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  1. 3gunhusker

    Welcome to Madison!

    yea, i'm afraid the big10 style of game is gonna be on prime time and the eric D is gonna be hurt bad. oh yeah, the ex-oregon O is 0-8 thus far.
  2. 3gunhusker

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    run the ball!!!!
  3. 3gunhusker

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    remember that quote about the big 10 modifying their system for us? sad.
  4. 3gunhusker

    Big Ten Down

    don't look now, but Wisky is losing to BYU.
  5. 3gunhusker

    Chip Kelly to UCLA

    and you wonder why chip is not coaching ANYWHERE now?
  6. 3gunhusker

    Who should we hire

    no sir, i am not. i just hate u of o and nike. i bleed red-always have.
  7. 3gunhusker

    Who should we hire

    two words-Lagarrete Blount. you want those kind of punks running around lincoln at night? add to that the number of probations the ncaa placed on him and the team and Bo looks like a priest. he's unemployed for a reason.
  8. 3gunhusker

    Who should we hire

    Just keep chip kelly out of the picture. the thought of him having his nike contacts come in and turn the team into a bunch of track stars makes me wanna vomit. run the damn ball!
  9. 3gunhusker

    Oregon 2017 and beyond

    I live in Oregon and hate the dux. Without Nike, the dux are division 2 at best. They will fire their coach soon, and no one will care. The rest of the state will go back to selling marajuana and watching the Seahawks implode.
  10. 3gunhusker

    Option Football

    Loved the option...love the run, period. Forward pass? bS!
  11. 3gunhusker

    Favorite quote about Nebraska

    I'll give you mine, after waiting 60 years to come to your temple. "Heck with OZ, this is the place."
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    Not bad...