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  1. 9-3... good enough to win B1G. We lead our division in sacks and Rushing yards allowed. Mo Barry is Butkus award finalist. We finish with three All-B1G 1st team, and 3 All-B1G 2nd team
  2. Last season we put very little pressure on opposing QBS. I believe our front three will be much improved, both, technically and physically. I think they will do a solid job of pushing the pocket on passing downs. HOWEVER, We absolutely NEED an edge rusher to step up from the LB group. Personally, I feel Ferguson has the aggression and quickness to get around the edge and be an effective and consistent pass rusher; but I want to know how you guys feel.
  3. Opinions on O-line progress after watching Spring Game? Personally; I still see the O-line as the biggest area that lacks behind in comparison to our conference foes; followed slowly by our DBs. The gap became VERY wide under Riley. The gap has been significantly narrowed; but I think the damage needs one more year to be reversed, via coaching and weight training, if we want to see a top-5 O-line unit. Hopefully the offensive scheme and our play-makers can compensate... of course, it be great if I was completely wrong and our O-Line mauled Defenses.
  4. ... at least we can say we wouldn't have made a FG, either w/ that snap
  5. Ride Ziggy to the endzone... it's our only hope
  6. How does a team go about acquiring one?
  7. Tackling has also been an issue here for about 7 or 8 years now... we should try and get that fixed soon.
  8. I honestly think having a 3-man line is becoming an issue. You need an top notch pass rusher if your gonna run 3-4. That currently doesn't exist on this team. At least in a 4 down lineman set, the two DE's are typically built to rush the passer.
  9. To early to tell... Team regressed throughout the season heavily last year. Will the same occur this year? IDK, it's possible; but there is also a chance we improve throughout the season and become a better team than last year. Only time will tell.
  10. I think this loss to Mich will be the most telling point in the season, in regards to truly 'buying-in' I think there were a ton of guys who where 'buying-in', but only to the hype... but, now it's time to see who is truly buying into the Scott Frost philosophy, system, process, etc.
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