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  1. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    True - I meant that you expect people to come out after he calls white supremicists "good people" or he tells congress people to "go back to their own country" etc. I mean he says something daily that shows evidence of why impeachment would be a smart call - but I would have expected a plethora to come out after reading Mueller, but the trickle since is odd.
  2. NM11046

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I think you're right Knapp - I think Pelosi has a spreadsheet based on volatility of the seat, current visibility etc and everybody's been given a date that they can speak up. She is shrewd for sure and there's just no reason that some of these have been announced when they are - there's no triggering event.
  3. NM11046

    The Angry Violent Right

    I also think there are folks who are terribly lonely and don't know how to interact with others in a normal way, so trying to be cool and instigating people and trying to start mindless debates actually gives them some attention and something to do. Which is another thing to be saddened by.
  4. NM11046

    The Angry Violent Right

    Don't let the clown giving smiley's bother you - your post is right on. The one thing that remains to be true is history repeating itself. Sadly some people are actually stoked this is happening.
  5. NM11046

    Trump's America

    He is so far out of touch I'm shocked that nobody's moving on the 25th Amendment. If he's this obviously troubled publicly how is he in private? Who is really running the government, cuz it's not him.
  6. NM11046

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    You really like to just debate anything don't you? No, people blindly following a person or group because of a real or perceived benefit to them even if there are distinct negatives to that person or group is the definition of a cult.
  7. NM11046

    Weird Time for Christians

    If you haven't already done so - check out The Family on Netflix. Would love to discuss.
  8. NM11046

    Healthcare Reform

    I know the whole "people who take advantage" of assistance opinion is a very real one - I haven't seen, and would like to better understand what these number are actually. I know that the perception of immigrants vs. citizens on assistance for instance is wrong (more of us are on it than them) but I'd be interested in how long the average person depends on assistance, who uses medicare or medicaid inappropriately etc. I don't question that there are better ways to do things, but I do struggle with the perceptions that some people have. I just had this debate with my parents not too long ago.
  9. NM11046

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Thanks - I'm glad you didn't think I said that with snark, I didn't. Another note on the interesting side that I read yesterday, that means nothing at all - unless it does, is that his sister identified as male.
  10. NM11046

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Why does it matter is she or anybody else there had drugs in her system?
  11. NM11046

    Resistance Action Items

    JOIN A COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL RALLY LOCALLY: Find one taking place near you here: https://act.everytown.org/event/august-recess-2019/search/?source=mdmo_rapidresponsebar&refcode=mdmo_rapidresponsebar&utm_source=mdmo_rapidresponsebar&utm_medium=o&utm_campaign=rapidresponsebar The focus of the organizers is on passing background checks and creating a strong Red Flag Law. Organized by Moms Demand Action & Students Demand Action (groups created by victims of New Town and Parkland shootings)
  12. I agree he's always been prone - I dont know that we can compare the media coverage of every breath a candidate takes now days as a fair gauge of whether he's better or worse than he used to be. They'd amplify anything he says today. With that said, there are a bunch I prefer as well, but it's not because of the MSM coverage of his gaffes.
  13. NM11046


    There is not one of his victims saying that. All their statements express disappointment that he is never going to face them and face the public to be punished for all he has done.
  14. NM11046


    I don't think he had cooperated - the names they have is based on the girls testimony as well as documents, CDs, taps etc that they recovered in him home(s) and safes.
  15. NM11046


    DOJ should be held accountable for this - if he was on suicide watch, as he should have been after the first attempt a few weeks ago there would have been a person watching him (not a camera) 24/7, all his sheets, shoelaces etc would have been taken away. Instead he had overnight with no checks until 7:30 am? I feel for the poor victims who were brave enough to file charges and come forward and push this after the FL AG sat on it and now they get no time in court to punish him. Nevermind the rich and powerful men that Epstein had info on and was supposed to come out. Convenient.