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  1. Dude - you have been asking me questions about how I could believe something and why I said things - I clarified why I believe what I answered. Sorry if I assumed too much on why you think what you think. We disagree. I could have just said “you’re wrong” like you have been saying to me, but I thought a conversation was better.
  2. Not sure what statement you're referring to @Moiraine... can you point me toward it? But if that's your argument, then a sperm on its own is a potential life, as is an egg. And if that's the definition then all forms of birth control are elective ways to prevent life. Plenty of people feel that way. I do not. I know we've gotten into this discussion at length in the other thread awhile ago about when life begins so apologies for taking this off topic - back to the debate on what a woman should be allowed to do.
  3. I'm not debating elective vs. not - my difference with you is when I think the cluster of cells created when an egg and sperm meet up can be considered "life".
  4. Real examples that have happened here in New England that have made me laugh and laugh because ... irony. And so, of course:
  5. Slight twist to this same debate: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/12/13/minnesota-woman-rejected-morning-after-pill-pharmacist-beliefs-birth-control/
  6. Interesting - would be really interesting to see the clientel shifts (or not) if every business had to post whether they allowed CC or not. And also to see who thrived in that environment and who would go belly up.
  7. This is interesting to me - what is it that you expect them to say in reaction? Do you ever take it up past the local management? What is the end goal for you in bringing this up? Have you ever decided to not go into an establishment because they make you and other patrons disarm? (no snideness intended with the list of q's above, just curious on the thought behind it)
  8. I appreciate your diligence and awareness. Lets say that not everybody is as responsible - whether thats buying a gun from another private owner and not registering it - not taking class - forgetting its on them while doing errends. THATs who I am worried about. i think you are likely not the norm and not what Id be concerned about. I would not be in favor of taking any of these requirements away. id would be in favor of instilling national requirements that are the same regardless of state lines etc.
  9. Am I the only one hung up on the fact that he was holding a rally in a DENNY's? I mean, discussing porn in a Denny's is pretty normal I guess, maybe that's why?
  10. Informed consent is by definition the educating of risks and benefits of therapy or procedure, to confirm the competency of the patient to make a medical decision and to acknowledge that they are making the decision without outside pressure. The difference is that you view it as elective ending of a potential life. I do not view it that way. So my reasoning is that if part of your philosophy is that someone undergoing a medical procedure should be counseled on how they may or may not feel afterward emotionally, then that standard should apply to all surgical procedures. It could be argued that any procedure has emotional effects - a woman should not have to go through additional counseling than a man having a medical procedure that impacts his ability to fertilize an egg. At a min, any standard should be uniform across the US. The consent in TN should not be different than the consent for the same procedure in CA.
  11. When you have open heart surgery is part of the discussion on consent also how you're going to feel having plaque in your vessels vs. not? Not the best example - but if informed consent is getting into the perceived emotional benefits than it should/is with all surgical procedures. It should also be had on the flip side - for those having a full term delivery, is there a component on the emotional/relational benefits and the negative aspects of having a child? It shouldn't be part of consent - if you think pysch counseling should be included that's separate - it's also inappropriate and crosses the line of what is up for being checked off a list prior to a procedure. I assume you'd support the same discussion would be part of a vascetomy?
  12. She is one of the best at clapbacks at him though.
  13. I think I heard that they can file additional articles (not sure where though, but it seems to make sense since they're continuing still with multiple investigations)
  14. Agreed - I couldn't even begin to list all the ways it was wrong. Whomever we elect in 2020 is going to have to a $hit-ton of cleaning up to do. It's truly just mind blowing how much he has decimated the rule of law and our institutions.
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