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    The ducks choked a 31-0 lead. That is all
  1. I hate the ... I'm Nic and I'm a born and raised Oregon state fan which means I hate the ducks with my entire heart. I'm active duty in Norfolk VA for a while and have plane tickets to Lincoln on the 9th. Can anyone help me get in contact with some students so they can hook me up with student tickets cause I want to have the experience of being in a rowdy student section with 100,000 fans while Mike Riley hopefully ends his 7 game losing streak against Oregon. I'll reimburse who ever buys me a student ticket. Also where can I find out more about the pre game festivities cause I don't want to miss out on anything. Phone number is 503 828 8000 and if I don't reply it's probably cause I'm on a ship with no service so leave me a text or voicemail. Thanks