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  1. Well. I took Neb and the under. I’m thinking alcohol may have clouded my judgement
  2. Big red surfers

    Replacements for Miles

    With the team he was given this year. There is no excuse for having to play 5 games in 5 days. Outside of winning the big ten. He’s gone.
  3. If we beat wisky. We might get in the talk of one of those play in games. Maybe.
  4. As long as we can keep up some energy vs wisky, I like our chances.
  5. Love tanner hustle but his hands are bricks at times. Damn Palmer nice scoop
  6. Yep. Wide open 3’s and he passes them up so we can shot a forced shot with 1 second left
  7. Damn. Best half since the creighton game.
  8. Can only imagine how more wins we would have if miles played out bench a few more mins during the year.
  9. This is some ugly basketball. I’ll take it if it means a win
  10. Well it worked yesterday, Nebraska with its patented drought to start the game.
  11. Nebraska starts the game with its patented drought. Bold move by Nebraska, let’s see if it pays off.