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  1. They certainly shaved off some of his "musculature" in his face/neck/body.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to contribute your thoughts (and ignore the clowns making smart remarks), he was impressive at the press conference and hit on a lot of cornhusker hot buttons. Many doubters felt better about things after that, and I think he'll prove his worth quickly. Your comments certainly reinforce that, will be good to have a new husker fan in PA!
  3. Man I just took a look at OP's contributions here on HB- I'll take a stab in the dark and say he's had his face punched a couple times. What a miserable person.
  4. I couldn't agree more that becoming a father is more than a wife having a baby, perhaps I misread your text about that. So apologies there, but I'll stand by everything else I typed. There are plenty of narcissists out there, that doesn't require a psych diagnosis and someone can be one without a "disorder". Just like there are rude people, there are narcissists. Having a sense of entitlement, feeling self important, taking little responsibility - that's not a medical/psych diagnosis, it's a personality trait. So yes I'll stand by that and have no clue (nor did I make the accusation) if Scott has a disorder. Regarding his extracurricular activities, yes I do know that at least some of them are true, and I've known Scott for years, his MO hasn't changed a whole lot since he was in college himself so it wouldn't surprise me a whole lot if most of the rumors are true. I'm quite aware of how postpartum can impact women, and how many suffer. And I can't speak to your perception that men aren't taught to ask for help. Plenty do, and I'm sad for you if you don't feel that empowerment or have that level of support. I would have expected that a portion of the restructured contract Scott signed had some benchmarks and expectations for support of his mindset. Depression is very real for many of us. Getting help and perspective is something that we can improve upon. Perhaps that topic is one for another area of the board.
  5. Well guys - good news, I went looking for trials or data at shootings and seasonality (thinking that holiday stress likely equated to higher numbers) and I was wrong! High mass shooting season is the summer, so whew! We're in for a breather. Take a read at this very short article, I found it interesting and an easy read, though there were jaw dropping comments that cemented my thoughts around the US problem. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4985111/
  6. Please don't do this - don't label a women as "postpartum?" just because she has a small child or two at home. Unless you are her clinician thats not your place. The fact that she was managing 1-3 little ones (I think they had three this final year) or the fact that she was doing it all alone because her husband was drinking and drugging and screwing coeds in addition to being the most visible man in the state plays no part in him being a failure. It' was a HUGE job, and like a lot of people, Scott had a lot going on personally. In addition to his high stress job that required lots of hours and visibility, he was still choosing to spend time at places besides work or home, and in what sounds to be an "effected" state. A more mature, less narcissistic person would have tried to find help before the inevitable crash and burn. I'm assuming some around him personally or at work tried to get him to do this, or at least I hope he had good people in his life that recognized the state he was in. It would have made for a softer landing for sure. Scott's behaviors and decisions were why he got fired, it wasn't because his wife had a baby.
  7. I love how the stadium lights have become the signal like the papal enclaves' white smoke.
  8. It is up there, honestly initially I was surprised it wasn't in the Boston Globe or on the news here which is why I googled cuz I hadn't heard anything about it and it happened a couple weeks ago. Then it surprised me that it was only being covered in a few periodicals, many of them overseas and/or known conservative publications.
  9. Or when he made fun of a handicapped journalist ... Or when he sexually harassed 23+ women ...
  10. More to the story (of course). https://www.ourherald.com/articles/lawsuit-takes-aim-at-school-administration/ this is the local paper in that area of Vermont. Seems pretty clear to me what's going on here and I feel bad for the victim of course who was targeted, but also for this poor young lady who is being used by her parents and this radical hate group, and will have to carry that load the rest of her life. Any parent that parades their child on Tucker Carlson for this sort of stunt should be ashamed.
  11. Crazy - this isn't all that far away from me so went to read more specifics (like the whole story) in reputable papers - only articles appear in Christian Times, Tucker, NYPost, some conservative british rags and etc. I'll be sure to share what I can find that might have more fair balanced perspective. But if this 'dad" was posting crap about a student on a public social media page they did the right thing in firing him.
  12. Nah I bet you can take 1 or 2 guesses and figure out who supported him ...
  13. Dude is revved up to - suspiciously fast talking compared to his usual pace.
  14. I'll admit it - I totally judged them on their camo hats. (and I was right)
  15. Sadly that's a pretty normal high tech office and offerings. The data show that you give stuff like this to employees you get more hours and productivity from them. If your whole world, includign friends is at work you don't find it as easy to leave. I work in a different industry all together, but our headquarters is embarrasingly similar.
  16. I'll come back to this since it's been awhile. Hillary Clinton was the most experienced and qualified person that's run for president in generations. She was considered "unlikable" by many, but it wasn't because she was a bad candidate on qualifications. It was 1. That she was a woman and women get viewed differently with the same skills that would be viewed as positives as men (assertive vs. b!^@hy anyone?) and 2. That she was married to Bill Clinton. I don't buy that her stock would have risen if she had divorced him over Lewinsky. She was a strong woman married to a man that many hated for a variety of reasons, some of which were driven by jealousy of his intelligence and ability to relate to people. Its just a shame that although we're moving ahead at light spead for some things in the world women are held to a different standard. If she was a man that had her qualifications she would have trounced Trump.
  17. I think it's a call back to the furries' scandal/lie that has been talked about on the thread with kitty litter and etc.
  18. "fight! fight! fight!" This argument over who can be the crappiest GOP leader/minority leader of the house is going to be fun to watch. How many factions will they split into do you think? The end result being an even less valuable 2 year duration because they can't get along to do anything. Methinks the Liz Cheney for speaker might actually be the winning ticket for the dems if we indeed lose the house.
  19. First however, we have at least 4-6 months of fighting about how unfair and "cheaty" and mean the elections were.
  20. Well yes of course, UNLESS a GOP candidate wins. Then it's all good.
  21. Almost the same age ... NE, KS, Boston, MA and suburban MA and never had to show it either.
  22. @alexhortdog95 welcome. Glad to have you here and hope you don't bang your head against the wall too much.
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