow him but I am not sure why they think this is something ... I mean if he was arrested wouldnt that speed up his "cooperation" in order to help himself out? If he had gotten away he at least would have had a chance at not being extredited and would have never cracked.
  6. So top line research - it's not easy to find solid NRA numbers. Corporations can not donate toward their political actions, that has to come thru PACs, so that's harder to trace. I can find annual spending on election years, but it doesn't really divvy things up. Didn't know Mike Bloomberg founded Every town for gun Saftey. He seeded/s it but they had 350k individual donors in 2017. Also Moms Demand Action works with that group - smart cooperation. https://www.fastcompany.com/90233606/the-anti-gun-violence-movement-is-catching-up-to-nra-funding And do their efforts and success suggest that perhaps it's not all about money? https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/09/moms-demand-action-guns-madd-shannon-watts-nra/
  7. @Redux apologies I don't know this - what is your podcast?
  8. And the grassroots level initiatives - it's been interesting to see Moms Demand Action and the FL kids get a lot of traction and really threaten the NRA. Would love to learn more about the dollars behind the NRA from companies vs. those to the opposite side, and small donations to the NRA vs. those to the opposite side. Also - newly passed legislation will allow the FDA to do research - when is the estimated first analysis due?
  9. You obviously didn't read them all - on one he signs off “Hugs”. Seriously.
  10. I know you're trying to be sarcastic here, but there are a lot of examples of them getting to the media. John Solomon being top of mind. The MSM will put what gets viewers on the air and they are certainly flaming the fires if there's anything they can nit pick about for any of the candidates. We've learned nothing from 2016.
  11. Waiting for Gaetz/Grisham/Jr/whomever to say that Lev obviously took multiple writing pads home from Vienna and wrote those notes last week to try and save himself. I just hope he's not another Avenatti that gets all media crazy and doesn't have the goods to back it up.
  12. Mitch writes the rules - if he can set it up from the start then Roberts has no skin in the game to allow. edit: sorry for the duplication - I was 3 pages behind and obviously some of you already made this point. And on the Hyde stuff, expect the GOP to try and really beat the drums on his mental status and history - it's already come out that he had an incident in FL. Honestly, I don't think anybody involved in this bs is crazy to think that someone is out to harm them, too many people "accidentally" falling out of windows and "committing suicide" that have ties to Russia.
  13. They're going to caveat the wittness thing by saying that they need to see all the evidence presented and then they will vote yes or no. This is like the crap Flake did with the Kavannaugh hearing "there needs to be background investigation". They did 3 days worth of supposed "work" then voted. He got to get us all off his back and give us hope and Mitch still got his way. Collins has already come out today about the Lev stuff and claimed that "Dems didn't use the info in the articles of impeachment - didn't they do their jobs?" bs so she's a no ... I think Mitt will vote for witnesses - god knows about the others.
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