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  1. Not done yet - I heard last week that they did renew it for season 2 though!
  2. Dead to Me on Netflix is one I've gotten into ... love me some Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Lots of little twists make it more than a dark comedy.
  3. It's really excellent - I had to stop during the middle of the first episode, it's really disturbing, but the rest is very good. They give some updates on them though and that should give you hope.
  4. He's learned from his buddies Kim and Pooty that you just eliminate people who don't fall in line.
  5. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    Doesn't mean we should be ok with Russia fiddling with ours. Or, what my mom would call, "If your friend jumped off a bridge would you too?" (but in reverse)
  6. @sho I know you have a hot button for Yang ... thoughts on this statement?
  7. NM11046

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Nah - either way it's just sad/pathetic.
  8. NM11046

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Cant decide if this is a pathetic attempt at a cya or a sad attempt to be funny.
  9. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    Pretty darn clear - can't take money, info or anything else from a foreign power no matter the office you run for.
  10. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    No. It should be shared with the appropriate agencies or law makers. (not sure but I think international stuff is CIA). I even go back and forth about the Steele info being given to McCain, and it wasn't meant to influence an election. AND I think the intent there was very good (based on the concerns they had of involvement of higher ups in agencies in the Trump coverup, which is why McCain took it to the agencies directly to hand deliver it). And lord knows what specifics exist in that document that shows who is involved.
  11. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    It's a slippery slope if you're ok with foreign governments giving information to campaigns for some reasons and not others. Never mind, it's not. If there's something that your own staff is unable to find out during "oppo research" then I'd bet a ton of money that it's not to be had in normal, fact checking (ie LEGAL) ways. If a foreign government has to be the one to hand over it's been obtained in a way that is not legal in the US. There is no gray area. The day we allow foreign countries with interests in impacting our elections do so the people of this country lose all power. Think your vote means nothing now because you're a dem in a red state or vice versa? Think about how much less it will matter when Norway is helping your local congressperson win much less the president. Because not only are they turning over the bad stuff on candidate x (which may or may not be true) but they're also hiding the bad stuff on candidate y, their candidate so they can be elected. There are very, very few countries out there that would do this in an effort to do right be the US. Give me UK, maybe AUS - but still, as soon as there is a leadership or regime change who says we can trust them? Once you allow this you can't take it back.
  12. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    If you want an easy way to express your desire to start impeachment proceedings to your reps, check out: https://www.needtoimpeach.com/email-rep-impeachment/
  13. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    IN THE FUTURE. If after all he's been through he still thinks it's ok then seriously, does anyone actually think he did not do it when he "didn't know" it was wrong. I'm so angry at this point. They can not avoid impeachment now - Wray and Coats need to resign immediately.
  14. NM11046

    Workout Clothes/Gear

    Gotcha - I'm on the east coast. If you're doing online look for the "Climalite" descriptor - it's the good stuff. Tshirts run $35 regular price and often at the end of the season you can get last year's trendy ones for cheaper. I got the "There's No Place Like N" for $22 I think this spring.
  15. NM11046

    Workout Clothes/Gear

    They (Addidas) make a ton of Husker Climalite stuff for working out. Where you shopping GSG?