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  1. if that means SF offense, i'm good. spread...not.
  2. over/under he calls an onside kick while ahead by 3?
  3. which is why red flag laws are total BS.
  4. I didn’t bring her up, but deal with it. Yeah, cheerleader. Dude was out of his league. Fan boy.
  5. Of course he wanted to…but he was just a cheer leader, like his wife. And I have your crayons…
  6. We’re gonna move on from Mickey. No one wants his wife tweeting all day. Guy had his chance, now let the pros come in. He’ll get some sh&t job in Arizona, and his wife will be happy posting in instagram. We’ll be managed by a pro staff that wants to win, not cash a check. check back with me next year at this time.
  7. this team has been called a cancer at times, at least the coaches, some players and the culture. i think that's kind of harsh, but if you play that out, cancer surgeries require enough margins to ensure it never creeps back. that being the case, all of the coaches have to go. just sayin...
  8. a succession plan aint necessary. trev looked for a coach and found one. it's all up to the coach now. if he feels a need to meet with current staff, fine. if he asks for their resignation, so be it-that's big boy rhules-he would have already made a decision before he signed anyway.
  9. They may win but fire Mickey and all the staff. They all have to go.
  10. They blow this, Mickey should not be on the bus back.
  11. Fickle and aranda both lost, so they’re out. Ruhle has zero incentive-he gets paid regardless. Gimme urban…now! Cmon trev!
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