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  1. this constant reminder that we have to wait till he get's his guys in BS. he never had his guys at UCF and did quite well with the other guy's guys. same with that weirdo at Minny. he has those guys playing insane yet most weren't guys he recruited. is he saying the guys he didn't recruit are pieces of sh&t and just by merely recruiting his own type will change the culture?
  2. stub hub tickets to whisky are a fraction now...i might have to jump on a plane friday.
  3. i can only imagine what their OL is gonna do to our front 3.
  4. at a minimum they should collect the blackshirts, especially since they were rented...
  5. anyone got urban's cell # and swiss bank act#?
  6. on the positive side, both oklahoma & texas lost.
  7. “I’m hoping the Big Ten is going to have to modify their system to us".
  8. if moos doesn't take a giant sh$t on frost tomorrow, TO needs to.
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