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  1. NM11046

    The Shutdown

    One of those 72 pages details how the shut down has impacted Grand Jury's ability to serve and fufill supeonas, so I'd say yeah.
  2. NM11046

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    It's totally arguable. You aren't aware enough to know that there are Christian rappers obviously - where their whole set list is aligned to the ideals so many people here talk about. And there are others that don't fit the stereotype you've latched onto. If your arguement is that someone that wears an RKelly shirt is condoning and publicizing child molestation I'd agree with you. His actions are well known, and anybody that makes a decision to put on gear with his name or catch phrases on it is aligning themselves to his actions and his reputation.
  3. NM11046

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    If you want this analogy to work BB you'd have to be specific to an artist or a song/album. And align that to the negative things you mentioned above. What about Lecrae? Andy Mineo? Are they in the same bucket as rappers as Emenim? What about Kayne? Drake? Joseph Simmons? R Kelly? You can't say all rap is bad just like you can't say all red baseball caps are bad. If you truly think that MAGA as a statement is anything other than a true Trump branded ideal you're either pretty naiive or you're just trying to troll the group.
  4. NM11046

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    How much do you have to believe in someone in order to purchase a shirt, put a bumper sticker on your car, even place a sign in your yard? A LOT. One can assume, with near 100% certainty that someone who does so is proud to be aligned, and is an advocate for their brand. If you are a loyal Husker, what do you do when there are a bunch of free Iowa or Wisconsin hats available at a DC walk? Grab them and make a scene so that you're on film supporting one of those teams?
  5. Well the Kavanaugh confirmation is already paying off for this fearful, bigoted administration. This is shameful.
  6. NM11046

    Resistance Action Items

    CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! Calls have shown to be more impactful than texts, faxes, letters or emails. They do tally who they hear from, so if you don't get a live person on the other end it's very valuable to leave a vm (just make sure to identify yourself as a constituent) Wednesday will be declared national Call your Members of Congress Day - obviously there's a lot of issue with the government shut down currently, so if you have strong feelings about that it's a great time to give this system a try! www.5calls.org This will allow you to choose an issue you feel strongly about (shut down is the first on the options list on the left), punch in your zip and it will tell you who to call and give you a script for guidance. I have found calling in the morning before 8 or 9 EST I typically get a vm, so I can quickly make 3-4 calls and go about my day.
  7. Wow - I am an outlier here. I think I probably call 911 5+ times a year. I do spend a lot of time on the road, so much of it is accident reports (when it's not safe to stop), loose dogs on highways, but have also reporter domestic violence, fire alarms going off in an empty house, drunk drivers, smouldering fires ... last time was about 2 weeks ago when I saw road rage play out on a major Boston highway - guy getting out of his car to confront another guy. I always feel weird about it, but ultimately decide I'd rather be cautious - I have nightmares about the Kitty Genovese situation.
  8. I can't understand why people throw retirement parties - seems to me the action is the party.
  9. NM11046

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Dude's losing his $hit today.
  10. NM11046

    Healthcare Reform

    Saving money but not helping people in need. If we have to do both do neither.
  11. NM11046

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    And the other is a "criminal investigation" that nobody knew about. Can't wait for Mannafort Memo Friday!
  12. NM11046


    Two things: Thanks to all the teachers posting on this thread - your work is important and (imo) never recognized enough I'm enjoying the dialogue - good stuff Carry on ...
  13. NM11046


    I little bit of a tangent - but is it really insane for a teacher to earn $80K? Obviously there is a regional component here, but I'd argue that his profession is highly underpaid, and it could be easily debated that without a solid education starting early kids never make it to the point of choosing college or trade school. National teacher starting salary avg at $38k and teaching overall avg is $58k. Keep in mind to get to that $58k you are looking at 20 and 30 year tenured teachers, many who have had to invest in additional education to get that money. Without a masters and more in the way of additional education you can get nowhere. Poverty level for a family of 4 in the US is $25-$33k. https://www.niche.com/blog/teacher-salaries-in-america/ And this shocked me, I always assumed private school was where it was at for more opportunity ...
  14. NM11046

    WR Jeff Thomas [Miami - Signed LOI]

    I understand that, my sarcasm didn't come across - just not too impressed with the word salad in that announcement. It's unreadable.
  15. NM11046

    WR Jeff Thomas [Miami - Signed LOI]

    Ummmmm - after reading this I'm wondering if academics might be an issue ...