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  1. pretty good 17 mins of basketball by the huskers. Next season should and will be better. They are done. Cmon coach give the football guys a few mins before this is over.
  2. Thank god this colossal nightmare of a season comes to an end tomorrow
  3. Sad too. Dude has so much potential. He has the ability to be Nebraska best PG ever.
  4. They are damn near averaging a turnover per min. One mentally weak team
  5. In 25 years of watching neb hoops. This team is the worst. Man miles left Nebraska hoops in pathetic shape. 7-26 from the line. Speechless.
  6. This is the game. Their last legit shot at a win and avoid dead last in the big ten.
  7. Just another game where the opponent shoots lights out from 3 land.
  8. Gaffney avg about 7 mins. Young avg 23 mins and has major role on the team. They will miss him.
  9. I expect a well played game and close till about 16 mins left and then Nebraska will go awol for 8 mins.
  10. Illini starting there second half run with 4 seconds left in the first half.
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